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  • Air Conditionong, Refrigeration & Electrical
  • Office Administration
  • Instrument & Control Systems Technology
  • Automation & Electronic Systems Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Process Technology
  • Drafting & Design Technology
  • Medical Coding

ITI Technical College


ITI Technical College


Earl J. Martin, Junior founded ITI in 1973. He was very concerned with approaching education with the correct personal interest and philosophy. H wanted his graduates to be successful and job ready. The school was first accredited in 1981, by the Accrediting Commission of the National Association of Trade and Mechanical Schools.


ITI is licensed by the State of Louisiana Board of Regents and approved by the Louisiana State Approval Agency for veterans, as well as the Louisiana Vocational Rehabilitation Division. The school is proud to meet the needs of the Gulf Coast and Louisiana area businesses. It belongs to many prestigious institutes such as the Better Business Bureau, the Louisiana Chemical Association, and the Louisiana Association of Private Colleges & Schools, as well as others. It is also proud of having ITI graduates place nationwide in employment as they fill the ever-increasing demand of trained and highly skilled technicians.


Campus Location

ITI Technical College
13944 Airline Highway
Baton Rouge, LA 70817



Career Center

The online career page offers numerous tools of employment success such as a Getting Started packet, sample thank you notes, a series of interview questions and tips, and many more resources. The page also gives the office hours for the campus center, a page for prospective employers to post openings, and information on externships and internships. The school strongly believes that an excellent technical career will help the student from ITI to obtain a better salary, better job conditions, better self-image, and all around better employment conditions.


Admissions Process and Financial Aid

ITI recommends that you contact a campus representative in order to schedule a tour of the facility. The school is proud of what it offers and wants the prospective students to know of all the opportunities available. There is an online application form at the site. A personal interview is also required for admission. At the time of the interview, such things as goals and financial aid will be discussed. Those who meet all of the ITI admission criteria will make an appointment for an in-depth meeting with the financial aid office if assistance is needed.


The financial webpage is quite detailed and thorough. It states the criteria and information for the Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, the Federal Work-Study Program, Direct Subsidized loans, Direct Unsubsidized loans, and Direct PLUS loans. There is an ITI checklist provided to help with this process.


The school is receptive and honored to offer many options to Veterans of the military. As the current president and owner of ITI, Joe Martin III, believes all United States Veterans should have the opportunity to attend college and pursue the degree or diploma of their choice. Those Veterans may use the following plans to help with their ITI expenses:
• Post 9/11 GI Bill
• Montgomery GI Bill-Active Duty
• Montgomery GI Bill-Selected Reserve
• VA Vocational Rehabilitation
• Reserve Educational Assistance Program
• The Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance Program


Associate in Occupational Studies Degrees


This program has seven hands-on and popular degree choices. Each degree program has different time frames and curriculum. You can discuss your career goals with the ITI College Career Center representative. The programs are:


Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, & Electrical Technology
This is an accelerated program where the students will learn the basics and concepts of refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating equipment. Such studies will include heat transfer, safety, electricity, and refrigerants. The process of learning in enhanced by hands-on lab work taught by experienced professionals in the field.


Office Administration
In this study, the student can chose whether to focus on Business Administration such as a clerk, office assistant, or receptionist, or to focus on Healthcare Administration. If you are good at organizing and love the business world, this may be the program for you.


Instrument & Control Systems Technology
ITI graduates will know how to install, maintain, and troubleshoot various equipment as an entry-level Instrumentation Electrical Technician, Instrument Fitter, Instrumentation Repair/Maintenance Technician, Analyzer Technician, Assistant Instrumentation Designer, or Instrument Sales Representative. Those skills could be implemented in industrial instrumentation, environmental disciplines, instrument sales, or industrial analyzers sectors.


Automation & Electronic Systems Technology
If you are interested in analog, digital electronics, and a focus on microprocessor control, this is the field of study for you. ITI students are instructed in the use of Digital Multimeters (DMMs), oscilloscopes, function generators and logic probes.


Information Technology
This degree program starts with the basics such as the history of technology and then upon graduation the ITI students in this program can begin to work in the Informational Highway field. The hands-on and highly modern lab will be used often in conjunction with classroom lectures. This is a popular field with many job opportunities.


Process Technology
This challenging field of study is heavy on math and electronics. It is endorsed by the North American Process technology Alliance. This field will allow the students to be ready to run industrial process equipment at the entry=level upon their graduation.


Drafting& Design Technology
In this study, the students will pick two specializations. They may select from instrumentation/electrical, civil/structural, piping, or architect. Students will learn CAD and technical writing. All graduates will be familiar with engineering terminology. The program has a math platform and by graduation the students will be skilled in rendering drawings from data interpretation such as notes, field measurements, and existing drawings.


Certificate Programs


ITI has six successful certificate programs. They are:


Air Condition & Electrical Technology
This accelerated program will teach students about refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating equipment and technology. The student will know the basics and be trained in AC load calculations, applications and uses, and repairs from troubleshooting the different systems in the school labs. There is a hands-on laboratory in addition to classroom lectures. The program will help instill a strong foundation in order to be competent in HVAC/R.


Electrical Technology
Electrical Technology provides and instills a firm foundation in the application of basic circuitry used in homes, commercial sites, and modern industrial applications. AC and DC motors, motor controls, switch relay systems, transformers, solid-state logic and control functions, safety practices, the National Electric Code (NEC), blueprint reading and other areas are covered by highly educated and experienced professionals from the field.


Industrial Instrumentation
Industrial Instrumentation certificate students will study instrumentation design and maintenance, calibration, design and production testing and scheduling, automated equipment functions, applications to specific industrial tasks, and report preparation. Upon program completion, ITI graduates will be ready to work as an entry-level technician armed with the talents needed for testing, installing, inspecting, calibration, maintaining, and troubleshooting process-controlled systems. There are vast job offerings in this field such as pulp and paper manufacturing or work at a plant, which specializes in food processing or industrial construction. These jobs usually are found at large industrial or commercial companies and are often plentiful.


Office Administration
If you can multi-task, like the office setting, and tend to be organized, this is the certificate program for you. ITI students will get to know business routines, proper business conduct and etiquette, computer programs and operations, current software techniques, computer applications, and equipment. The jobs for these graduates may be found in professional offices, human resources, law firms, graphic design centers, educational offices, and at many other venues. Many externships are offered in this program in lieu of certain course electives.


Electronic Systems Technology
If you enjoy working with analog and digital equipment, and want to know more about installing, repairing, maintain, and troubleshooting the equipment in these areas, this is the certificate program designed for you. You will work with basic DC electronics, transistors, op-amps, and different circuits. Upon graduation you may want to work in the control or security fields.


Medial Coding
Medical coders need to be aware of an accounting and medical language and terminology, which refers to conditions, insurance charges, payments, and other areas in this field. You will experience hand-son billing and coding using up-to-date computer software. Once you graduate, you will be ready to work at a medical office, hospital, clinic, or other medical facility. This is a fast growing field with many employment opportunities.