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  • Professional Culinary Arts
  • Professoinal Pastry Arts
  • Professional Culinary Arts + Farm-to-Table
  • Italian Culinary Experience
  • Cake Techniques & Design
  • Art of International Bread Baking
  • Intensive Sommelier Training
  • Culinary Entrepreneurship

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International Culinary Center




International Culinary Center’s Mission
Established in 1984 by Dorothy Can Hamilton, the International Culinary Center is a renowned French Culinary training center in the US with over 11 professional kitchens in New York, and 9 in California. It is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) and has also won numerous awards, including the ‘School of Excellence’ Award from IACP Culinary. It offers immersive, fast-track professional programs that range from Culinary and Pastry Arts to Entrepreneurship and Wine Studies.


Campus Locations:
- New York Campus – 462 Broadway New York, NY 10013
- California Campus – 700 West Hamilton Ave. Campbell, CA 95008


The school is a global expert in culinary and wine education and is run by some of the most legendary chefts of the decade, including deans Jacques Pepin, Jacques Torres, and Andre Soltner, with over 15,000+ students having graduated from the school since its inception. All classes offer intensive instruction, and right from the start, students are taught to develop essential techniques through cumulative practice and to cook with professional equipment in accordance with culinary techniques.

Adding to the roster of deans of the school are chefs David Kinch, Emily Luchetti, Alain Sailhac, Cesare Casella, Jose Andres, master sommeliers Scott Carney and Larry Stone, and award-winning journalist Alan Richman. The ICC experience reaches far beyond the kitchen, as ICC's entire faculty work hard towards creating a practical and challenging cooking environment to improve the skills of to-be expert chefs.

Programs Offered by International Culinary Center
- Professional Culinary Arts

- Professional Pastry Arts

- Professional Culinary Arts + Farm-to-Table

- Italian Culinary Experience

- Cake Techniques & Design (NYC only)

- Art of International Bread Baking (NYC only)

- Intensive Sommelier Training

- Culinary Entrepreneurship (NYC only)


Professional Culinary Arts


Earn your Grande Diplome from ththe International Culinary Center. Choose either the 6 month day or 9-14 month evening schedule. During your program you'll learn about culinary techniques, building culinary foundations, buffet, charcuterie and volume cooking. You'll also get a paid externship. Your tuition includes your uniform, books, tool kit and more. Take the first step and request information today.


Professional Pastry Arts


If you have always wanted to become a pastry chef, baker or chocolatier then enroll in the Professional Pastry Arts program at ICC. In as little as 6 months you'll be on your way to making your dreams come true. You'll learn about cookies and food safety, tarts and piec, cakes, petits fours, chocolate and more.


Professional Culinary Arts + Farm-to-Table


You'll take field trips to urban farms and markets as part of your training and learn firsthand what it means to be Farm-to-Table. Tbhis 5 Day program covers sustainable agriculture, soil health and vegetable production, pastured livestock and menus and sourcing.


Italian Culinary Experience


Youll get 7 months of total italian immersion during your Italian Culinary Experience program at ICC. You'll learn about cheeses, stocks and sauces, fish, meats, desserts while in NY then off to Italy where you'll learn about wines, pastry, italian cuisine, cooking practice and recipes. Don't miss your chance to enroll and get a top-rated European restaurant to put on your resume



Intensive Sommelier Training

First to be approved by the Court of Master Sommeliers Americas. In this professional program, ICC helps students learn how to taste and evaluate different bottles from around the world. There are 11 Master Sommeliers on faculty, and more than 300 wines are tasted during the course, culminating with the ability for students to take the Court of Master Sommeliers' Introductory and Certified Sommelier Examinations on-site.

Culinary Entrepreneurship

Designed by leading and renowned academics and entrepreneurs in the culinary world, this program offered by ICC provides students all the vital strategies, tools, and tips they need to launch, define, and assess a new business in the growing food industry. It is taught by professional and renowned world-class institutions, such as Babson College, Cornell University Schol of Hospitality and Blue Hill at Stone Barns, and helps students develop their entrepreneurial acumen. So, whether you dream of becoming a reputable food entrepreneur or restaurateur, this program can help you transform the concept into a business plan within just a few weeks.


Cake Techniques + Design

The demand for sweets is increasing and as cakes are the #1 choice of every household, chefs must also learn about the various baking techniques and design. This is why ICC offers its Cake Techniques + Design program which helps students turn their baking passion into a career of creating different and unique cakes. So, whether you are a pastry chef or a home baker planning to start your own business, Cake Techniques + Design is the perfect way to add another tier to your cake career.

Bread Baking


A chef’s job doesn’t just end with mastering desserts and cuisines. They must also learn about the details which go into professional bread baking. The Bread Baking program offered by ICC helps students learn about and bake a wide range of breads from different origins and regions in the world to make outstanding baked loafs.


Custom Training for Groups

With over 30 years of experience in culinary and pastry cooking, ICC offers custom training for groups to train different staff regarding the best cooking skills and latest kitchen technologies. The teachers place emphasis on team-building and creating an experience which suits the groups’ needs. Classes run anywhere, from a single day to several weeks, depending on the cooking subject a particular group chooses.


School districts, leading supermarket chains, and hospitals to international tourism boards, all turn to ICC for training their employees. All classes are taught with the exacting standards of the school’s career programs and on-site consultation is also available for businesses, helping them improve their cooking skills to cater to customers and clients from all over the world.

Professional Development

ICC doesn’t only aim to train future chefs, but is also committed to keeping today’s professionals updated on the latest and cutting edge tools. The school offers a number of professional development programs which help students improve their cooking skills and develop qualities that are vital for the entry into the restaurant and cooking industry.


Culinary Technology


Your highly experienced instructors will cover using hydrocolloids, spherification, liquid nitrogen, pressure cooking and more. As a student you'll learn how to intensify the visual appeal and flavor of foods by using different foams and air air.



Food Styling + Media

Behind every mouthwatering and hunger-inducing food image is an accomplished food stylist. Therefore, if you are planning to make your dishes look more appealing, this Food Styling course is definitely for you. The program is taught by an experienced food stylist who won ABC’s “The Taste” in its first season and helps students launch their career in cooking and styling. The program involves teaching students the best ways to style plated shots and process shots, choose the best props, and how to work with foods that are notoriously hard to style. Ultimately, it helps students in transforming even the most ordinary dishes into irresistible, media-ready eye candy.




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