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Nevada School of Massage Therapy

If you are interested in joining the exciting world of massage therapy, then the Nevada School of Massage Therapy can help you make that goal a reality. Part of the Steiner Education Group (SEG), the school offers accredited programs in many different aspects of massage therapy. With programs that can have you trained in as little as 7 and a half months, you will be on your way to a new and rewarding career with less time investment than you would get in a traditional college. Massage therapy is great for people who want a flexible work environment with a varied schedule and a variety of clients. If this sounds like the career for you, then check out the Nevada School of Massage Therapy.


Nevada School of Massage Therapy Campus Location:
2381 E. Windmill Ln. #14
Las Vegas, NV 89123



Massage Therapy Program
Programs at the Nevada School of Massage Therapy include a variety of Eastern and Western techniques and range from therapeutic massage to relaxing techniques like Shiatsu. At the Nevada School of Massage Therapy, you can learn anything from physical therapy techniques such as Acupressure to specialty services like Cranial Sacral Therapy. Whether your post program goal is to work in a spa setting, or you prefer to work in a clinical setting like sports therapy or rehabilitation, this school has a program for you. The Nevada School of Massage Therapy even offers theory classes to help you perform better in your post-school life, such as Anatomy, Kinesiology, Professional Ethics and Marketing. Your well-rounded education will teach you everything you need to know to launch your own business or promote yourself as a skilled professional. By building an understanding of the body, you will better understand how to use massage techniques to help your clients feel their best.

Objectives of Massage Program
The Nevada School of Massage Therapy believes in giving students a well-rounded education that will give them all of the tools they need to build a successful career upon completion of the program. The school will train you to offer excellent service to clients and employers alike, and will teach you the skills needed to seek employment once you’ve completed the program. This school encourages students to reach their full potential, and its curriculum is designed to give you a comprehensive knowledge of many different massage techniques so you will be ready for wherever your massage career takes you. It also offers curriculum that will prepare you to take the exam for licensure. While professional license requirements vary by state, the Nevada School of Massage Therapy’s programs are thorough, and will give you an education both in theory and practice that will increase your chances of successfully completing the exam.


Master Bodyworker Program
If you desire a more thorough and intensive program, you can enter the Master Bodyworker program upon completion of the Professional Massage Therapy Program. This program creates massage practitioners with an in-depth, holistic knowledge of many different massage therapy techniques, with training that will allow you to thrive in your career. This program is meant for those who would like to enter the therapy aspect of massage therapy, such as sports massage and rehabilitation. After completion of the program, you will understand how massage therapy can aid in a variety of treatment programs from those who’ve suffered from injuries to pain management. This program will make you qualified to practice therapeutic massage techniques and is great for anyone who wants to apply their massage skills to helping people.


To enroll in this program, the student must complete the Professional Massage Therapy program as a prerequisite. It provides the basis for techniques and theory that will be taught in this higher level program. Your credits will be transferred toward your Master Bodyworker program, and it can be completed in one 10-week term.


Career Services
The Nevada School of Massage Therapy is part of the Steiner Education Group (SEG), which is a subsidiary of Steiner Leisure Limited – a top provider of spa services all over the world. As such, the school has a robust career services program to help students find employment upon completion of the program. In fact, the SEG itself offers a nation-wide Career Services Department that students and alumni can access to help find top employers. The professionals in this department will help you find the job that best matches your skill set and personality and can give you tips that may help you land your ideal massage therapy job. Of course, successfully landing a job is up to each student, but with this resource at your fingertips, you’ll have the tools you need to increase your chances of success. SEG has a network of over 5,000 employers, many of whom recruit directly from the school. Students have access to this network, which is an advantage over other similar programs.


Relocation Services
If you want to attend the Nevada School of Massage Therapy but do not live in Nevada, there are many resources available through the school to help you with your transition. Some of the relocation services available include assistance finding a job and an apartment in the city. Moving to a new city is stressful – especially if you’ve never been there and aren’t familiar with it. The staff at the Nevada School of Massage Therapy can help make this transition easier by helping you look for a place to live and a means by which to support yourself when you are in school. They can also help you become familiar with your new surroundings. Whatever your relocation needs, the Nevada School of Massage Therapy can help you meet them. Whether you would like to save money by sharing housing with a new student or need a neighborhood that is family friendly, they can help you find what you are looking for. They also have knowledge of local employers in the area who may be more accommodating with your schedule so you can work and attend classes.


Continuing Education
If you are already a professional massage therapist who simply wants to stay current within the market, the Nevada School of Massage Therapy has a program available for you as well. Like most professions, techniques in massage therapy are evolving and changing as new practitioners develop different techniques. Working through the SEG, the Nevada School of Massage Therapy hosts many Continuing Education Workshops that will help you get hands-on experience with different techniques in order to keep your skills current and your practice marketable. Experienced professionals teach these workshops, which include techniques such as Reiki, Aromatherapy, Pregnancy Massage and many more. These workshops will help you stay at the forefront of the massage industry.


Financial Aid
The Nevada School of Massage Therapy offers a variety of financial aid options from Federal Student Loans, which can be obtained through FAFSA, to PELL Grants and other funding options. The school also offers Federal Work Study, in which students may work in various departments of the school for financial aid. There are many options available to those who qualify, so talk to a Financial Aid officer to find the program that is best for you. The Financial Administrators at this school are available to answer any questions that you may have and will guide you through the application process if you’ve never done it before. Paying for school should not be a reason to avoid bettering your life and career, so the Nevada School of Massage Therapy has done its best to help students find options for financing their education.