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  • Business and Accounting Degree
  • Computer Support Degree
  • Cosmetology Diploma
  • Dental Administration Degree
  • Dental Assisting Diploma
  • Expanded Duty Dental Asst. Cert
  • Esthetician Certificate
  • Hairstyling Certificate
  • Medical Assisting Degree
  • Medical Assisting Diploma
  • Medical Billing and Coding Degree or Diploma
  • Medical Laboratory Tech. Degree
  • Nail Technician Certificate
  • Paralegal Certificate or Degree
  • Personal Training Degree or Diploma
  • Therapeutic Massage Degree

IBMC College


IBMC College



If you’re looking to start a career in business or anything in the medical-related field, IBMC is the perfect place for you. Wholeheartedly dedicated to helping you succeed, they offer training in the career you would like to pursue and will give you the head-start in the industry.


Courses at IBMC last between 6 and 23 months and are guaranteed to give you the experience you really need. They are perfect for getting you hands-on experience and will have a course that is perfect for your interests and goals. The student body is huge and diverse and you will (without a doubt) meet new people and develop new friendships.


The IBMC experience is something you can’t trade. It is a completely unique experience and will get you the qualifications you need in order to accelerate your career.


Healthcare Programs
The programs offered by IBMC are completely career related and will help to give you the first-hand practical training that is directly relevant to you.


Within the healthcare programs, there are a variety of degrees or diplomas that you could go into. All of the courses are directly sculptured around getting you the experience in the healthcare field that you really need, and that will help you progress or start off your career.


Healthcare programs include Medical Assisting (Diploma or Degree), Expanded Duties Dental Assisting Certificate, Dental Office Administration Degree, Dental Assisting Diploma, Medical Billing & Coding (both Diploma and Degree), and finally Medical Laboratory Technician Degree. More information on these courses can be found on the IMBC website under ‘Healthcare Programs.


At IBMC, they are completely devoted to helping you succeed. With their high-reputation Cosmetology programs, you can actually experience the work and get a hands-on experience.


Cosmetology is perfect for those who are artistic, creative, and love hairstyling, facials, manicures, pedicures and loads more!

Programs you can choose include Cosmetology Diploma (Colorado and Wyoming); Hairstyling Certificate (Colorado and Wyoming); Esthetician Certificate (Colorado and Wyoming); Nail Technician Certificate (Colorado and Wyoming); and finally, Cosmetology Student Instructor Certificate (only available at the Cheyenne campus). More information on these courses at IBMC can be found on their website, under ‘Cosmetology.


Working with IBMC, you can get your degree in 12-19 months in any of these fields. You will be prepared to work in these careers and will have a lot of experience to kick-start your career and give you more of an edge to employers.


At IBMC, you can study Business & Accounting, which would be as a Business Administration & Accounting Degree. You could also study Computer Technology, which is very important in today’s society – there are many job opportunities in this field. This comes as a Computer Support Specialist Degree. Lastly, you can choose to study Paralegal Studies, which can be in either a certificate or a degree.

To find more information on these programs, you should go to the IBMC homepage and see ‘Business/IT/Legal.


In a society that cares about their teeth, dental work is a growing field and is always employing. If you have an interest in dentistry, you will find these programs very interesting (along with the career it might take you to). You will be able to work alongside real life dentists, and you will be able to have hands-on experience which will truly prepare you for the world of work in the dental industry.


After completing this course, you will feel a strong sense of achievement and will feel like you have extended knowledge that is actually important in society.

The programs IBMC offers include Expanded Duty Dental Assisting, Dental Assisting Diploma, and Dental Office Administration Degree.


To find further information on programs you may be interested in, go to the ‘Dental’ link on the homepage of the IBMC website.


Massage Therapy
IBMC is one of the best places for studying massage therapy programs. It provides you with experience you are unlikely to get anywhere else – real-life hands-on experiences that will be useful to you in deciding your career direction and actually landing yourself a job.


The programs offered at IBMC are just Therapeutic Massage in either a Diploma or a Degree. If you would like more information on these programs, go to the ‘Massage’ link on the homepage of the IBMC website.


Personal Training
Personal training is a growing part of today’s society, where everyone is conscious about their health and the way they look. This means that the program will definitely not be a waste of time and whether you go on to work with an organization, or you decide to stand alone in your Personal Training career, there will always be work for you.


You will be able to feel proud knowing you can help people with their health goals and at IBMC you will be trained in the classroom and real life situations, giving you the experience before you go out alone into the industry.


The programs you can take at IBMC are Personal Training as either a Degree or a Diploma, and you will be able to finish your program in just 15-19 months.


Student Financial Services
At IBMC, they understand that people have issues with their money and may feel like they can’t afford career training. Because of this, IBMC offers financial support services to its students.


One option for financial support is the ‘Interest-Free Payment Plan – this means that students can pay in cash for their program expenses, and they will not have to pay interest on their payment. Also, a 5% discount is given to any students that would like to pay for the whole of the program all in one go.


Another program is the Federal Pell Grant. All you have to do for this is complete a FAFSA and actually need financial help. The Federal Pell Grant does not usually need to be paid back and is given to you based on your Expected Family Contribution.


Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) is another program offered by IBMC. To get this, you must have a Federal Pell Grant, and you must really need the money. Again, the grant does not usually need to be paid back. However the program has limited funding, meaning you may only get about $100.

Across IBMC there are other financial aid services that you can access, to see all of these in full you must visit the IBMC website and go to the Student Financial Services page.


Visiting IBMC
You can always come into IBMC and have a look around. You can also make an appointment, and someone from the College will explain to you everything you need to know and will answer any questions you may have. You can see the classrooms and any specialized equipment, and you can bring whoever you like along with you.

You are always welcome at IBMC, and they would love for you to stop by.


Campus Locations:
3842 South Mason St.
Fort Collins, CO 80525


2315 North Main St.
Longmont, CO 80501


2863 35th Avenue
Greeley, CO 80634


1854 Dell Range Blvd.
Cheyenne, WY 82009


6805 Corporate Drive, Suite 100
Colorado Springs, CO 80919