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About J-Tech Institute
J-Tech Institute or Jonas Technical institute offers a wide range of automotive and diesel technology programs. From these courses, students can become successful transport professionals and technicians. It provides classroom knowledge as well as hands-on training to students, so that they can excel in their respective field of study. Its 168,000 square foot campus has pristine classrooms and labs, in addition to a student lounge, learning resource center, fitness center, and private lockers. The institute partners with industry-leading organizations and experienced professionals of the diesel, automotive, and transportation industry, in order to provide the best education and technical training to its students.


Campus Location:

8813 Western Way
Jacksonville, FL


J-Tech Institute is credited by The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), www.accsc.org. ACCSC is a nonprofit, private, and independent accrediting entity, which is a member of the Council of Recognized National Accrediting Agencies (CRNAA). Jones Technical Institute is approved by the Florida Department of Education, Commission for Independent Education,


J-Tech Institute has a simple admission procedure:
• The applicant is first required to have a personal interview with their Admissions Representative.
• He or she must meet the Financial Aid Officer, in case of any financial assistance.
• The applicant is then asked to accurately fill and submit all the compulsory forms, including the enrollment agreement, application fee payment, and meeting the Campus Director.


However, Jones Technical Institute reserves all the rights to determine the eligibility of the students for its programs depending on their educational background, personal interview, and dedication towards becoming a working graduate.


Financial Assistance
Jones Technical Institute provides financial assistance to all those students who qualify. It offers numerous financial aid programs to its students, which are backed by the U.S. Department of Education in accordance to the current state and federal laws and J-Tech policies. Its financial aid programs are offered in the form of federal Pell grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG, Subsidized or unsubsidized federal direct Stafford/plus loans, and scholarships. In order to apply for any one of these programs, the applicant must fulfill the eligibility requirements. Then, he or she must fill up the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.


Career Services
J-Tech Institute offers a comprehensive career services program to its students, including a transitional program for the workplace. Their Student Advisors assist students to develop a transitional plan for their office. Students are provided help with job placements, along with a recent list of available job positions that are regularly updated and available for all the institute graduates. Their transitional program includes resume development, how to search for a job, online application filling instructions and practice, learning interview skills through simulated interviews and corrective feedback, learning writing skills, work environment and soft skills awareness, etc.


Workplace Readiness Seminar
Jones Technical Institute also provides a Workplace Readiness Seminar as part of its career services. This seminar teaches students the required soft skills to shift to the workplace environment. These soft skills include the knowledge of work ethics, ability to communicate, time management skills, problem solving skills, customer service, and contribution to improve the work environment. In addition, the seminar gives an overview of the workplace culture, with topics such as professionalism, team building and leadership, organizational and time management skills, employment plan development, internal and external business communication, etc. The employment plan includes the practice of interview techniques, finding appropriate employment opportunities, resume development, and learning the online application process.

J-Tech Institute offers three automotive and diesel technology programs to students in automotive technology, diesel technology, and commercial truck driving.


Automotive Technician & Mechanic Training
In the Automotive Technician & Mechanic Training course, students are provided hands-on training on different vehicles and training equipments in accordance with the latest technology standards. They perform various diagnostic procedures and repairs on such equipments. The program provides Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) based training, so that students can become successful professionals in the automotive repair and maintenance industry. Among others, students are trained on HVAC and electrical, engine performance, steering and suspension, transmission analysis and fixation, brakes, etc. After completing this course, graduates receive an Occupational Associate Degree (OAD) in Automotive Technology.


Diesel Technician & Mechanic Training
The Diesel Technician & Mechanic Training program provides students ASE based skills and training to become a successful diesel technician. In this course, applicants learn to analyze, troubleshoot and restore light, average, and heavy duty trucks, along with diesel engines, steering and suspension, brakes, drive train components (axles and transmissions), electrical and electronic systems, preventive maintenance inspection, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. The skills learnt from this course can be applied to several diesel equipments, such as semi-tractors, heavy-construction equipment, diesel powered automobiles, farm equipment and power generating marine equipment. Upon successful completion of this program, graduates get an Occupational Associate Degree (OAD) in Diesel Technology.


Commercial Truck Driving & CDL Training
The Commercial Truck Driving & CDL Training course is provided in association with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) plan for truck drivers, which encompasses Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) methods. In this program, students learn the basics of CSA scheme that incorporates the (7) Behavior Analysis Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs), which are unsafe driving, driver fitness, fatigued driving, vehicle maintenance, controlled substances and alcohol, crash intervention, and cargo related issues. Students get training in vehicle inspections, backing, basic control skills, cargo security, loss prevention, transportation of dangerous equipment, and defensive driving in adverse weather, and rural and urban traffic. Upon successful completion, graduates can find entry level jobs as a commercial truck driver. They are also prepared to sit for the Class ‘A’ Commercial Driver’s License Examination. All qualified graduates who have Florida Driver’s License can take the third-party CDL testing training.


Besides this, the Commercial Truck Driving & CDL Training program includes an abbreviated Workplace Readiness Seminar, so that students can easily shift to the commercial truck industry. This seminar incorporates an employment plan, which helps students to find appropriate employment opportunities, along with resume development skills, mastering the online application process, and interview techniques.