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Modern Technology School Campus Location:
16560 Harbor Boulevard Suite K
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

The Modern Technology School is located in California and offers on-campus education in a variety of disciplines. The programs offered by MT School are designed to assist students in building their careers in the fields of healthcare and diagnostics. Through a combination of in-depth education and job placement assistance, the school provides a career path for students to follow and is open to all students. The programs also offer hands-on experience in real-world settings to best prepare the students.

Enrollment Process
The Admissions Department at the Modern Technology School entertains walk-ins as well as appointments for students interested in enrolling at the school. Visiting during the campus hours is allowed and you can set up an appointment over the phone. The department works actively to provide advice to interested students with regards to choosing the right program in keeping with their career goals. A form is provided on the website which can be used to get in touch with the Admissions Department regarding any queries or concerns.

Students have to fill out the admission application and submit the required documents initially. Based on selection, an entrance exam is conducted. It is mandatory to pass the exam to be eligible for admission. Upon being accepted by a Panel Review committee, students have to meet with the Finance Department to complete the enrollment process. The programs offered by the Modern Technology School include

X-Ray Technician Training Program
Students seeking to pursue a career as X-ray technicians will benefit greatly from the X-Ray Technician program offered at the school. X-ray technician is a promising career and the Modern Technology School’s program has a 73% job placement success rate. The program provides hands-on training to students that cover each and every aspect of the job. Students learn to work with patients and preparing them for the test they are about to undergo. The program also emphasizes on equipping X-ray technicians with the skills to work with doctors and physicians so they can become valued members of a medical team.

The program offered at MT School covers radiography, X-ray physics, and X-ray positioning, covering several key areas. Students who complete the program are eligible to sit for the CDPH-RHB California X-Ray Technician State Examination. The top students from each batch are awarded a clinical internship to further hone their skills and improve job prospects.

Ultrasound/ Vascular Technician
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, ultrasound/ vascular technicians earn up to $20/hour, making this a lucrative career option for students who plan to enter the diagnostics field. As part of the program, students are taught to use the machines involved in the procedures, including collecting and analyzing the data provided by the machines. Students also learn how to prepare patients for the procedure as well as diagnosing health problems based on the information provided by the tests. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to assist physicians in providing a better level of care through effective diagnostics.

The Modern Technology School also assists students who are part of the Ultrasound/Vascular Technician program to find a clinical site, ensuring high job placement in this field right out of school.

Medical Assistant Program
The demand for medical assistants is constantly high and the career offers job security with a lucrative paycheck. The Modern Technology School boasts a 100% job placement success rate for students who complete their Medical Assistant program.

The program educates students in a variety of skills and disciplines required to be an efficient medical assistant, including medical technology, medical law & ethics, and HIPAA requirements. Students also receive clinical and laboratory testing as well as hands-on didactic training. Medical Assistants who enter the job field from the Modern Technology School are prepared to serve healthcare facilities in several capacities, ranging from checking patients’ vital signs, to setting up appointments for doctors and physicians.

Phlebotomy TechnicianTraining Program
Phlebotomy technicians are a key component of the modern medical staff. Their main responsibility is performing blood tests, on which doctors base their diagnosis and treatment decisions. Students who are interested in a career as a phlebotomy technician will find this program offered by the Modern Technology School incredibly helpful, as they boast a high job placement rate as well as providing clinical internships to the top students. Students receive hands-on training for collecting blood samples and then analyzing the findings. This gives adequate preparation for the job where the process has to be completed in a matter of minutes. Students will also be exposed to the common errors which may affect their analyses, enabling them to master their skills. The program covers a blend of basic and advanced phlebotomy.

Clinical Internships
Clinical internships are offered by the Modern Technology School for the top students in all programs. Through the internship, students are placed at different clinical sites, which are located near the campus. The criteria for determining awarding of clinical internships is largely academic and approval from the department in which the student is studying is necessary.

The Modern Technology School can offer a solid platform for students looking to build a career in healthcare and diagnostics. The demand for quality healthcare is constantly on the rise and healthcare providers need skilled support staff that can divide their workload and handle most of the legwork. Enrolling in any of the programs at the school can give you the stepping stone for a secure and lucrative career. Completing a program at the Modern Technology School is also recommended for professionals who are currently active in the healthcare domain and want to switch careers.