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Did you know that the Merryfield School of Grooming is the only nationally accredited pet grooming institution in the country? We offer federal funding to students that qualify. We offer both day and evening programs to fit your schedule. Our 600 clock hour programs are taught by instructors with over 20 years of experience.

Do you love working with animals? Are you looking for a career within an industry that is fastly growing? Do you want a career with job security? Are you wanting to own your own profitable business? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may benefit from a career as a professional pet groomer! The pet industry racks in over $63 million a year in the United States alone, and is expected to only keep growing with each new year. While many other industries are being affected by a lack of jobs and job security, pet groomers are profiting from the millions of families with household pets that need their services. With a number of career paths and business types, if you want to be a professional pet groomer, now is the optimal time to do so!

Merryfield School of Pet Grooming has a great environment with outstanding instructors which creates the best foundation for our students’ success. There is no other pet grooming school in the country today that has a nationally recognized, award-winning staff like we do. Our goal is to impart their skills upon you, the student. The legacy of our teachers lives on when they pass their abilities on to their students who love animals and want to be a part of our creative and financially rewarding world!

During your training you’ll be taught how to work with grooming equipment, learn about customer relations, bathing, hair drying, ear cleaning, combing, brushing, dematting, breed recognition, first aid, styling, diseases of the skin and perfection of scissor work. This all takes place during the first 500 hours of your program. The last 100 hours is where you’ll take your externship and you’ll be placed in a veterinary practice, mobile grooming van, salon or in a house call grooming environment for additional hands-on training.

In order to graduate, students must be able to complete a hands on, practical test on the following breeds, according to breed standards set forth by the N.D.G.A.A. (National Dog Groomer’s Association of America).

Job Placement
One of the biggest advantages you’ll have when graduating from Merryfield is our job placement program has a 97% success rate. We can’t guarantee that every student will have a job before they graduate but our job placement program is available to our students and graduates at no extra charge.

Career Opportunities
There are a lot of different areas in the pet grooming industry that graduates can pursue a career in after graduation. Be sure to check out careers at: Salons, Animal Hospitals, Kennels, Rescue Organizations, House Call Pet Grooming Services, Animal Hospitals, Humane Societies as well as becoming self-employed and starting your own pet grooming service.


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