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International College of Beauty Arts & Sciences


International College of Beauty Arts & Sciences



About International College of Beauty, Arts & Sciences
The International College of Beauty, Arts & Sciences (ICBAS) offers numerous beauty courses, including cosmetology, esthetician, manicure, make up, barber, etc. It provides both theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on training, so that students can excel in the beauty industry. The institute also offers specialized education for professionals, who want to attain the next level of education in cosmetology.


Campus Location:

5225 West San Fernando Road
Los Angeles, California 90039



International College of Beauty, Arts & Sciences focuses on expert training, with the help of experienced professionals in different fields of cosmetology. The founders of the institute have over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry. They are known across the world for providing outstanding products and education.


The International College of Beauty, Arts & Sciences is credited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences School (NACCAS), It is approved by various renowned agencies like the United Stated Department of Education, California Bureau of Private Post-secondary Education, and the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.


Admission Process
Enrolling into the International College of Beauty, Arts & Sciences is easy and quick. There are a few simple steps through which you can get admission into this academy.

• Visit the ICBAS campus: First go and take a tour of ICBAS campus. Talk to their current students and get to know more about the academy. Observe the classes and look how the instructors teach.

• Fill up the admission form: You can fill up their admission application, either online by visiting their website, or you can may go to their campus during business hours and fill up the admission form in person.

• Personal interview with an admission counselor: After submitting your admission application, your appointment will be fixed with one of their admission counselors. They will clear all your course-related queries and will assist you in choosing the best suitable course for you.

• Financial assistance: If you need, you can fill up their Financial Aid form, and ask about the different methods to fund your education.

• Complete the Enrollment Agreement: This is the last step in your admission process, which requires you to fill up the Enrollment Agreement.


Financial Aid
The International College of Beauty, Arts & Sciences provides financial assistance to its students through several title IV financial aid programs, including direct lending program, federal Pell grant, federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS), and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG). Additionally, ICBAS offers installment plans to applicants, who are not able to fulfill the federal assistance eligibility conditions.


ICBAS is equipped with state-of-the-art facility and qualified instructors. The faculty guides and assists the students in every step of their beauty career. The institute provides a multitude of career services, which help students to find the right job. These include searching for job, resume writing, obtaining recommendation letter, etc. Moreover, students of the International College of Beauty, Arts & Sciences enjoy a long-term membership of the famous ICBAS International Club Beauty that provides information and discounts for attending industry trade shows, invitations to their educational sessions, and a monthly newsletter subscription that gives updates about the latest Beauty Biz.


Cosmetology Program

In the Cosmetology course, students learn about hairdressing, precision hair cutting, coloring, and permanent waving. All these areas are taught in an actual salon setting. The program comprises of lectures, participation, demonstrations, and examinations. Among these, students also get clinical or theoretical practice. This course prepares students to sit for the State Board Examination.


Esthetician Training Program

In the Esthetician program, students learn to utilize the latest facial equipment and conduct accurate skin care treatments and skin analysis for different skin types. The course includes practical application techniques of anatomy, chemical peels, facials, makeup, false eyelashes, waxing, and eyebrow shaping. All these topics are taught in a real spa setting. The curriculum comprises of both clinical and theoretical knowledge.


Manicuring Program

The Manicuring program teaches students advanced spa pedicure and manicure techniques. It provides basic knowledge about water and oil manicures, nail repairs, pedicures, nail enhancements (wraps, acrylics and gels), as per the health, sanitation, and safety regulations. Additionally, the course includes various techniques of massaging hands, arms, ankles and feet. It comprises of technical as well as practical instructions.


Advanced Makeup Courses

ICBAS offers several advanced makeup courses, which include topics such as the theory of makeup, skin care, types of faces, natural, evening and bridal makeup, eye brow arching, camouflage and stage make up, eye lash extension application, etc. Students can choose between different week programs and obtain a California State approved College Certificate. After successfully completing these courses, students can work in beauty salons, photo and make up studios, and TV and movie industry. The 5 advanced makeup programs are:

(a) 3 weeks pro Makeup Artistry evening classes
(b) 1 week pro class
(c) 7 weeks pro Makeup Artistry
(d) 2 days Airbrush classes
(e) 2-day intensive hands-on workshop


Barbering Program

The Barbering course teaches students about hair styling, coloring, shaving, permanent waving, precision haircutting and lots more. The program comprises of technical and hands-on training. After successfully completing the Barbering course, students can take the State Board Examination.


II. Advanced/post graduate classes
The advanced or post graduate programs can change according to the time requirements. They are offered at different intervals and are subject to occupancy of seats.


III. Medi Estheticque Certification Program
The International College of Beauty, Arts & Sciences provides a Medi Estheticque Certification Program that prepares students to become a professional esthetician. It includes the use of modern facial equipments to conduct accurate skin analysis and skin care treatments for varied skin types.


IV. Modeling and acting
ICBAS offers modeling and acting courses too.