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Thinking about where to continue your higher education is a situation that many high school students face after they finish their teen years. Going to a university with a rich history and great reputation can be a great start for your higher education and your future career. Northcentral University can offer you that and much more. This university has a great reputation all over the world and besides local students, here you can find many international students. It is a great opportunity for you as a student to earn a U.S. regionally accredited degree. Mentors who are part of this qualified university prefer to work one-to-one with their students because their goal is to give them the education and knowledge that it will serve them in the future and bring them a successful career in any possible field.

Something that makes this university in Arizona unique from others is the values that it’s promoting in the community and their students.


Innovation is one of the top values that this university has. They want to support each student who can bring an innovative idea that will have a positive impact on the world. The staff from the university is always encouraging their community to search for solutions and not to be afraid to take on some education challenges that will improve the quality of their educational system, services, and programs.


Diversity is another value of the Northcentral University in Arizona. This means that as a part of this university you will be able to participate and celebrate many actions, cultural groups, and events that will be happening in the community and are equal for all students and staff. Through this value, you will learn to respect different cultures, experiences, and social groups.


Excellence is yet another value of the community of this university which can become your second home, too, and improve your education. Through this value, the university would like to show students that they should take actions and experiences through their academic services and programs which will have a positive impact on their future.


Last but not least is accountability as a value of this university. The university is deeply committed to supporting and holding each member accountable and to give them freedom and financial responsibility to do their professional work and increase the knowledge and experience in every student.


School of Business and Technology Management

Northcentral University has several departments, and School of Business and Technology Management is one of them. If you want to be a great leader, learn how to solve problems, especially in a crisis, develop your critical thinking, analytic and communication skills, this program is definitely perfect for you and your future. This program will challenge you to see the world with other eyes and develop your mind, especially for business and technology topics. Thanks to the quality of the program that this School of Business and Technology Management offers their students, you will be able to develop your ethical and professional thinking and to contribute to the society and community after you finish your studies. Some of the programs that you will find at this school are Bachelor of Business Administration, Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration, Post-Master's Certificate in Business, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Business, Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and many more quality and unique programs and courses.


School of Education

The School of Education is another department which is part of the Northcentral University. Here you can gain new knowledge and experience about topics connected with education. You will learn how to be an educator and how your knowledge, ideas, solutions, and advice can help education programs in the future. This school and all staff there are prepared to give the students a quality program and prepare them to become valuable contributors to the educational system. Also, many of the programs at this school will teach you something about Human Resources, Psychology of students and much more. You can check the special page of the School of Education and find out more about the programs such as Doctor of Education, Master of Education, Bachelor of Education, Post-Master's Certificate in Education, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Education, etc.


Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology will give you a whole new picture of who you are, where you have been and how you can influence to the world and change it. If you want to be the one who can understand and help people through psychology, this is the right school for you. The program is created to give you a crucial education in psychology, wake up your deeper thoughts, and teach you how to read people in certain situations. The program offers theoretical and practical educational opportunities and will definitely prepare you for a successful career in the psychology field.


Department of Marriage and Family Science

Northcentral University offers a unique program for you to become a marriage and family therapist through the special Department of Marriage and Family Science. The program has several small departments which can provide you with a quality theoretical and practical education. This department can increase your critical thinking and understanding about marriages and families. You will increase your research skills, and after your studies, you can have an opportunity for a great job and career in the marriage and family field. Some of the programs that you may find at this school are Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage and Family Therapy, Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, Doctorate of Marriage and Family Therapy and much more.


Financial commitment at Northcentral University

Finances can be a major obstacle to going to college and earning your degree. However, Northcentral University offers several programs that can help students to pay a low fee and still be able to earn their degree from some of the programs available at the university. You can check out more details about Title IV certification which has been active since 2009, and many students have used it since then.


Also, the university offers military tuition assistance or some Veterans Administration benefits. If you want to study at this university, and you are part of the U.S. military such as the National Guard, Active Duty, Reserve members of the U.S. Armed Forces, etc., you can study at some of the programs in the university for affordable costs. Also, recently Northcentral University added a new tuition and fee structure that you can check on their website, or call some of their offices for financial aid assistance. Besides that, from time to time they offer grants and scholarships for different profiles of students from all over the world.


Consider attending Northcentral University. This institution offers so many options for a quality education; you certainly won’t regret checking it out.