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The Institute of Technology would like to help you with your career training. There are four different campuses, with both California and Oregon being technical college campuses. The career focused classes and programs, combined with experienced hands-on instruction will help you to achieve your career goals before you know it. The Institute of Technology will give you an advanced education in the field of your choice, help you with career preparation, hold small classes, and provide state-of-the art facilities to use as you work on your desired program.


Career Services

At the Institute of Technology, you will be able to use their career placement services. These services will help soon to be graduates with career moves such as finding a job, writing a resume, attending job fairs, writing a cover letter, and practicing job interviews.


The Institute of Technology at the Redding campus has a Coordinator and Career Services Guru to help you. This person will help you with making first impressions, learning job responsibilities, and knowing what to say at important interviews. You may use the services of the job Guru as you need and as you prepare to enter the job force. The job coordinator will also help you to find connections in the community that will further help you with job placement.



Enrollment Process and Financial Aid
IOT has an enrollment program that is attractive to many people. The school website has a link that will allow you to fill out a contact form. The school will then take your information, contact you, set up an appointment, discuss career goals, and then look at financial aid options for you. Before you know it you will be a registered student.


Campus Locations:

Institute of Technology – Clovis
564 W. Herndon Avenue
Clovis, CA 93612


Institute of Technology – Modesto
5601 Stoddard Road
Modesto, CA 95356


Institute of Technology – Redding
1755 Hilltop Drive
Redding, CA 96002


Institute of Technology – Salem
4700 Silverton Road Northeast
Salem, OR 97305


All new and qualifying students are eligible to apply for scholarship opportunities in their field of interest. IOT wants to make sure that you know all the financial options available to you, and suggests you meet with an on-site financial aid officer if you have further questions. Scholarships are available to students interested in the following career fields:

- Culinary Program
- Medical Program
- Nursing Program
- Criminal Justice Program
- Business Program
- Technical Program


You will need to follow these steps in order to apply for one of these scholarships:

1. Complete the application
2. Write a 250-500 word essay on your financial needs
3. Provide two letters of recommendation
4. Submit all materials to the executive assistant at the campus you wish to attend

Additionally, IOT offers tuition assistance to the military. One of the programs offered are the Post 9-11 GI Bill. This program, also called The Yellow Ribbon, lets degree-granting schools of higher learning assist with tuition funding and fees that go over the highest in-state public undergraduate tuition rate. If you think you need this assistance, contact one of the IOT financial officers, as they are all trained to assist the military with their tuition and fee concerns.


Culinary Program
The IOT Culinary Program is considered to be an Exemplary Culinary Program. Exemplary schools symbolize the highest and best educational standards currently recognized by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission (ACFEFAC). The prestigious award is given only to programs that show steady agreement with all ACFEFAC accreditation requirements in the last two visitor team reports and documentation. You may study any of these three programs:

- Baking and Pastry Specialist
- Culinary Arts Profession
- Culinary Arts Specialist


Technical Program
The Technical Program is an accelerated degree platform. It does offer tutoring services if needed. You will learn from experienced instructors, and can study in one of the three arenas:

- Microsoft Systems and Security Analyst
- Industrial Maintenance and Automated Technology
- Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)


Medical Training Program
The Medical Program is one of the largest at IOT. The school is proud to offer a variety of degrees and diplomas in the critical medical profession. You will get hands on instruction and learn from licensed and experienced instructors.


The Medical Program does offer some accelerated programs. There is an even balance between laboratory and classroom work. Not all programs are offered at all four campuses. The offerings are broken down by the state the campus is in and the programs are:


Business Program
If you enjoy multi-tasking, acting in collaboration, supporting others, and working in an office atmosphere, this may be the program for you to study. There are accelerated Business Programs, as well as regular paced one. The faculty is well connected to local professionals and they use those connections for future job references and opportunities. All of the latest computer programs and software are implemented and taught by experienced staff members. There is a tutoring system in the Business Program. You can study:

- Accounting
- Administrative Office Professional
- Computerized Accounting
- Human Resource Administrator


Criminal Justice Program
The Criminology and Emergency Response Management program is one of the most popular on campus. It is recognized as the only program in California to train you in the five important field areas. You will actually use equipment that official law enforcement officers and agencies use daily. You can work at an accelerate pace, use the tutoring services, learn from experienced instructors who have worked in the field, and become knowledgeable with defense tactics, emergency response methods, and weapons training. In this program you know you are training to make a difference.