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Midwest Technical Institute


Midwest Technical Institute


Career Services
Career Services at the Midwest Technical Institute are geared towards helping students get jobs that are perfect for them. With top-notch programs and top field instructors, the Institute already has an established reputation that helps graduates looking for jobs. The focus here is on career development for graduates vis building the perfect resume, meeting with prospective employers and career development classes to help students achieve confidence and skills to ace interviews.

Enrolment and Financial Aid
Enrolment at the Midwestern Technical Institute is quite easy and can be done in four simple steps. The first step is to call and make an appointment for a campus tour with an admissions representative. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to visit MTI so you can visit the campus and check out the facilities such as the classrooms, workshops and labs. You can also sit and have a one-on-one discussion with your admissions representative who will help to answer any questions you may have and give you an idea of what studying at MTI is like.

Following this, there will be a simple admissions test which you need to clear. This tests both math and English proficiency. Last but not least, it’s time to check out the financial aid provided. The Financial Aid Department will help you determine eligibility and assist you in filling out Financial Aid forms for loans, grants or scholarships.


Campus Locations:
2731 Farmers Market Road
Springfield, IL 62707


3401 Remington Road
Springfield, IL 62707


280 High Point Lane
East Peoria, IL 61611


100 Sanitation Road
Bartonville, IL 61607


3620 Avenue of the Cities
Moline, IL 61265


690 Mill Street
Rock Island, IL 61201


3600 S. Glenstone
Springfield, MO 65804


5284 West Sunshine Avenue
Brookline, MO 65619


554 Pitt Road
Brownsburg, IN 46112



Allied Health Programs
At the Midwest Technical Institute, there are a number of Allied Health Programs that are offered on some of the campuses. These programs include the Medical Assisting Program, the Basic Nursing Assistant Course Program, the Dental Assisting Program, the Pharmacy Technician Program, the Medical Coding Specialist Program and the Massage Therapy Program.

The Medical Assisting Program
The Medical Assisting Program at MTI is ideal for individuals who wish to join the healthcare industry. Comprising of 900 hours of coursework and practical experience, the Program focuses on training students on the intricacies of medical assisting such as reading and deciphering EKGs and X-Rays, phlebotomy, giving injections, providing first aid and CPR services as well as learning some administrative skills for coding and billing.

Basic Nursing Assistant Course
The Basic Nursing Assistant Course at MTI is ideal for individuals who are looking into entering the healthcare industry without years of school. The course encompasses practical training in hospitals and nursing homes and focuses on the fundamental skills of nursing. Students are given a Certificate of Completion and they then have to take the Illinois Certified Nursing Assistant Exam. This program is available at both East Peoria and Springfield.

Dental Assisting Program
The Dental Assisting Program at MTI has top-notch industry experts as instructors. This tailor-made program instills integral skills into students who wish to become Dental Assistants. These skills encompass the taking of radiographs, dental impressions, chairside assisting of dentists and sterilization techniques. It also touches on administration procedures of the likes of billing, coding and taking of appointments.

Pharmacy Technician Program
The 36-week Pharmacy Technician Program aims at giving students the skills required to be a professional Pharmacy Technician. These skills encompass the preparation of medications followed by distribution techniques, labelling and completing patient orders, assisting pharmacists in the workplace and maintaining general hygiene standards. The program is made up of four modules and ends with graduates receiving a Pharmacy Technician Diploma.

Medical Coding Specialist Program
This 36-week program ensures students learn the right skills for an entry-level position in the healthcare industry. The MCS Program at Midwest Tech seeks to create the right people with the right mindset for Medical Coding, which is why instructors for this program work to instill the right knowledge and skills to students in the program, these skills being creating and indexing codes, crafting accurate digital medical records, understanding medical terminology and having an awareness of medical procedures, surgeries, diagnostics and other treatments. Graduates receive a Medical Coding Specialist Diploma.

Massage Therapy Program
This 4-module, 36 week course is quite intense and focuses on the different aspects of clinical massage therapy, with hands-on training on different styles and techniques of massage therapy. The course also covers medical ethics, nutrition and wellness, safety and hygiene and business to ensure you know how to turn a profit, even if you’re working for yourself.

Mechanical Trade Programs
There are a number of Mechanical Trade Programs at Midwest Technical Institute. These programs encompass the Journeyman Welder Program, the Journeyman Welder II Program, the HVAC / R - MAR Technician Program, the Major Appliance Repair Course and the Industrial, Commercial and Residential Electrician Program.

Journeyman Welder Program
The Journeyman Welder Program is a tailor-made program of Midwest Technical and aims at training students to become professional welders who can turn their hand to any welding job in any industry. Students are taught techniques encompassing the MIG and Flux Core process, the SMAW and TIG process, the reading and understanding of blueprints, pipe welding and fitting and safety regulations. Students will receive a Journeyman Welder diploma after completing.

Journeyman Welder II Program
This program is more specialized than the Journeyman Welder Program, mostly because it emphasizes specific techniques and is more in-depth. To get the a Journeyman Welder II diploma, students have to do an additional 250 hours of study in core materials such as pipe fitting, rigging, stainless steel TIG welding and Structural Welding, to mention a few.

HVAC/R – MAR Technician Program
The HVAC/R – MAR Technician Program at Midwest Tech is an amazing program designed for those who love DIY projects, fixing and troubleshooting of systems. With high-end instructors who’ve been in the industry, the program aims towards bringing an element of perfection in the skills obtained by the students of the program. The program has four modules, each of which concentrate on the installation, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of HVAC systems. Students receive quite a few certifications at the end of the program, which include the HVAC/R-MAR Technician Diploma, the EPA Section 608 Core Universal Type I & II Certification and the OSHA 10-Hour Safety Training Certification.

Industrial, Commercial and Residential Electrician Program

This Program is geared towards enabling students to gain hands-on experience in focused skills relevant for electricians such as load calculations, wiring and electrical control systems. Students learn the theory and carry out practically load calculations, wiring systems, motor rewinding, electric theory and the mathematics of electronics. From here, students gain knowledge and skills in the basic welding processes, the workings of HVAC systems and NEC requirements.

CDL Training
The CDL Training Program at MTI is there to help students achieve the skills and knowledge required to get a Class A CLD Certification and become a CDL Operator. The course is 20-days long and focuses on trip planning, safety during driving, public relations and log book practices to mention a few. To get a CDL certification, students need to complete 40 hours of classroom instruction and 88 hours of driving and practice exams.

Cosmetology Training Program
The Cosmetology Training Program at MTI enables students to learn the tricks and trades of Cosmetology and all it entails. Students get hands-on training in different mediums of cosmetology, which include hairstyling, skin care, customer relations, nail care, salon management and more. With the Cosmetology Program of MTI behind you, you’re all set to have a thriving career. The Cosmetology Training Program is available at the Quad Cities campus, the Springfield Campus and the Brownsburg Campus.

Professional Development Program
Within the Professional Development Program is MTI’s Pipe Fitting Course. This course is quite intense with top-notch instructors and focuses to enabling students to learn and understand the skills require to be a professional pipe-fitter or steamfitter in a number of construction and fabrication industries. The program is dual-core; with classroom study and practical training in the intricacies of pipe measurements and fittings, isometric readings and field fabrication. To do the Pipe Fitting Course, individuals should either have done the Journeyman Welder Program or have three years’ worth of experience in the construction industry.