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The fitness specialist program will properly prepare students to work with clients in a gym, group setting or even at their home. You’ll learn how to assess the clients’ physical fitness levels and set goals for them to reach over a period of time. You’ll learn how to teach and demonstrate exercise techniques to the clients to help them improve their physical fitness.


So What Do Fitness Trainers Do


Most fitness trainers work at health clubs, gyms and recreation facilities. Some find employment at hospitals, universities and resorts. When you graduate from InterCoast you’ll have the experience to work as a fitness worker, personal trainer, fitness director and even group exercise instructor. Many teach classes such as Pilates and Yoga. Get the training you need to motivate others and help them with their strength training.


Most trainers end up demonstrating how to carry out various exercise routines. You’ll watch how the client exercises and improve upon their techniques. You’ll also offer up advice on new alternative exercise techniques they can do to minimize their injury and improve their overall fitness level. You’ll learn during your InterCoast fitness specialist training program how to show your client how to use the exercise equipment as well as give clients information on nutrition and weight control including lifestyle changes.


Did you know that employment of fitness trainers and instructors is expected to grow by 24% from 2010 to 2020? This is a great opportunity for you to get started now.


Popular Types of Fitness Trainers and Instructors:



Personal Fitness Trainers: You can work a single client or a small group. You may train the client(s) in a gym or at the clients’ homes.


Group Fitness Instructors: You will be responsible for organizing and lead group exercise sessions, which can include aerobic exercise, stretching, muscle conditioning, or meditation. Some classes are set to music. In these classes, instructors may select the music and choreograph an exercise sequence.


Specialized Fitness Instructors: You will teach popular conditioning methods such as Pilates or yoga. In these classes, instructors show the different moves and positions of the particular method. They also watch students and correct those who are doing the exercises improperly.


Fitness Directors:You will oversee the fitness-related aspects of a gym or other type of health club. They often handle administrative duties, such as scheduling personal training sessions for clients or creating workout incentive programs. They often select and order fitness equipment for their facility.