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  • Administrative Medical Assistant Program
  • Medical Billing Certificate Program
  • Medical Coding Certificate Program
  • Pharmacy Technician Certificate Program
  • Criminal Justice Certificate Progarm
  • Mediation Certificate Progarm
  • Paralegal Diploma Program
  • Associate Degree in Business Management
  • Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies

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Lakewood College provides in-demand educational programs using multiple distance learning methods. Programs are designed to help students secure careers in a new job field or to improve their position in the current career path of choice. The institution works to keep information relevant to the demands of today’s workforce, allowing students to earn skills in areas quickly and efficiently. Students receive guidance to help them make decisions about the direction of their educations and careers while allowing them the opportunity to participate in a variety of school activities and governance proceedings.

Support services are also available to help students with differing needs do to personal disability or economic disadvantage. All student facilities are well stocked with required supplies and are outfitted with the latest technology appropriate for the field of study. Required textbooks and study materials are provided with the cost of tuition, helping to keep overall costs low. Lakewood encourages students to become life-long learners, and actively invites alumni participation in school events.

Most students attend classes online. This helps Lakewood keep the costs of running the institution lower than many other brick-and-mortar schools, allowing students to pay less tuition than some other comparable schools. Students also have access to interest-free monthly tuition plans, giving options to those who may not have access to other financial aid options.

Classes are flexible, allowing students to log in and completed required coursework at a time that is most convenient for them. This helps students meet any other obligations they may have while still having access to a quality education at a competitive price.

Instructors come with a range of academic and real-world experience, preparing them to help students in a way that will work in the current job market. Successful graduates also have access to job placement assistance.

School Accreditation
Lakewood is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), a recognized member of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). They are also recognized by the United States Department of Education and is approved by the State Board of Career Colleges and Schools Registration.

Administrative Medical Assistant Program
The Administrative Medical Assistant Program is designed to prepare students to work in the medical field by completing a variety of office-based administrative duties and clinical tasks. Graduates from the program will have the knowledge necessary to work in an array of medical offices and facilities. Coursework covers key areas of concern including maintaining operations in a professional office setting along with basic medical coding. Customer service is also a priority, ensuring students have the interpersonal and communications skills required to excel in the field.

The nationally accredited program can be completed in as little as six months. Instructor assistance is provided, as well as access to a personal success coach. Costs associated with taking the national exam are also covered in the base tuition.


Medical Billing Certificate Program
Students interested in finding an office-based position in the growing healthcare field can choose the Medical Billing Certificate Program. The program allows dedicated students to complete all of the required coursework in as few as six months. Students who need additional educational assistance can receive help from applicable instructors. An assigned success coach also keeps students on track as they complete their education.

During the Medical Billing Certificate Program, students will learn the skills necessary to work in a medical office setting to accurately bill insurance companies and patients to the facility. General knowledge of medical coding helps billers properly submit claims while also handling collections for past due accounts. For those interested in completing national exams, the costs of appropriate tests are included in the price of tuition.

Medical Coding Certificate Progarm
An education in medical coding allows graduates to obtain entry-level employment in medical offices, hospitals, and insurance agencies. Patient information is reviewed for accuracy as well as to identify preexisting conditions. Coursework covers the knowledge necessary to correctly retrieve patient records for other medical personnel working in the facility, as well as serving as a liaison between billing offices and healthcare providers.

Classes cover areas including medical billing practices, electronic health records (EHR) maintenance, and insurance policy interpretation. Applicable terminology is also introduced to help ensure full understanding when coding procedures and diagnoses. Dedicated students will complete the courses in six months, with full access to instructor assistance and a success coach to help keep their education on target. National exam costs are also covered as part of the base tuition.

Pharmacy Technician Certificate Program
Ideal for students looking to start a new career quickly, the six month Pharmacy Technician Certificate Program can provide the knowledge necessary to work in pharmacies located in hospital and retail settings. Successful graduates will be prepared for entry-level positions in the field, as well as to complete the national certification exam.

Pharmacy Technicians assist licensed pharmacists in the preparation of prescription medications being provided to customers. Coursework covers a variety of administrative skills, allowing them to use the equipment needed to perform the duties. Students are instructed on techniques to ensure the accuracy of prescriptions as they are filled, as well as creating and affixing prescription labels and auxiliary information. Additional classes cover topics such as customer file creation and maintenance, drug information, and the preparation of insurance forms.

Criminal Justice Certificate Program
The Criminal Justice Certificate Program prepares students to pursue a variety of professions within the law enforcement field. Coursework covers information on the modern criminal justice system, as well as issues regarding court proceedings, crime and causation, sentencing and incarceration, and proper policing techniques. Students will learn vital details regard the basics of criminal law, as well as information on community corrections and trial processes.

Designed to be completed in as little as six months, the Criminal Justice Certificate Program includes the costs of national examinations in the required tuition. Instructor assistance is available to make students have an opportunity to achieve in the nationally accredited program. Success coaches are also provided to give students additional aid and support throughout the process.

Mediation Certificate Program
The six-month Mediation Certificate Program gives students skills in the areas of dispute resolution and other mediation techniques. Students will be taught how to act as impartial parties during conflict resolution proceedings, providing a valuable service to the businesses and individuals they serve. Particular focus is paid to the five stages of mediation, and encourage students to analyze the proceedings of actual case studies to identify the key moments during the process.

Coursework also allows students to learn effective communication skills while maintaining a sense of neutrality in all proceedings. Active listening skills are included in the program, as well as conflict management techniques. Successful graduates will be eligible for the National Association of Certified Mediators exam, increasing their opportunities for finding employment in this growing field.

Paralegal Diploma Program
Paralegals perform a critical function in the legal sphere. The Paralegal Diploma Program will give the students the skills necessary to work alongside legal professionals throughout the legal system. Coursework focuses on the main areas of concern within the legal field, such as legal research, litigation processes, contracts, and tort law. Additional focus is placed on document preparation, while also covering issues of confidentiality as applicable to the legal profession.

Software pertinent to a career as a paralegal is introduced, as well as other important computer skills. Students will gain a fundamental understanding of how law offices function, as well as their specific roles within the aforementioned work environments. Classes will also cover information regarding constitutional law, legislative statutes, and applicable municipal ordinances. Dedicated students can complete the program in six to nine months.

Associate Degree in Business Management
Graduates from the Associate Degree in Business Management program will have the knowledge necessary to obtain entry-level positions within the business management field. Students will learn leadership skills, as well as how to coordinate and delegate to teams so that organizational goals can be met. The program provides students with a variety of marketable skills to help them obtain employment in a range of businesses and industries.

The Associate Degree in Business Management program can be completed in as few as two years. Successful graduates will be prepared to contribute to business environments in a number of ways, and can also choose to continue their educational pursuits by transferring to a baccalaureate program at a suitable educational institution.

Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies
For those looking for a more in-depth education in the area of paralegal studies, the Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies can provide a sound basis upon which to work in the legal field. Designed to be completed in two years, successful graduates will be eligible to become certified through the National Association of Legal Assistants exam.

Students will learn skills in the areas of document production and management, while also receiving a foundational education in computer skills. Specific coursework in areas related to the study and understanding of the law and various legal processes is also included, providing students with the information needed to perform successfully in the field.