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About Nevada Career Institute
Nevada Career Institute offers education and short-term training programs to students who want to enter the medical or massage therapy field. This college is operated and owned by the Fuerst Family. This is the family that founded Nevada Career Institute in the early 1950s. It was the desire to offer a high class relevant training and passion for career education of the Fuerst Family that drove it to establish this institute. It has been the guiding mission behind the operation of the college.


As the name suggests, Nevada Career Institute provides different career programs that can shape your career as a student. It offers relevant and high quality training courses to its students, so that they can become experts in their respective chosen fields. Nevada Career Institute offers four different programs, including Surgical Technologist, Medical Assistant, Medical Insurance Biller and Coder, and Massage Therapy.


Campus Location:

Nevada Career Institute
3231 North Decatur Blvd. #201
Las Vegas, NV 89130



Nevada Career Institute has a high level and standard of training and education. It is accredited by different accrediting agencies, with institutional, programmatic, and memberships accreditations. It is institutionally certified by Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES). Its Surgical Technology program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Allied Health Educational Programs (CAAHEP). Moreover, the college is licensed by the Commission of Post Secondary Education (CPE). Its Professional Affiliations and memberships include Better Business Bureau.


Admission Process
Nevada Career Institute has a simple and easy to follow admission process, with just four steps, which are as follows:
• Then, you can set up a meeting with one of the Admissions Representative of the institute in order to take a college tour.
• Complete the admission application.
Please note that even if you are a non-high school graduate, then also you can apply at Nevada Career Institute and study one of its programs.


Financial Aid
Nevada Career Institute offers financial assistance to students who qualify. It employs knowledgeable and trained Financial Aid advisors, who will happily aid you in determining and applying the eligibility of students. The guidelines of its Financial Title IV Student Financial Aid programs are set by the United States Department of Education. Nevada Career Institute participates in various types of Federal Financial Aid programs, including need-based and non-need-based federal financial aid programs. These programs are offered to qualifying students. The several financial aid programs offered by Nevada Career Institute include:

• Federal Pell Grant Program
• Federal Work-Study Grant (FWS)
• Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Program (FSEOG)
• William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan (Direct Loan) Program
• Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan
• Direct Subsidized Stafford Loan
• School Payment Plants and Private Educational Loans
• Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)


Career Services
Nevada Career Institute is dedicated towards helping its graduates in finding jobs in their selected career field. Through its active Placement Assistance Program for all qualified graduates, the institute aims to achieve its career services goals. It begins with career planning on the orientation day and carries and active procedure throughout the program. Even though, the college does not guarantee employment, it provides assistance to each of its graduate by arranging interviews with potential employers, so that they can secure a job position in their chosen career path.


Nevada Career Institute offers four different courses, namely Surgical Technologist, Medical Assistant, Medical Insurance Biller and Coder, and Massage Therapy.


Surgical Technologist
The Surgical Technologist program offered by Nevada Career Institute helps students to become Surgical Technologists. It teaches students to assist before, during, and after surgery and the various surgical procedures, while practicing aseptic techniques, remaining attentive in maintaining a safe environment and sterile fields for the patient, and passing instruments to the doctor in the correct sequence during a surgery. They are also taught how to set up a case as per the request or process and complete the set-up before the doctor arrives.


In addition to these, Surgical Technologists are responsible to glove and gown the doctor, manage operating room supplies, organize the instrument table during the surgical procedures, and be knowledgeable and attentive about the several surgical processes. They are also responsible for correctly identifying the different medications that are utilized during the surgical process and preparing the end-of-case clean-up. After completion of the Surgical Technologist course from Nevada Career Institute, students can work in general, community, or veteran hospitals. They can also get employment at small surgical centers that concentrate on out-patient or cosmetic surgeries.


Medical Assistant
The Medical Assistant program offered by Nevada Career Institute helps students to become Medical Assistants, so that they can carry out the various duties of a Medical Assistant, such as prepare patients to see the doctor, measure heights, weights, and record medical histories of patients, and take blood pressure of their patients. They also set up the examination room, take EKG's, perform different lab tests, and give immunizations to patients. In addition to this, Medical Assistants are also required to perform some administrative work, such as schedule appointments, fill out insurance forms, order supplies, maintain patient charts, handle correspondence, etc.


The Medical Assistant course at Nevada Career Institute prepares you to handle all these responsibilities perfectly. After completing the Medical Assistant program from Nevada Career Institute, students can work at various medical offices and centers, clinic settings, private practice, group-practice systems, medical institutions, laboratories, research centers, nursing homes, hospitals, health maintenance organizations (HMO's) and specialized care centers.


Medical Insurance Biller and Coder
The Medical Insurance Biller and Coder course of Nevada Career Institute teaches you how to maintain records and charts of your patients, keep a note of accounts payable and receivable, prepare computerized billing, and set up coding insurance forms. It prepares you to handle all these important activities, along with scheduling appointments, transcribing reports and orders of the doctor, and typing correspondence.


After completing the Medical Insurance Biller and Coder program from Nevada Career Institute, you can get employment as administrative staff positions at one of the several clinical settings or private practice. You can also work at one of the health maintenance organizations (HMO’s) and group-practice systems. Clinics, medical institutions, medical centers, research centers, nursing homes, laboratories, hospitals, and specialized care centers are also your options to get employed as medical administrative staff.


Massage Therapy
Nevada Career Institute also offers a course in Massage Therapy. This program teaches you the skills to alleviate pain in your patients by providing them a relaxing massage. It provides the basic tools, knowledge, behaviors, and ethics of massage, so that you can successfully practice and get employed as a Massage Therapist in various health care settings. In the Massage Therapy course of Nevada Career Institute, you receive in-depth educational skills, which improve your knowledge as well as help you to develop specialized techniques of massage.


The main core of a career as a massage therapist is a deep commitment towards providing services to others and a willingness to provide quality health care by being a part of the health care team, in addition to an interest in the routine operations conducted in a modern health care facility. Upon successful completion of the Massage Therapy program from Nevada Career Institute, graduates can work at several private practice and massage offices, hospitals, offices of physicians, medical centers, nursing facilities, chiropractic offices, outpatient clinics, fitness centers and health clubs, resorts and spas, hotels, hair salons and beauty salons, cruise ships, pain management centers, sports team facilities, etc.