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McCann School of Business Technology


McCann School of Business Technology


Since the 1800s, the McCann School of Business, with its seven locations, has been in the education industry. Small classrooms, up to date labs, experienced staff, and multiple internships provide students the education and skills they need to move ahead successfully in the field of their choice.


Career Services

All graduates of McCann School of Business & Technology are able to become part of the numerous alumni who moved on to successful and satisfying employment. The center will help with interview skills, writing resumes and cover letters, and job fair skills. Once a McCann trained student graduates, they are able to participate in the campus special programs, go to McCann social events, and receive some discounts offered exclusively to graduates. McCann graduates are also known for their volunteer efforts. You can work with the Alumni Association and become a piece in their highly successful mentoring program. The Career Services is there for all students and graduates, and helps them to in turn help others.


McCann School of Business & Technology likes to focus on goal setting, time management, human communication, interview strategies, and resume writing at their fully functional Career Center.The McCann Career Service Center is open to all graduates to use for their lifetime. If they wish to change jobs or attempt to look for a new opportunity, they are allowed to use all of the school’s career services. There is no limit on how many times a person can use it.


Campus Locations:

McCann Allentown
2200 N Irving St
Allentown, PA 18109


McCann Dickson City
2227 Scranton Carbondale Highway
Dickson City, PA 18519


McCann Pottsville
2650 Woodglen Rd.
Pottsville, PA 17901


McCann Wilkes-Barre
264 Highland Park Blvd
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702


McCann Carlisle
346 York Rd.
Carlisle, PA 17013


McCann Hazelton
370 Maplewood Drive Humboldt Industrial Park
Hazleton, PA 18202


McCann Sunbury
1147 North Fourth Street
Sunbury, PA 17801


Admission Process and Financial Aid

In order to start the admission processes the school wishes that you first call and contact a representative. Then they would like for you to schedule an appointment to tour the campus and to discuss your career options. The website is user friendly and has a process for admissions checklist which will take you through the steps needed to become a McCann student.


McCain offers all of the traditional federal opportunities for monies for attending the school. The school also has monetary merit based scholarships. The criteria for these merit-based scholarships vary but the student who wishes to attend may have to write an essay or work community service hours in order to qualify.


The school welcomes members of the military. The school offers aid in compliance with the Veterans Affair program to help military members pay for the school, fees, and educational supplies. Additionally it offers up to $4,000 for military spouses. This particular program is called the military spouse career advancement account. There are a few qualifications. It must lead to a portable career, which means that career could take place in a variety of locations. It must also result in a certificate, a license, or an associate's degree. More information on this military spouse program can be found at the school website.


Business Programs


A business program is offered on all campuses, however, not all specializations are offered at all campuses. For example, the Business Administration Program with a Hospitality Option is only offered at Sunbury. You will want to check the individual campus program to see exactly what is offered in the field at each site. You can obtain a Business Diploma or Associate in Specialized Business degree to find a job as a personal assistant, bookkeeper, hotel desk clerk, or a sales person.


Skilled Trades Programs


The Skilled Trade program has a CDL license focus. In around five weeks time, you can become a licensed CDL via the Skilled Trades Program. This program is offered at Allentown, Carlisle, and Wilkes-Barre. It also offers diplomas and license ready programs in electrical, technician, and other skilled trade areas.


Healthcare Programs

You can obtain a degree or be awarded a diploma in one of the Healthcare studies. Again, not all programs are offered at every campus. The Human Services program is only offered at Allentown. Some possible fields of study that are offered are Medical Assisting, Surgical Technology, Office Technology, and a Paramedic Program among others.


Technology Programs

This fast growing field offers three different sectors. They are the:

1. Network Administration and Security Program
In the network administrator training from McCann School of Business and Technology, in 21 months, you can complete the Network Administration and Security Program and earn an Associate in Specialized Technology degree in Network Administration and Security. Campuses where it is offered:
- Allentown
- Carlisle
- Pottsville
- Sunbury
- Wilkes-Barre


Computer Science and Programming Program

The Associate in Specialized Technology Degree in Computer Science and Programming may be the field for you. At McCann School of Business &Technology, you could earn your degree in as little as 18 months. Campuses where it is offered:
- Dickson City
- Hazleton

Computer Office Support Program

In as little as 9 months, you can be awarded a diploma in this program. Pottsville is the only campus where it is offered.

Legal & Protective Services Programs

In this field, you can obtain your Associate in Specialized degree in Criminal Justice or the Paralegal field. The Paralegal program is offered only at the Dickson City campus. However, the Criminal Justice component is offered at Allentown, Carlisle, Dickson City, Hazleton, Pottsville, Sunbury, and Wilkes-Barre.

Design & Education Programs


The Dickson City College has an Early Childhood Education Associate in Specialized in Business Degree program. Before you know it, you can be in the classroom working at your dream job.


Wellness Programs


Currently there is one specialization offered in the Beauty and Wellness field, it is the Massage Therapy/Professional Massage Therapy program. The Professional Massage Therapy can be found at Pottsville and the Massage Therapy at Carlisle, Hazleton, and Sunbury.