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Joseph’s college of cosmetology has been training candidates since its conception i.e.; since the year 1965 and is a renowned and an institution of international repute. Joseph’s college in all these years have carved its own niche in the field of cosmetology training and has trained thousands of trained, certified and licensed cosmetologists in Nebraska.

Its curriculum includes state of the art one to one teaching approach, infrastructure and includes professional career counseling, renowned industry experts as faculties and on campus seminars, shows and much more.

The college also offers its students the option of continuing education from world-renowned manufacturers like Natural Salon Resources and Schwarzkopf professionals.


Joseph’s Cosmetology Mission Statement

Joseph’s College of Cosmetology has been producing renowned world class cosmetologists for many years and believes that the scope of cosmetology goes much beyond than just formal curriculum-based education only.

The institution is solely dedicated towards the training of future cosmetologists as well as towards the overall development of the field. The College strictly follows the curriculum as well as the guidelines & regulations implemented by the ones determined by the State of Nebraska.


Campus locations:
Joseph’s College: Cosmetology- Beatrice
2015 North, 6th Street, Beatrice, NE-68310


Joseph’s College: Cosmetology-Grand Island
3415, W. State Street, Suite D, Grand Island, NE-68803


Joseph’s College: Cosmetology- Hastings
828, West 2nd Street, Hastings, NE-68901


Joseph’s College: Cosmetology- Kearney
2213 Central Avenue, Kearney, NE-68847


Joseph’s College: Cosmetology- Lincoln
5801 “O” Street, Lincoln, NE-68510


Joseph’s College: Cosmetology-Norfolk
202, Madison Avenue, Norfolk, NE-68701


Joseph’s College: Cosmetology-North Platte
1620, East 4th Street, North Platte, NE-69101

Joseph’s college of cosmetology is affiliated and accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) and the Cosmetology Division of the Nebraska Department of health.

Once, a candidate completes his/her training; a state licensure examination follows to work as a professional cosmetologist within the state of Nebraska which in turn allows a candidate to take up jobs as hair stylist/designer/dresser in various salons/spas. It also allows one to seek employment opportunities in various cosmetic companies as a trainer or a managerial position. One with the license can in fact also open their own salon.


Academic Curriculum

St. Joseph’s college of cosmetology offers basic cosmetology courses and advanced cosmetology courses. Both types of courses have theoretical as well as practical requirements, and all the seven location are well equipped with clinics as well as multimedia-enabled teaching facilities meeting the criteria of the accrediting bodies.

The state of Nebraska requires a minimum of 2100 hours theoretical as well as practical hands-on training from an accredited state institution before seeking a state license to be a cosmetologist through examination. To serve this purpose, the institution offers 35 hours per week sessions for its students as well as flexible hours adhering to the state’s regulations and requirements.


The entire application process at Joseph’s is really simple and hassle free. For all the courses, only $20 deposit is required along with the online application form and other required documents (this list is also not too exhaustive). The application procedure includes:


1. Filling up a simple online application form and then submitting it online on the college’s website.

2. After completing this step, one needs to send the additional supporting documents to the following address. It is to be noted that, without mailing these documents, one cannot be admitted.


ATTN: Joseph's College ¬Corporate Office Admission
2637 O Street
Lincoln, NE 68510


Additionally, the required documents include:
a. A copy of birth certificate.
b. A copy of GED certificate or high school transcripts.
c. Marriage license / criminal records (if any).
d. A deposit of $20.00
3. Eligibility for admission in all courses @Joseph’s is having a minimum High school diploma or GED.


Tuition and Fees
Joseph’s college of cosmetology offers its students their career-altering training and education in quite an affordable price range. Scholarships and financial aids are also available.

Financial Aid and oOher Services
A campus visit, overall counseling process regarding various career avenues, scholarships and financial aids available are offered to every interested prospective student. Joseph follows a state of the art process known as the Joseph’s model of financial aid education to the students and their families which include full information regarding payment options, webinar info, the total application procedure and the eligibility criteria for each scholarship and financial aid.


Kindly note that eligibility for the financial aid education is solely determined by the information submitted on the website of FAFSA.

The institute’s financial aid director provides information regarding Federal Stafford loans, Federal Pell Grants, Nebraska state grants and other scholarships available to the students when asked. The institute also strictly adheres to the rules and regulations and complies with those laid down by FERPA.


Freshman Cosmetology Course

The cosmetology freshman course comprises of 300 credit hours and equals to 300 credits. The freshman course itself gives a student an insight into the fantastic world of cosmetology. Cosmetology is such a profession which is capable to retain its demand in the market even during tough times and with skills with such mentioned below one is on the shot sure path to success with the aid from the world class faculties like Joseph’s. The curriculum includes:

- Basics of hairstyling and hair are cutting.
- Facials and relaxing massages.
- Eyebrow designing, body and facial waxing,
- Manicure/pedicure/artificial nails, etc.
- Hair coloring techniques and options. Hair spa.
- Business ethics and code of conduct
- Nebraska’s regulations and guidelines regarding business practice, training, and educations
- Front office handling techniques/grooming.
- School specific unassigned cosmetology related subjects
- Dispensary handling, etc.


Advanced Cosmetology Course

The advanced version of this course includes- theory classes and lectures worth 300 credits/300 credit hours. It also includes 1500 credit hours/1500 credits of practical hands-on training. The curriculum consists of the following:
- Poise-personality development.
- Communication skills development.
- Sterilization techniques and bacteriology basics/hygiene.
- Applied electricity course.
- Salon/spa management/ safety measures.
- Nebraska’s cosmetology practice rules and regulations.
- School specific unassigned cosmetology related subjects.


The practical training session includes practicing in salons, on students, mannequins or in the classroom lab.

These includes but are not limited to various type of shampooing techniques, hair styling, curling, cutting techniques, body waxing, facials, pedicure, manicure, nail art, eyebrow waxing, arching and designing, chemical relaxing, hair coloring and weaving techniques, salesmanship development and practicing, inventory & salon management, dispensary, etc.


Joseph’s college of cosmetology cumulatively offers world class education in the field and strictly adheres to the 2100 hours’ rule for allowing its students for the state license examination. Once, a student completes the advanced cosmetology course from joseph’s and subsequently also clears the state license examination, he and she can then work as qualified and licensed cosmetologist within the state of Nebraska and seek employment in various salon and beauty related establishments/companies or can also operate independently by opening their own salon.