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In six to eight months time, you can attend the Institute of Culinary Education, ICE, and change your life. You can take classes in Culinary Arts, Pastry & Baking Arts, Culinary Management, and Hospitality Management. The school has a 45,000 square foot professional facility in which you can work with famous chefs and instructors in order to help you obtain your degree in the program of your choice. ICE’s location in New York City will help you to be introduced to some of the world's most famous chefs and restaurants. The school is located in Manhattan and the diploma programs provide you with extensive coursework, internships, externships, job placement, innovative electives and hands-on training.


Campus location
The Institute of Culinary Education
225 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10281



Career Services
The Institute of Culinary Education prides itself on having an extensive and large Career Service Department in New York City. The advisors give students personal mentoring and professional help. In addition to ICE’s large network of contacts, the Center wants to give the best opportunities to their graduates. The Institute of Culinary Education holds an annual Career Fair in which students may learn about externship placements, as well as future job opportunities in the culinary career field.


To further increase the chances of desirable employment, ICE has a job bank listed at the website. There will also be career sessions where you will learn resume writing, interview skills, and other professional development talents. As graduation approaches, ICE will encourage you to use the databases of current employees in the food industry. Lastly, you can sign up to receive their weekly job listing email.


Enrollment Process and Financial Aid
ICE encourages you to call the school to set up an admissions appointment to begin the enrollment process. At that appointment, you can learn about the different programs, career options, and financial aid. It is strongly recommend that you take an extensive tour of the campus, too. You can apply online by creating an account at the website. You can also request an information packet at the school website.


If you are a member of the military, ICE welcomes you to their school. The office of the Financial Aid will make sure that they work with you 6 days a week to help you get the right benefits. These benefits would be available to veterans, service members who are an active duty, reserve members, National Guard members, and other military personnel who qualify for veteran’s affair monies. You may also be qualified for additional ICE scholarships, which are available to some students. In addition to military benefits and ICE scholarships, there are also private student loans such as a New Jersey class loan. If you meet the criteria for any federal, state, or private aid, the school would welcome you to use those funds for your tuition and educational needs.


In order for the school to help you with your financial needs, you would want to contact the Financial Aid office. The school wishes to make sure that you get what you need and are entitled to in order to attend their Culinary Program.


Culinary Arts Program

The Culinary Arts Program is recognized as one of the top programs in the nation. The comprehensive curriculum is formed to teach you how to cook through speed technique, theory, palate training, and teamwork. There will be no more than 16 students in your classroom. So you will get hands-on attention on a daily basis. The culinary instructors will start with your basic palate training. Each class in the program will teach you a new skill. These skills will give you a strong foundation for a career in the culinary arts. The entire program is divided into five modules. In each of the classes in the five modules , you will have 4 different chefs who act as instructors. You will always be learning from the experts. After around 450 hours of class work, you will then participate in an externship program. With this program you will work in a restaurant, hotel, kitchen of a caterer, or some other culinary facility. You will work to use the skills that you have learned in the classroom in a professional setting.


Pastry and Baking Arts Program

The Institute of Culinary Education has one of the finest schools of Pastry and Baking Arts in the United States. You will learn an amazing amount of skills and
knowledge in the industry. ICE graduates will come in to help you learn the craft of pastry making. Some of these graduates have gone on to win national awards, work on television shows, write for cookbooks, and contribute to food industry magazines.


The curriculum of the pastry and baking arts program has a strong foundation on theory. You will start with working with chocolate and then move your way to key ratios and methods. Eventually you will be creating your own recipes and your own formulas. There will never be more than 16 students in your classroom. You would be taught by experts in the field, as well as, by Institute of Culinary Education graduates.


Culinary Management Program

If you enjoy cooking and baking, but would like to play a role in the management or ownership sector of the program then this is the study for you. As a Culinary Management Program student, you will have the opportunity to study with instructors who have opened their own businesses, food shops, and restaurants in New York City and all over the world. The hands-on consultants will pass on to you their experiences, their suggestions, and their vast knowledge. They will teach you how to take your business and have it grow properly while catering to your customers. Through case studies, group projects, some role-playing, and other hands-on activities the school will educate you to make good decisions for your business and your business’ growth.


Hospitality Management Program

At The School of Hospitality Management program, you will learn the tourism, hotel, and travel business. This training may lead to jobs in conference centers, community centers, tourist attractions, resorts, spas, cruise ships, and hotels. These jobs can be found worldwide. ICE instructors are experts who have worked in the field and are now willing to bring their experience to the Institute of Culinary Education School of Hospitality Management program.