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About Kaplan
Kaplan College is a higher education institution that features many different accelerated programs for students eager to get started in a new career or to advance one they currently have. Kaplan offers affordable programs with flexible schedules that give students the skills they need for advancement.


The programs at Kaplan focus on developing professional skills that can directly translate into increased career opportunities. Students also learn other knowledge and skills that help than translate their development into success in their professional lives.

The admissions process at kaplan is easy, but if you are interested in applying and would like more information, you can contact a specialist who can help answer any of your questions. Before applying, you should review the application requirements and ensure that you meet all of the criteria.

Financial Aid
Kaplan College understands that the cost of higher education can be extremely prohibitive for people on a tight budget. If you find yourself in this situation, you should review the opportunities available to you for financial aid. This includes national and local grants, loans, and scholarship, as well as some grants specific to Kaplan.


Studies at Kaplan are divided between several different programs. These include Allied Health, Business, Criminal Justice, Design, Information Technology, Nursing, Trades, and Continuing Education.


Allied Health Programs

The Allied Health Program at Kaplan is an excellent choice for students interested in a career in the health field that is distinct from nursing. Students who enter a program related to allied health will receive all of the training and knowledge they need to excel at their chosen career path.


There are many different options that prospective students can choose to study. These choices lead to specific careers, so it is an important decision. All students will receive the same general education and learn the skills they need to excel as an allied health professional, but the individual programs will help them distinguish themselves for particular positions. Many of these positions require specific certifications, making this training even more important.


The following degrees and certifications are available at various campuses:

- Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma
- Dental Assistant Diploma
- Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography Certificate
- Diagnostic Medical Sonography/Ultrasound Diploma
- Health Information Technology Degree
- Healthcare Assistant Diploma
- Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma
- Massage Therapy Diploma
- Medical Assistant Diploma
- Medical Assistant X-Ray Technician Diploma
- Medical Billing and Coding Diploma
- Medical Office Specialist Diploma
- Medical Practice Management Associate Degree
- Patient Care Technician Diploma
- Pharmacy Technician Diploma
- Phlebotomy/EKG Technician Diploma
- Physical Therapist Assistant Associate Degree
- Radiologic Technology Associate Degree
- Respiratory Care Associate Degree
- Therapeutic Health Technician Diploma
- X-Ray Technician/Back Office Medical Assistant Diploma


Business Training Programs

The business world often seems so complex to those on the outside looking in that many people think it is beyond their competency level. This is not the case. While the business world is large and complex, anyone can get involved and start a dependable career.


With training from Kaplan, students receive the knowledge and skills they need to get an introductory career in a business setting and start their career. The skills taught will help students work in any industry and include things like marketing, accounting, and management.


Two different programs are offered:

- A diploma program in business fundamentals
- Associate’s Degree in Business Administration


Criminal Justice Programs

A career in criminal justice related fields can be both exciting and rewarding. Jobs in the field include things like security, correctional officers, paralegals, and more depending on further education.


All graduates of a Criminal Justice program from Kaplan receive the skills they need to secure entry level jobs in the industry. Two different paths are available for students, one focusing on criminal justice and another designed for students who wish to work in law offices by becoming a paralegal.


Available degrees and certifications include:

- Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice
- General Practice Paralegal Certificate
- Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies


Design Programs

Careers relating to design are an excellent choice for anyone with a creative side.

At the moment, Kaplan only offers one degree related to design. This is an Associate’s Degree in Photographic Technology which is offered at the Dayton, Ohio campus. Graduates of this program leave with the skills needed to excel working with or as a photographer at a high level.


Students gain hands-on experience working with high level photography equipment and will be thoroughly trained in order to get a fast start in their career.

Information Technology Program

Maintaining the computer systems and networks that help businesses run is becoming an increasingly important part of this world. As computer systems and networks become more complex, specialized training and workers is becoming increasingly valuable.


By getting a degree in information technology, students will set themselves up for work in this growing field. All graduates leave with the skills they need to obtain entry level jobs and start working towards an enriching career.


Two different levels of degrees are offered in information technology from Kaplan:

- Computer support technician diploma
- Associate’s Degree in Computer Networking Technology



A career in nursing empowers people to be able to help others at times in their lives when they need the help the most. Nurses help care for the sick and injured, and even help bring new life into this world. Nursing can be an extremely rewarding career.


Anyone interested in getting a start in this field can benefit from receiving their training from Kaplan. All graduates will leave with the skills they need to start practicing care under the supervision of others. Valuable work experience can then be gained before pursuing further education in order to obtain advanced licensing and degrees.


The following programs are available:

- Nurse Aide Certificate
- Associate's Degree in Nursing
- Practical Nursing Diploma
- Vocational Nursing Diploma


Trade Diploma Programs


A diploma in a specific professional trade can be invaluable for students who enjoy working with their hands. Careers in these fields are often overlooked, but represent good pay and reliable work. Often times, the initial training provided through Kaplan is all a graduate needs to get a foot in the door in their chosen industry and start advancing their career with no further schooling necessary. Other times students decide to continue their education for faster advancement.

All graduates of these programs leave with high level skills and knowledge, allowing them to excel in their fields.

Programs offered include:

- Computer Numerical Control Technology Diploma
- Electrical Technician Diploma
- Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Diploma