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The Milwaukee Career College began as a training school for those interested in computer applications, but has since grown to offer diplomas in many different occupational programs. Students can choose from programs in the medical field or the veterinary field, allowing them to care for people or animals in an enriching and rewarding career. Each program includes a mix of hands-on learning in a lab setting combined with traditional classroom work. Students will learn how to work with various medical equipment in a structured setting. With convenient classes that are easy to fit into your schedule, Milwaukee Career College is a great place at which you can take the first steps toward your new career.


Milwaukee Career College Campus Location:
3077 N. Mayfair Rd.
Suite 300
Milwaukee, WI 53222


Dental Assistant Training Program
Help people feel better both inside and out by playing a key role in enhancing their smiles. As a Dental Assistant, you will be responsible for an array of administrative services, and will assist the dentist during routine procedures to make them run smoothly. As a main contact of patients and the dentist, you will be able to help people feel more comfortable during various procedures. Dental Assistants can also volunteer to help dentists who provide services to disadvantaged populations all over the world, giving back and helping others. Milwaukee Career College will offer you the tools you need to help both patients and the dentist in this rewarding career.


Medical Assistant Program
The Milwaukee Career College Medical Assistant program will prepare you to help a doctor’s office or hospital run more smoothly by interacting with patients. As a Medical Assistant, you will be responsible for preparing patients for their appointment by learning their symptoms, checking vital statistics and performing procedures such as giving injections and preparing blood for laboratory testing. Medical Assistants are key components of the medical profession, and are an essential part of patient care. Learn to manage patient records through software programs and assisting the doctor with checkups as you train for this important career. You will love being part of a network of people who make a difference in the lives, health and wellbeing of others.


Surgical Technology Training
As a Surgical Technician, you will bring your skills and knowledge into the operating room ensuring a clean and safe environment for patients and doctors. By properly prepping the operating room and handling surgical instruments as part of the team, you will help to ease the stress of the surgeon by allowing them to focus solely on the surgical tasks at hand. Along with the fundamentals of Surgical Technology, Milwaukee Career College will help you assess your personality and ability to successfully perform the job.


Veterinary Assistant
People who love working with animals will be interested in the Veterinary Assistant Program. This job will allow you to help animals and their owners by monitoring their vitals after surgery, assisting in emergency procedures, maintaining surgical instruments, taking animals’ vital signs and much more. In this job, you can make animals and their owners feel better in times of stress, giving much needed support and performing essential tasks for the veterinarian. A career as a Veterinary Assistant is an excellent path for people who are caring and compassionate and who love animals.


Veterinary Technician
If you want to work with animals but prefer a more hands on career, then the Veterinary Technician program may be right for you. Veterinary Technicians work closely with veterinarians, assisting with various diagnostics and procedures, helping with immunizations, monitoring vital signs, monitoring animals after surgery, helping to collect samples and more. This position is perfect for people who love to help animals feel better by giving them high quality care. Veterinary Technician students must first complete the Veterinary Assistant program with a passing grade.


Admissions Process
The first step in the admissions process is meeting with an Admissions Representative who will give you more information about various programs and will work with you to assess which may be right for you. They will go over your goals, your financing and/or financial aid options and show you the campus. You will learn about class schedules and how you can fit coursework into your own schedule and will have the opportunity to meet with the staff. Applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent, and must pass an entrance exam.


Financial Aid - How to Pay for School
Financial Aid programs are available to those who qualify, including Federal loans, grants and scholarship programs. Students interested in receiving financial aid should set up an appointment with the Financial Aid office to evaluate their options and determine which funding options are right for them. Some students may be eligible to receive scholarships, and the Financial Aid office can help you locate and apply for them. Grant funding is also available for eligible programs. You will be able to determine your options upon meeting with a Financial Aid representative.


Career Services
Milwaukee Career College is dedicated to helping students succeed, and will help give you the tools you need to find a great career. From helping you refine your cover letter and interviewing skills to assisting you in learning strategies for job search, school personnel offers a range of career services to their students. School alumni have gone on to work for a wide range of companies, and the school can help you seek out the one that is the best for your personal career options. The college also offers externships to qualified students which is an excellent way to get your foot in the door. Students are able to access the school’s Job Board – a resource for finding positions for which they are qualified at companies that are familiar with the school.


Student Services
Students at the Milwaukee Career College have a wide range of services available to them from academic advisement to tutoring services. Upon completion of the program, students have the option of joining the Alumni Association – an organization that hosts events and offers networking opportunities to former students. Alumni can connect, share job searching tips and have the opportunity to participate in focus groups and advisory boards to contribute to the future of the school.


Milwaukee Career College hosts events and continuing education classes for students and alumni alike. Continuing Education courses are available in the Dental and Medical Assisting programs, so you can brush up on your skills and keep them current long after you’ve finished the program. These resources are valuable to alumni, as they can help you keep your competitive edge in the field and potentially improve your prospects. Along with these courses, Milwaukee Career College also offers prep courses for the Veterinarian Technician exam. The course includes review of potential test material, practice tests, test-taking guidelines to help you feel confident and relaxed while taking your exam.


Sponsorships and Volunteer Opportunities
Milwaukee Career College is a proud sponsor of events such as the Brady Street Pet Parade – a fundraising event for the Wisconsin Humane Society in which people and their pets parade through the street. Students can volunteer for this and other events sponsored by the school, which is a good opportunity to give back to the community.


Milwaukee Career College offers its students the chance to find a rewarding career in a number of fields. The school’s graduates truly make a difference in the lives of others, and each career path offers compassionate people a chance to make people feel better at stressful times in their lives. If you are a person who is dedicated to helping others, check out one of the programs at Milwaukee Career College and take the next step on the path to a rewarding and successful career.