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If someone asked you to describe yourself you would say that you are technologically savvy and able to create phenomenal graphic designs. Maybe you would also say that you enjoy a challenge and want to spend your days doing what you love and what you have a knack for. It definitely sounds like you should go for it, and pursue a career as a multimedia specialist. This career path will allow you to design and create interactive media using the computer and to put to good use your graphic design skills. Of course, due to the nature of this career, you will need to be prepared to primarily work in the production end of this industry. Don’t wait another minute, let InterCoast Colleges get you started today!


In your position as a multimedia specialist you will spend your days creating a wide range of items; from CD-ROMs all the way to online resources for learning and everything in between. Depending upon your avenue of employment you may also be responsible for creating web-based applications or video productions. Regardless of which type of items you will be expected to create, your significant technical training is sure to make this your cup of tea. No matter the type of content you are designing and creating, it will have some interactive component contained within it. There are many choices for employment; you could work in the entertainment industry, in the public service sector, or in a technology related field.

InterCoast’ Multimedia Specialist (Graphic Design) Training Program is offered at the some of their california campus locations


Of course, your specific job requirements will vary some depending on where you become employed. However, you should expect to spend your days meeting with clients to determine the needs of a project and the intended outcome, creating a developmental team that appropriately fits a specific project, and testing and adjusting the project until it is ideal. In your capacity as a multimedia specialist it will be important that you can motivate your team, communicate appropriately with all involved persons, and manage the project effectively. Keep in mind, as a multimedia specialist you could be creating promotional materials for a particular company, computer games for entertainment or instructional reasons, interactive marketing materials for a specific brand or product, or training materials for business applications or personal applications.


While there are many different tasks that you may face in this profession, it is likely that you will need a similar set of skills regardless of your employment position. For instance, you will need to be well-versed and comfortable using HTML and CSS design, Adobe products, and Apple programs. This exciting profession is just waiting for you to join in; the rewards from your expertise will be easily visible as you create dynamic multimedia items.


Requesting information is easy from InterCoast College. Learn more about the program as well as what financial assistance is available. Get started on your new and exciting career.