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Independence University, established in 1891 in Salt Lake City is one of the oldest non-profit universities in the entire continent. Not only that, it has a reputation of being the centre for excellence producing successful candidates with each passing year. It is one of the most sought after colleges for the students who want to shape and build a good career for themselves. With a powerhouse of some talented academicians and professionals, Independence University has been successful in its mission ever since its inception.


Independence University is set up on the mission of training the students for better career and employment. The programs and the courses designed by the university completely focussed on being career-oriented. Added to that, the University is well linked with some of the reputed business establishments as a result of which the students can readily learn the necessary skills required by the immediate job environment. The course is designed in such a manner so that the student doesn’t have to wait much getting a job of their choice.

Independence University offers online programs of studies in four fields which include- Business, Information Technology, Healthcare and Graphic Arts. These are the fields in which students seem to be most interested and that is why the university is focussed on these fields of studies. Along with the general Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, the University also offers Associate Programs.
The Bachelor’s Degree program includes:

- Accounting-

- Business Administration
- Business Administration with an emphasis on Human Resource Management
- Computer Science with a specialization in Hardware and Networking
- Computer Science with a specialization in Software and Mobile Application
- Graphic Arts
- Graphic Arts with Information Design System
- Health Services
- Health Information Management
- Nursing
- Web design

All the undergraduate courses have tenure of three years and involve extensive course work
The Master’s degree program includes:
- Master in Healthcare Administration
- Master in Healthcare Informatics
- Master of Business Administration
- Masters of Public Health
- Nursing Administration

Along with that, the University offers an Associate program in the following fields.
- Business Management and Accounting (BMA)
- BMA with an emphasis on Retail Sales Management, Event Planning and Asset Management

- Medical Specialities
- Graphic Arts

The Fields at a glance:


Students who are interested in helping and serving other people can enroll themselves in the field of the healthcare.

• The Health Service Management is dedicated to managing operations and other tasks in a healthcare clinic to promote safety and care of the patients. Here the students are taught fundamentals of computer, health communication, and pharmacy.
• The Masters in Healthcare Administration teaches how to take full charge of hospitals and their administrations. In addition to that, managing the budget, faculty maintenance and welfare of the patients fall under this specialized branch.
• The Nursing Administration is dedicated to training the students in the nursing and care of the patients. The aspirants are trained in quality management, outcomes assessment, and health services marketing.
• The Masters of Public Health is dedicated to the training and teaching of maintaining healthcare on a larger scale in a wide variety of organizations.
The Independence University’s Healthcare Department is linked to 360 clinical sites. Moreover, there are more than 75 program advisory committees who ensure that the degree conferred is legitimate and accepted nationwide.


The Business Studies Department under the Institute is specially designed for the all-round development of the students to develop managerial skills and business potentials in the students.
• The Business Management and Accounting with emphasis on Asset Management teach the student on how to manage and monitor the area of fixed assets in large and small companies.
• The Business Management and Accounting with emphasis on Event Management help the students manage the business in the world of entertainment and event management.
• Accounting helps the students to gather knowledge of accounting and management skills.
• There is a special paper of Accounting with an emphasis on Foreign Account.
• Business Administration equips the students with the various skills and strategies required for working in a top managerial position within an organization.
• Human Resource Management teaches the students to efficiently manage the human resources within an organization.
• The MBA degree conferred by the Institute equips the students with knowledge and skills required to become an effective business manager and leader.
The Business Studies Department has partnerships with the world’s some of the reputed organizations like Walmart, CLEARLINK ™, Convergys®, Guitar Center® and much more.

The School of Technology at the Independent University trains you with skills adequate to build a high-tech career.
• The Health Information Management helps the student learn the basics of keeping digital health records in the healthcare industry.
• Bachelor in Computer Science with specialization in Networking and Information Systems teaches the students to keep the information systems within an organization safe and secure.

The Technology Department at the University teaches the students to design web-based programs, create and install software along with tricks and techniques to secure it from cyber attacks.


Graphic Arts
Students who want to make it big in the world of graphic design can pursue this course. The School of Graphic Design not only teaches you the tactics of graphic designing but also the ways and strategies required to win over people in the advertising and business world.
• The Associate’s Degrees offered in Graphic Arts provides the basic concepts of graphic designing with the help of the important and fundamental tools.
• The Bachelor’s Degrees in Graphic Arts teaches the students about the contemporary theories and practices related to graphic design.
• The Graphic Arts program with an emphasis on Information Design will let the students present information in an interesting and engaging way.
• The Web Design and Development consists of front-end web design and back-end web development.
The Graphic Design students will receive the tools and equipment required for learning the basic designs along with a tablet containing the study materials.
All the courses are available strictly in online mode.

Financial Aid:
Independence University has well-detailed information about tuition and fees. Students are spared from paying extra money for buying textbooks. In fact, the university will provide them with a new tablet and laptop containing all the course materials.

There are a number of financial aids and grants available for the students. A student needs to have the eligibility to have access to these grants. The four main sources of financial aid available to the university include Federal, State, Institutional, and Private. A student must go to the university website to check the details of these grants.

Students can also take help of the scholarships available to the university. They have to take an assessment taste to see whether they qualify for the scholarship program or not.

In order to know more about the aids and grants program offered by the Independence University, a student must go to the website and check out more about them before applying for their chosen degree.

So don’t lose the opportunity to shape your shining career with Independence University. Enroll at the earliest and get the best out of our team of teaching professionals.