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The National Career College offers fully accredited health education programs to help students achieve their career goals in the often-overwhelming world of healthcare professions. Through targeted study in leading healthcare industry fields, students will gain the profession skills and training needed to go to work in desirable and profitable healthcare careers. The short-term healthcare training programs offered through the National Career College can help students easily familiarize themselves and get integrated into the health profession of their choosing.


Career training and accreditation is made straightforward through NCC with accessible prospects for future employment after graduation. Students are considered more than just students at NCC. Students are also recognized as future industry professions working in partnership with the community and the college. For this reason, faculty and administrators provide a wide range of assistance and career services for students during the process of earning their degrees and certificates as well as thereafter. Nursing education and medical training will grant more students the opportunities they need to pursue careers of their choice.



Vocational training through NCC sponsored schools will open many doors towards a rewarding new career path. Curriculum offered through NCC includes medical assistant training, CAD/CAM dental technology training, medical office specialist training, and health care administration programs in California.



The first thing to understand about the National Career College’s admissions process is that applicants should not feel concerned about asking questions. Experienced admissions representatives stand ready to answer questions and explain all steps of the admissions process to students so that objectives are clear. To begin the enrollment process, applicants may fill out the enrollment forms available on NCC’s website or contact (888) 988-2301 and submit the form to the website. After filling out an admissions application form, an admissions representative will arrange a meeting to go over all the facts and program objectives a student is applying for enrollment into. Representatives will work one-on-one to help students determine their academic and career goals. Students can view a complete course catalog online or review it with an admissions representative.


Programs Offered

The National Career Colleges offers many rewarding and accredited degree and vocational training programs in profitable and highly marketable healthcare career niches.


Medical Office Specialist

The National Career College provides a training school in the Los Angeles area in medical billing and coding. Within NCC’s Medical Office Specialist program, students will gain insight and skills in laboratory protocol, theory and administrative specialty skills through curriculum modules and a sponsored externship. Skills covered include:

-Electronic Medical Billing
-Computer Operating Systems
-Office Procedures and MS Office I&II
-Keyboarding and Typing
-Medical Coding
-Medical Insurance
-Medical Terminology, Anatomy & Physiology I&II

NCC’s Medical Office Specialist externship program allows students to be more prepared for professional employment in the field they are training in. Integrating students into real-world situations and applications of coursework principles and objectives will ready graduates to fulfill a variety of administrative healthcare industry duties in many medical settings. Graduates will be ready to go to work in entry-level positions at clinics, medical offices, health maintenance organizations, hospitals and more.


Medical Assistant

Students will learn valuable and marketable skills in clinical and administrative healthcare procedures. This background will help them as they prepare to take on roles working in the front or backs of medical offices, assisting patients and doctors with medical procedures, performing basic medical duties including measuring vitals and running routine diagnostic and lab tests. The medical assistant program is made up of a mix of lab, externship and theory modules. NCC’s medical assistant curriculum modules will cover:

-Medical Assistant Roles and Responsibilities
-Medical Terminology
-Anatomy & Physiology
-Medical Office Finance
-Measuring Vital Signs
-Medical Office Procedures
-An Additional Externship


Dental Lab Technician

NCC’s dental assistant programs will prepare students to design dental prosthetics through application of CAD/CAM technology. A highly valuable and useful skill set to possess in the world of dentistry, learning Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) dental technology will prepare graduates to fulfill a variety of pivotal roles in rehabilitation, cosmetic and restorative dental practice settings. Creating dental prosthetics will prepare students to grow and branch into a variety of professional dental settings. NCC’s Technician schools offers training courses in CAD/CAM made up of laboratory and theory components. Curriculum modules will cover:

-Zirconia Restoration
-Wax and Metal
-Dental CAD/CAM Technology
-Model and Die
-Dental Restoration
-Porcelain Shaping
-Crowns & Bridges


Dental Lab Technicians graduating from NCC’s training program will be prepared to go to work in dental offices, commercial dental laboratories., dental labs and more. Graduates may even have the opportunity to work and practice independently in their own labs after gaining insight and certification in dental lab tech protocol and processes.


Healthcare Administration

The National Career College’s healthcare administration programs covers a wide range of administrative skills applicable to a variety of medical office settings. Curriculum will cover basic and advances medical terminology, medical billing and coding, computer skills/literacy, electronic medical recordkeeping (EMR), anatomy & physiology, management skills and more essential medical skills. NCC’s curriculum modules in healthcare administration will cover:

-Computer Skills
-Clinical Skills
-Anatomy and Physiology
-Principals of Management
-Medical Terminology
-Electronic Medical Recordkeeping
-Medical Billing & Coding


NCC’s healthcare administration program will also help students develop management skills as well as clinical skills. Students will have more opportunities for gainful employment in the field of healthcare management upon graduating from NCC’s one-year Healthcare Administration program. Graduates will have the skill set needed to coordinate with doctors and nurses, carrying out medical billing and coding duties, abide by guidelines on ethics and regulation of patient records. Additionally, an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Healthcare Administration will prepare students for management roles in healthcare facilities and programs.


Business Management & Accounting

NCC's business management and accounting program offers curriculum to help students hone their skills in a variety of career skills including electronic medical recordkeeping (EMR), medical billing and coding, medical terms, computer literacy, anatomy & physiology and more. Students will be able to take on employment roles in business management, medical bookkeeping and accounting. Curriculum modules include:

-Computer Skills
-Anatomy and Physiology
-Medical Billing & Coding
-Medical Terminology
-Clinical Skills
-Management Skills
- Electronic Medical Recordkeeping
-Principals of Management


Vocational Nursing Program

NCC’s vocational nursing program offers comprehensive training in a wide range of healthcare skills necessary to go to work in entry-level positions as part of a healthcare team. Graduates will have the knowledge under their belt necessary to coordinate with medical staff and faculty in a variety of roles. Students will learn the ins and outs of conducting vital clinical duties efficiently and competently.

Essential lessons covered in NCC’s vocational nursing program include:
-Anatomy and Physiology
-Electronic Medical Recordkeeping
-Management Skills
-Clinical Skills
-Computer Skills
-Principals of Management
-Medical Terminology
-Medical Billing & Coding


Financial Aid

The National Career College recognized that applying for financial aid can be a daunting and confusing process. Financial aid representatives at NCC are committed to breaking down the steps in understandable terms so that students may effectively navigate the financial aid process to their advantage. NCC’s provides several financing opportunities including federal loans, grants and more. Students needing federal student aid assistance may take the first step by competing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at Students will need to acquire a FAFSA Personal Identification Number (PIN). After a student account is set up, there are a variety of guidelines set in place by the United States Department of Education. Applicable programs accepted through NCC include:


-The Federal Pell Grant Program: this program will provide financial assistance as determined by a standard formula for eligibility standards. This program is different from many grants and loans, as students will not be required to pay back any amount of the financial aid.

-Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG): this foundation offers financial aid and assistance.

-Federal Work-Study Grant (FWS): this program offers part-time employment in exchange for educational funding opportunities. Students have a way to gain career experience and insight while having educational expenses taken care of in part. Positions will range from on-campus to off. NCC’s financial aid faculty will determine FWS eligibility. In deeded eligible, students will work roughly 20 hours per week (n more) in exchange for their financial aid.

-Federal Subsidized Direct Loan: direct loans will be given financial aid to pay back with interest. Regular payments will start following the first 6 months after students complete their enrollment. Loan information can be found at:

-Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loan: this form of loan will allow students to borrow to pay educational costs with a fixed annual rate of borrowing. Loan information can be found at: