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The Los Angeles Film School


The Los Angeles Film School



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The Los Angeles Film School is a popular name when it comes to training in filmmaking and arts. The school has been equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and equipment, so you can get hands-on practice on the next generation filmmaking technologies. The instructors are highly professional and bring decades of experience to the school. They are committed to pass on their knowledge and expertise to the students.


Whether you want to get training in filmmaking, audio production or music recording, The Los Angeles Film School can make that possible for you. A team of expert recording engineers, filmmakers, and producers would further enhance your experience at the school. They can also help you find an opportunity in the industry after graduation. The school is located in proximity of well-known studios and production houses, meaning that you can look out for opportunities while pushing forth your education.


Campus Location:

6363 Sunset Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90028



Career Services

The Los Angeles Film School does not only train you, but also helps you to land a job and grow in your career. The courses have been designed in ways that would sharpen your skills in researching, networking and developing professionalism, so you can stand out among other candidates on job interviews. The school will develop your interpersonal and communication skills, so you can perform better in the industry.


After you graduate from the school, you would get regular emails from the school about job and internship opportunities. You will also be invited to attend job fairs and career events. The good news is that the school’s Career Development Department organizes job fairs on the campus where you get the opportunity to appear in job interviews with regional and national companies. When companies in the industry are in need of entry-level candidates, The Los Angeles Film School is often their first choice to reach out to.


Enrollment Process and Financial Aid

Admission process at The Los Angeles Film School is pretty simple and straightforward. The school’s admission representative will guide you through the process of enrollment. All you have to do is get in touch with the school and ask for information. The admission representatives will then answer your questions and help you select a program of your interest. Even better, you would get the chance to meet a financial aid adviser who can help find a perfect financial aid package for you.


Around 80 percent of the students at The Los Angeles Film School receive financial aid in one form or another, meaning that you have a good chance to secure financial aid to complete your education. Remember, the type of financial aid you may qualify for depends on your personal situation, and the school will help you through the process. You would be required to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid form to start the process.


Military Education Benefits

Whether you are a veteran or come from the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy or Coast Guard or any other military department, The Los Angeles Film School has special benefits awaiting you. The school is approved by the military, and it would help you find a suitable financial aid to complete your training and education.


Associate Degree in Recording Arts Program

The Los Angeles Film School is offering Associate of Science in Recording Arts. The 2-year-long program would equip you with the knowledge and skills required to start a career in the industry. The course has been designed by taking into account real time industry standards, so you can get the chance to practice on modern technologies. The course will make you the expert of all necessary technologies and concepts imperative to starting a career in the production industry. You will be trained in every façade of audio production, ranging from live sound to production of shows and mixing a record to post production of films and games.

Associate Degree in Music Production Program

The Associate of Science in Music Production is 18 months long course for people who have longing to develop their own music, soundtracks and songs. The curriculum has been designed to give you a deep insight into the concepts of music and at the same time develop and enhance your technical skills in music production. You would get the opportunity to learn from industry experts, and professional instructors. Under the course, you would also get the chance to practice on modern music hardware and software. Your creativity will be enhanced and your business skills would also be developed.

Bachelor of Science in Film Production

The school is offering Bachelor of Science in Film Production and Associate of Science in Film, 36 months long and 18 months long respectively. These intensive courses will equip you with all the required technical skills and conceptual knowledge required to excel in the film industry. You will get the opportunity to explore every facet of contemporary filmmaking and production, ranging from pre-production to post-production and everything in between. At the end of your course, you’d be armed with all the skills and knowledge required to land a job in the industry and excel in your career.

Game Production Design

There are two degrees available under the Game Production Design: 36 months long Bachelor of Science in Game Production Design and 18 months long Associate of Science in Game Production. If you have a passion for gaming, this program is for you. The instructors are artists, technical experts and gamers at the same time. Under the program, you will get trained in programming, and design and production. Upon completion of your course, you’d find work as play.

Bachelor Degree in Animation and VFX

The Los Angeles Film School is offering bachelor and associate of science degree programs in animation and VFX. The curriculum has been designed to make you an expert of 3D animations production, so you can either work as an animation expert in the industry or start your own business.


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