Marinello School of Beauty


Marinello School of Beauty Programs

  • Cosmetology
  • Esthetics
  • Manicuring/Nail Technology
  • Advanced Facial and Body Treatments
  • Barbering
  • Hair Design
  • Massage Therapy
  • Master Esthetics with Laser Certification
  • Teacher Training
  • Short Programs and Workshops

Marinello School of Beauty


Marinello School of Beauty


Marinello, which has more than 100 years of experience in beauty education, is accredited by The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences. The school has successfully retained highly experienced and skilled industry professionals as instructors. Marinello, which is also recognized by the US Department of Education, has well equipped laboratories, spas and clinics to give you hands-on practice of sophisticated tools, equipment and technologies being used in the industry.

Thousands of people have already graduated from the school and are serving at high positions in the industry. Marinello is a well-known and respected beauty school that has been developing quality and well skilled workforce for the industry since its inception.


Career Services

Marinello not only equips its students with modern knowledge and skills to start a career in the industry, but also helps them in their career development. The school has established a wide industry network with the help of its alumni, and when you graduate from Marinello, the school would help you land your first job.

The course contents for each program have been designed not only to develop and sharpen your technical skills in the field, but also your soft skills like resume writing and communication skills, so you can easily find a job and then grow in your profession.


Enrollment Process And Financial Aid

The enrollment process at Marinello starts right after you contact the school. The school required you to stop by for a personal interview with an Admission Adviser who would ask you some basic questions about your expectations and interests, and then help you find the ideal program. After finding the appropriate program, you would be required to complete an enrollment agreement and start you class. Marinello offers you broad options of financial assistance programs. You can start your financial aid process by filling and submitting the financial aid application form. Financial aid is available in the form of scholarships, grants and student loans. Federal and private educational funds are available at Marinello.

Military Tuition Assistance

If you are a service member or a veteran, Marinello offers you military scholarships. The school also participates in the military tuition assistance programs at selected campuses. You can avail the financial assistance to further your career goals. The good news is that even spouses of service members and veterans can avail financial assistances if eligible.


Cosmetology Training Program


The Cosmetology program at Marinello is popular among students. The school has been offering this program for more than 100 years now. Thousands of graduates from the program have successfully established their career in the industry as licensed Cosmetologists. By the time you graduate under the program, lucrative career opportunities would be waiting for you in the industry.


You can expect to undergo traditional classroom training with hands-on practice on mannequins with guests. You will be acquainted with modern approaches to Cosmetology in addition to practicing your skills on new technologies and equipment. The course content has been designed to provide you an outstanding learning experience in order to prepare you for a solid career in the cosmetology sector.


Esthetics (Skin Care) Program


If you love socialization and have a passion to work with your hands, then you should try a career in skin care. To make that possible, Marinello will train you under its Esthetics program and you can serve in the industry as a licensed esthetician. Remember, career in the skin care industry is very rewarding and lucrative.


You will receive not only conceptual knowledge, but also practical training and technical instructions under Marinello’s Esthetics program. The course content has been designed to cover every important facet of esthetics, such as skin examination, facial, hair removing techniques, exfoliation, and salon administration. You will be exposed to hands-on practice so your background in skin care can be solidified.


Manicuring/Nail Technology Program


The demand for nail professionals has increased in recent time; therefore, Marinello is offering Manicuring/Nail Technology program to interested candidates. Remember, no matter if it is a saloon, spa or beauty clinic, there is a need for a nail technologist or professional who can carry out manicure, pedicure and all others things in between.


Under the program, you’ll be educated and trained in anatomy, physiology and pathology of nails and skin. During the course of study, you’ll also receive practical experience in nail beauty techniques and technologies and how to apply nail products like a pro.

Advanced Esthetics Training


If you are a licensed esthetician aiming to grow professionally in the skincare industry, Marinello’s Avanced Esthetics Training can be a perfect choice for you. The program would prepare you for higher positions in a salon, spa or skincare clinic. Not only will you get practical exposure in advance esthetics, but also the conceptual knowledge that would help you grow further in your profession.


Your business management and administration skills would also be developed and sharpened, so you can easily manage the operation of a spa. On the technical side, you’d receive training in advanced peels, microdermabrasion, wraps, post-procedure care and skin safety.


Hair Design Training Program


If you want to start your career as a hair designer, you should enroll in the Hair Design program at Marinello. The program would prepare you for an exciting career in the industry besides enabling you to carry out hair styling like a pro. You will also get practical exposure to latest hairstyles and how to keep up with the trend or how to set a trend.


Upon graduation, you’d be all set to secure an entry-level position in spas and saloons. You can even avail opportunities in TV and the fashion industry. The training would cover broad areas, including blow dry, skip waving, hair coloring, finger waving, chemical straightening, scalp treatment and rinsing. You will receive hands-on training and technical instructions that includes haircutting, hairstyling, hair coloring, scalp treatment and salon management. You will learn the art and science of hair design, including techniques, business skills, and health and safety practices.