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Have you obtained your certificate in business administrative technology? Are you now geared up and ready to pursue your employment options? Are you preparing for your job search by doing your homework to discover all of your options that are now available to you? Well, look no further; your training and knowledge in business and technology related fields will have you gainfully employed in no time! Get started with InterCoast College today!


Your education can make it possible for you to work as a database administrator. In this occupation you will configure and manage computer databases, create user accounts for individuals, create back-ups for data by using storage devices, and implementing security measures to protect the system from unauthorized users. Should you become employed as a network administrator you will primarily spend your time managing computer networks. In addition, you will be responsible for installing software programs, ensuring that the network is working properly, and creating user accounts. When the network experiences problems, the network administrator will be responsible for repairing the issue as quickly as possible. Often, a network administrator will create a secondary network that can be used in a time of need should the primary network malfunction.


Keep in mind, the world of internet and e-commerce continues to grow and create data that must be managed, organized, and stored. This career field is sure to continue to grow, which will ensure job stability as well as increased job opportunities.


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Campus Locations:


- Carson, CA 

- Riverside, CA

- Anaheim, CA

- West Covina, CA

- Fairfield, CA

- Rancho Cordova, CA

- Online

Programs Offered:


- HVAC Technician - Massage Therapy

- Electrical Training Program - Medical Assistant

- Alcohol and Drug Counseling - Pharmacy Technician

- Dental Assistant

- Fitness Specialist - Mental Health Rehabilitation

- Paralegal Specialist - Computerized Accounting