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Are you thinking that becoming a counselor for individuals who are addicted to drugs and alcohol would be an ideal career path for you? Do you feel that you can be patient while still maintaining a firm hand as you work to get these individuals back on the right lifestyle track? Continue reading to learn what you need to know about this career path that you are considering. The better you learn what there is to know about a particular profession, the easier you can make an informed decision. Let InterCoast College get you started down the right career track!


Excessive use of drugs and/or alcohol can lead to an individual having emotional problems, mental problems, and psychological issues; a substance abuse counselor is the go-to person who helps put the pieces of an individual’s life back together. While this challenging career is just that, it can also be very rewarding when your patients make great strides in the right direction. However, it will be important that you are consistently available to each of your patients so that in times of need they do not make the wrong decision and travel back down that destructive path again.


InterCoast College Campus Locations that Offer the Alcohol and Drug Counseling Program:

  • Carson, CA
  • Rancho Cordova, CA
  • Fairfield, CA
  • Anaheim, CA
  • Riverside, CA
  • West Covina, CA

As a substance abuse counselor you will need to be comfortable conducting one-on-one therapy sessions with your patients, as well as group therapy sessions with several individuals who are experiencing similar difficulties. It will be important that your patients learn how to communicate effectively regarding their illness and that they can begin to develop beneficial ways to work through their emotions. In your capacity as a counselor it may also be required for you to work with individuals who are dealing with substance abuse problems in conjunction with mental illness issues. You may also be required to contact various agencies on behalf of your patient, such as housing agencies, food banks, or doctor’s offices.


As a part of your job responsibilities you should also expect to make crisis intervention phone calls to your patients. These calls often serve as a lifeline to a substance abuse counselor’s patients. The daily work that is performed by substance abuse counselors helps to contribute to a community’s safety and strength. It also contributes to the family makeup that a particular community is created of. Due to the fact that addictive behaviors have been known to be passed on to subsequent generations, a substance abuse counselor’s work can ultimately influence how a particular community functions. This challenging, yet rewarding, occupation is definitely not for the weak at heart. While patience is of utmost importance, you will also need to exhibit compassion, sensitivity, and blunt communication tactics to succeed in this career.


Request information from InterCoast College today and talk to someone about getting started with your education in this exciting and rewarding career. Choose from any InterCoast College campus locations in California, or choose to take the program online.


Campus Locations:


- Carson, CA 

- Riverside, CA

- Anaheim, CA

- West Covina, CA

- Fairfield, CA

- Rancho Cordova, CA

- Online

Programs Offered:


- HVAC Technician - Massage Therapy

- Electrical Training Program - Medical Assistant

- Alcohol and Drug Counseling - Pharmacy Technician

- Dental Assistant

- Fitness Specialist - Mental Health Rehabilitation

- Paralegal Specialist - Computerized Accounting