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Computerized accounting is the term used to refer to the use of business and computer software as a means of collecting, organizing, processing, and summarizing a business’s data. Let InterCoast offer you’re the training you need to be successful in this career. This method of accounting allows a business to operate more efficiently, to better organize their data, and to produce statements and reports that depict certain parts of the business’s finances. For instance, computer software can make it very easy to produce reports that show how much income a company brought in during a particular time period.


Computerized accounting makes it possible for financial information to be entered more accurately. In addition, data that has been entered can be adjusted and edited as necessary. Most computer software programs will provide a general setup that supplies categories with which to organize your entries. However, if the predetermined categories do not work for you, it is quite easy to adjust these or to add additional categories that will better suit your needs. These categories are often used by businesses as a means of monitoring the transactions their business is conducting. Furthermore, the system of computerized accounting makes it possible for companies to make management decisions in a more timely manner, which ultimately makes the company more effectively managed.


For example, if the manager would like to review how much money has been paid out during the first half of the month for labor expenses, a simple report that specifically shows this can be printed out in just a matter of minutes. This allows the management to adjust certain expenditures as necessary before the month is over. Perhaps an even better tool of computerized accounting is the ability to gauge and analyze a trend that is occurring in relation to your finances. For instance, computerized accounting makes it possible for you to look at your expenses and income for one part of one year and compare it to the same part of another year. This creates the opportunity for management to not repeat poor management decisions again and again.


For many companies, computerized accounting makes it possible for individuals to enter an item once and it be used in a variety of places. For example, when a particular item is purchased it is possible for the computer software to record the purchase in the financial ledger in an appropriate category, to deduct the item from the company’s inventory, to generate a bill or statement if necessary, and to appropriately reflect the purchase in accounts receivable.


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- HVAC Technician - Massage Therapy

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