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Lincoln Tech


Lincoln Tech offers education and training in a range of programs that are imperative to the growth of the US economy. The school has successfully retained highly qualified and competent instructors who would go way out to train and educate you in your field of study. The school has established itself as a trusted name, and employers from the industry visit the campus for hiring from time to time. The school focuses on practical experiences and hands-on practices of its students. Lincoln Tech has made huge investment in high tech equipment and modern technologies to give you the opportunity for learning and practice.


Looking for a career you’d love? Lincoln can set you up for that and give you a promising advantage in whichever field you would like to go into. Lincoln provides you with a hands-on learning experience to give you the training you need to get into your desired career.


For more information on courses in any field, don’t hesitate to visit the Lincoln website. You will be given an abundance of information and you will even be provided with the opportunity to talk to someone on a live chat. The staff at Lincoln is all friendly and helpful and if you are interested in making a visit then just contact them.


Career Services

Lincoln Tech not only educates and trains you, but also helps you in your bid to land a job. To make this possible, the school has hired professional Career Services Advisers who truly understand that you deserve a rewarding career, so they would keep no stone unturned in helping you to find what you really deserve. Moreover, the Career Services Department would help you to access helpful resources to find a job and grow in your career. Whether it is resume writing or interview preparation, the career advisers would help you out. The school has already established a network of its alumni in a large variety of industries, and they can also extend their assistance to you in your job-hunting bid.


Campus Locations:


2915 Alouette Drive
Grand Prairie, TX 75052


11194 East 45th Avenue

Denver, CO 80239


8317 West North Avenue

Melrose Park, IL 60160



Enrollment Process And Financial Aid

The Lincoln enrollment process is very easy. The school’s admissions department would walk you through the process once you contact them. Not only would they assist you in getting admission, but would also help you find the right training. They would ask you questions about your interests and career goals, and then recommend you a range of programs available at the school. Once you decide a program, you would be required to fill an admissions application for and submit the required documents. The Financial Aid representatives at Lincoln Tech would help you decide how to fund your future. Financial aid options available at the school are listed below:

- Federal and State Grants

- Scholarships

- Loans


Veterans and Military Personnel

Lincoln Tech has special offerings and benefits for veterans and people from different branches of the military and their spouses. In fact, the school was established in 1946 originally to educate and train returning veterans from World War 2. The school has be selected as a Military Friendly School for five times since 2009 because of its expertise in helping veterans and military personnel in making a transition to civilian life.


Due to its history of serving veterans, the school still offers maximum benefits to people from the military. Whether it is selecting a program, enrolling in a course, finding a financial aid or landing a job and growing in your career, the Lincoln Tech can help you at every step if you are a veteran or come from any branch of the US military.

Automotive Programs


If you’ve got a passion for the newest technology and high-performance cars and machines, you can take a part of a program at Lincoln which will help you turn your passions into a career. You can take part in hands-on training from the very beginning, you will be learning inside auto shops and garages where you will be able to use engines, fuel and emission systems, transmissions and more to train.

Once you have graduated, you will have experienced the industry work you need to start or progress your career in the automotive industry. Jobs you could qualify for include Service Technician and Automotive Technician, amongst other things.


You can take an Automotive Technology Training program in which you will be working with certified instructors that have years of experience in the industry. You will learn how to assemble engines from cars and trucks, learn how to diagnose problems and even more. To find more information on this program you should visit the Lincoln website.


Collision Repair and Refinishing Training is another program you can take in the automotive part of Lincoln. With this program, you will be taught by certified instructors and they will sculpture the work directly around the individual. You will be able to visit local car dealerships and service centers which will give you a great professional perspective.


For more automotive-related programs run by Lincoln, including Diesel Technology and Heavy Equipment, visit their website.


Health Sciences


At Lincoln, there is a huge variety of programs you can take relating to Health Sciences. The programs run are all hands-on so you will receive a brilliant amount of practical experience and you will be properly prepared for a career in the Medical industry.


Dental Assistant Training is one of the programs Lincoln runs about Health Sciences. You will be able to practice training on a Typodont (patient simulator manikin) and you will be able to learn in dental labs and sterilization rooms that are set up exactly how they are in the industry.


Pharmacy Technician is also a program that is run by Lincoln. During this program, you will be able to work practically and will learn from experienced professionals, giving you the ability to dispense medications and similar things.


You can study a range of Health Sciences programs at Lincoln, including Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant, Medical Assistant Technology, Medical Coding and Billion, Medical Office Assistant, Medical Office Management, Nursing (Practical), Nursing (RN), Nursing Assistant, Patient Care Technician, and Pharmacy Technician. To find more information on these courses please visit the Lincoln website.


Skilled Trade Programs


Lincoln’s skilled trades trainings are popular in the industry. The skill areas covered under the program include welding technology, HVAC, repair and maintenance of machines, electronic and electrical equipment repair and maintenance, computer networking, air conditioning and heating appliances repair and maintenance and telecommunication systems.


Spa and Cosmetology


Lincoln Tech’s Spa and Cosmetology program would train you in expertise like hair design and skin care. The instructors come from the industry with decades of experiences in spa and cosmetology. You would get the opportunity to explore everything you need to grow and develop professionally in the spa and cosmetology sector. The school has fully equipped spas, clinics and saloons for students to practice their skills.


Culinary Training


The Lincoln Culinary training will arm you with all the skills you need to start a career in the culinary sector. Remember, there is always a high demand for skilled chefs in the industry, and if you are skilled, a great career opportunity is waiting for you. The culinary program instructors are expert chefs who bring decades of experience to the school.


The curriculum has been designed not only to cover the technical aspect of culinary, but also the conceptual aspect. You would practice your learned skills in the school’s fully equipped kitchen using latest methods and technologies. Areas covered under the program include culinary arts, international baking and pastry, preparation of popular dishes from around the world and preparing unique baking items. By the time you complete your course, you would be in a position to secure an entry-level position at well-respected restaurants, start your own restaurant or establish a bakery.




If you’re looking for a career based on business and/or IT, Lincoln is perfect for you. With hands-on experiences, you will be able to understand the industry and you will be properly prepared to go into it. You will have exposure to many different IT related subjects and you will be trained by professionals with years of experience.


Programs run by Lincoln include A+ Certification Preparation, Business Administration, Computer and Network Support Technician, and Networking+ and Security+ Certification Preparation. If you would like more information on the programs that are run by Lincoln, don’t hesitate to visit the website.