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Every day, each person in the United States will use or consume products that are only available because a Trained Professional Tractor Trailer driver delivered those products to the warehouses and stores that you visit in your city. It is estimated that over 70% of all goods are delivered by trucks. Without Tractor Trailer drivers we would not enjoy our favorite foods, wear our favorite clothes or even drive our favorite cars.

In today’s economy and with the difficulty many people are having in finding a good paying job, it is surprising that the truck driver shortage is the highest in many years. The Tractor Trailer driver can make a better than average wage, and most companies offer a generous benefits package of health, dental, and travel expenses. There are now many husband and wife over the road driving teams enjoying working together and seeing the country. This may not work for the younger family with children at home, however, there are many people whose children have left the nest or have retired that find tractor trailer is driving as a good new source of income.


Campus Locations:
Liverpool, New York Campus
4650 Buckley Road
Liverpool, NY 13088

Buffalo, New York Campus

175 Katherine Street
Buffalo, NY 14210

Over the last 20 years, there has been a significant increase in women Tractor Trailer drivers. With a reported shortfall of over 100,000 drivers over the next 3 – 4 years the industry is turning to women to help fill the need. It is reported that 9% of the drivers are a woman and growing daily. Companies are starting to focus on recruiting women drivers and offering equal wages and benefit packages tailored toward women. The Tractor Trailer driver industry is no longer just a man’s domain.

There are Pros and Cons to every job so let’s review a few encountered by a Professional Truck Driver.

• Fairly good pay and benefits.
• Independence (no boss looking over your shoulder).
• Short training process.
• See new scenery every day.
• Stable industry (easy to find a job).
• No office drama to deal with.

• Long hours.
• Missed family time on long hauls.
• Driving the Interstate can be boring.
• Loneliness unless you have a driving partner.
• Sleeping in a truck at times.

As you can see from this short list of Pros and Cons, there is much to consider in making your decision to become a Tractor Trailer driver. Do your research as there are thousands of drivers in the United States that will eagerly share their experiences with you. Search the internet for Trucking Blogs and Websites that offer a question and answer forums that you can participate in. Of course, if married discuss in detail your research with your spouse.

Most of what has been covered here were focused on over the road drivers. If you choose to work for a local or regional carrier, you will usually have a route to follow, see many of the same people every day and have fairly normal hours. The pay may be a little less (not always), and the benefits will be comparable to long distance driving. This is often the wisest choice for drivers with families. We need to discuss one of the most misunderstood issues in trucking. People ask is it dangerous.

Driving can be dangerous for anyone on our highways. It is usually the untrained non-professional driver that presents the most problems. A Professionally Trained Tractor Trailer driver has been through courses and scenarios that make them a safe defensive driver. The average citizen on the road has never been trained for defensive driving other than what they read in their driver’s manuals. Important things like leaving adequate room between vehicles and making proper lane changes are a natural skill our drivers learn to enhance through the training.

Driving defensively, being aware of the citizens in their cars around you and the road conditions you encounter become a part of the Professional Trained drives skill set you to hone to perfection through training and real life experience. In conclusion, driving truck is no more dangerous than many other jobs as long as your trained and aware of your surroundings.

With your decision made to become a Tractor Trailer Driver it is time to start your career that rewards you financially and is loaded with adventure and avoids the drudgery of the office, you should look at the National Tractor Trailer School (NTTS) for the education and training you need to embark on a career as a Professional Tractor Trailer Driver.

NTTS has been in operation and under the same ownership since June of 1971. NTTS has been accredited four times and qualified for Title IV funding in 1985 allowing them to establish a second campus. Getting certified by the Professional Truck Drivers Institute in 1998, NTTS joined a select group of Professional Driver Training Schools. Let’s look at the requirements for admission to NTTS and the various courses and assistance you will receive from their professional, experienced and dedicated staff.


Admission to NTTS starts with a personal interview with our dedicated staff and a tour of the NTTS campus.

Admission requirements:
1. 18 years old and up
2. High school diploma or equivalency. For those that do not meet this requirement, you may take an entrance exam.
3. A valid US State driver’s license.
4. Pass a drug screening test.
5. Undergo a DOT physical.

Financial Assistance:
The US Department of Education has approved NTTS to offer aid to qualified students. With our assistance, you will complete an application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Our staff will assist you in selecting and applying for the best Federal Loan Programs and finding the Grants and Awards available. Veterans and State level assistance are also available to qualified applicants. Many of our partner carriers will also provide tuition reimbursement.

Housing for out of town students:
The central NY Liverpool campus offers apartments that will accommodate up to 4 students for shared costs. Fully furnished and with recreational facilities in the complex such as swimming pool and 24hr fitness center makes this a comfortable place to call home during your training. The complex is also centrally located with an easy walk to restaurants and shopping.

Career Opportunities:
In-class Lectures by the Placement staff will educate and prepare you with the job seeking skills you need. Practice interviews and practical review of your resume will help you put your best foot forward and increase your opportunity to be hired.
Our Placement Staff is actively engaged with local and national companies to locate opportunities for qualified graduates of NTTS. Due to our nationwide reputation for producing quality Tractor Trailer drivers, many companies seek out NTTS for the employment needs.

Each month numerous companies visit the campus to interview interested students for possible employment both as local and long distance drivers. A few of the companies will offer tuition reimbursement for qualified graduates. These seminars and presentations are free, and we highly encourage each student regardless of where you are in your progress through the courses to attend and gather valuable information about the job marketplace.

Course selection and customization:
Each course can be custom tailored to meet the time, financial and practical application needed for each student. NTTS understands that students do not progress at the same rate due to many external reasons and are willing to work with each individual to help them towards a successful completion of the courses.
Courses are offered from beginners with no experience to refresher courses for experienced drivers who are seeking their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). You will experience classroom training on theory and procedures and will be issued the necessary course materials.

Once you have completed the classroom sessions, you will be introduced to a demonstration from qualified NTTS instructors using simulators and other relevant equipment that will prepare you for the practical application phase of your training.
You will then begin to learn and experience the actual driving of the trucks under the watchful eye of your NTTS instructor. These steps in your training will be repeated throughout the entire course to aid in the evaluation and preparation you need to become a successful graduate of the school and prepare for your future employment as a driver.

With over 45 years of successfully training tractor trailer drivers, NTTS will work with you from enrollment into the course to finding a job. NTTS has the following accreditations and certifications. This serves to validate your choice of NTTS to jump start your career as a Tractor Trailer driver.

• NTTS has been accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges
• NTTS Courses are certified by Professional Truck Driver Institute
• NTTS has been licensed by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles
• NTTS has earned the approval of the New York State Division of Veteran's Affairs