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  • Medical Assistant Program
  • Pharmacy Technician Training
  • Medical Coding Specialist
  • Medical Office Specialist

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The Nashville College of Medical Careers is a fine institution that provides students the opportunity to excel in their chosen careers. The programs offered in Nashville College are designed to assist students who want promising careers in the healthcare industry. With experienced teachers, the college offers career-oriented education that will benefit the students in the long run and offers externships to students to prepare them for their professional lives. The college offers flexible day and evening classes to aid working students. Deserving students, if selected are qualified for financial aid.

The Nashville College of Medical Careers has been declared an authorized post-secondary educational institution by Tennessee Higher Education Commission.
Medical programs by the Nashville College of Medical Careers include:

• Medical Assistant
• Pharmacy Technician
• Medical Coding Specialists
• Medical Office Specialists


Campus Location:
1556 Crestview Drive
Madison, TN 37115

Enrollment Process
To apply at the Nashville College of Medical Careers, applicants must hold a high school diploma or equivalent awarded by an authorized school. Applicants must possess good moral character and must submit their requested documents along with the names and addresses of two references. A college tour and a personal interview must be conducted prior to admission. The details for all the programs offered by the Nashville College of Medical Careers are readily available on their website.

Students who are in need of financial aid are encouraged to file in an application for assistance through the Financial Aid Office of the college. The details can be readily found in the Financial Aid Prospectus. Eligible students may apply by filling out the Admission Form on their website.

Medical Assistant Training Program
The Medical Assistant Training Program is designed for students who wish to pursue a promising career in the health care industry. This career is perfect for students who wish to make a difference in someone’s life. The Medical Assistant Training Program prepares individuals in a wide variety of duties. Students receive broad knowledge in a combination of job specialties including lab assistant, receptionist, bookkeeper, office nurse, secretary, and medical office manager that are all a focus of the program. The major objective of the program is to provide students specialized training in nursing, anatomy, clinical laboratory, terminology, and office management to help them become qualified medical assistants of quality with an increasing value in the job market today. Graduates of this course are sure to have an edge at any physician’s employer office.

The promising career is sure to benefit students who are passionate about healthcare. Employment in medical industry is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations in the medical industry throughout the years due to the expanding technological advances in medicine.

Pharmacy Technician Program
A good pharmacy technician can mean the difference between safely getting the right prescriptions and answers that you need at the pharmacy. As a pharmacy technician, your responsibilities will range depending on the day-to-day needs of the pharmacy you work in. Typically, a technician’s requires preparing prescription medicines, counting tablets and labeling bottles. By enrolling yourself in this course, you have ahead of you a promising career that allows you to improve each customer’s experience.

In just a matter of 28 weeks, you receive quality education and training that is necessary to qualify for an entry-level job as a Pharmacy Technician. Under the guidance of qualified teachers, you will receive instructions in pharmacology math, pharmaceutical terminology, answering telephones, handling prescriptions, along with overseeing medical office and pharmacy administration, taking refill requests, and working healthcare information system. Upon graduation, applicants may opt can work in retail the federal government, internet pharmacies, pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers and hospitals. Job opportunities can also be in mass retailers and grocery stores.

Medical Coding Specialists
The Medical Coding Specialist program at the Nashville College of Medical Careers is designed to provide applicants quality training in medical coding and billing. The major focus of this program is to enlighten students in HCPCS, CPT and ICD-10 coding and in ethical and legal issues while filing insurance claims. At the beginning of the course, students will be provided an introduction to Insurance Coding followed by a detailed study of Surgery, Medicine Medical Office, Pathology Anesthesia and Radiology coding.

Upon completion of the course, students will be eligible to apply for a job in a clinic or medical office. The final objective of the course is to produce a qualified graduate who is capable of performing all the necessary skills of the training program.

Medical Office Specialists Program
The Medical Office Specialist Program at the Nashville College of Medical Careers is designed to prepare the applicant to become a skilled and efficient medical office administrative specialist with the required medical transcribing skills. This course places emphasis on helping the individual become a valued and qualified employee in a medical clinic, medical office or any busy medically-oriented business including medical laboratories, insurance companies along with government and private operated medical records services. Through this course, students will become proficient in skills including medical transcription, keyboarding, insurance billing, medical coding, medical terminology and computerized office procedures. Rest assured, this course will help you acquire all the necessary skills that will help you become a qualified Medical Office Specialists with increased market value.

The Nashville College of Medical Careers is the perfect college for students who want a promising career in healthcare. With the increasing demands in the healthcare industry, acquiring admission in the college for any program gives you a stepping-stone for a lucrative and secure career. The programs provided by this college are also highly recommended for professionals who are currently working in the healthcare domain and want to switch careers.