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HoHoKus School of Trade & Technical Sciences


HoHoKus School of Trade and Technical Sciences


Career Services
The HoHoKus School of Trade and Technical Sciences is very well-known in New Jersey for its smart and competent graduates who have all the right skills required for the job at hand. With a strong Career Development department which aims at assisting graduates in getting placements, this institution does everything that is possible to help graduates kick-start their careers. Some of the main tasks that the Career Development Department contends with are career counseling for graduates, resume reviews to ensure perfect resumes and holding a professional development course which is aimed at helping grads in kick-starting their careers in the right niche.


Apart from these, the Career Development department also aids in placement by arranging interviews for graduates, a fact which works out well for both the graduate as well as prospective employers since neither have to pay a fee for the service. HoHoKus School of Trade and Technical Sciences is very well-known, which is why graduates of this institute are manage to land jobs quite fast, especially if they have good grades and have perfected the right vocational skills.


Campus Locations:

10 South Franklin Tpk,
Ramsey, NJ

250 Moore Street,
Hackensack, NJ 07601

103 Park Avenue,
Nutley NJ 07110

634 Market Street,
Paterson, NJ 07513



Enrolment and Financial Aid
Enrolment at the HoHoKus School of Trade and Technical Sciences is an easy process which is facilitated by the institute’s Admissions Team. The Admissions Team is there all the way to help individuals decide the program that will fit them best by performing a brief introduction of each of the programs offered. Following this, an admissions representative will take you on a personal tour of the facilities so you can meet the instructors first-hand and check out the campus. This will help you decide if the HoHoKus School of Trade and Technical Sciences is the right fit for you. Once you’ve decided this, then the rest of the admissions process will be a breeze. All you need to do is head to their website and apply directly for the program of your choice.


Plumber Apprenticeship

The Plumber Apprenticeship at the HoHoKus School of Trade and Technical Sciences is an in-depth program that focuses on all elements of the plumbing trade. With a growing need for plumbers in the United States, HoHoKus aims to equip their graduates in this program with the best skills required for a growing career trajectory. Some of the main points of focus within this program are the repair of water supply pipes, the installation of a water supply system and the installation, repair and troubleshooting of vent piping, waste piping and fuel-fired heating systems in building of residence.


If you’re doing a Plumbing Apprenticeship, you’re likely to get an entry-level job in plumbing at a private construction firm or a company that specializes in Plumbing. Also, graduates who have done this program at HoHoKus are quite in demand, so you can opt to get some experience with another plumber and then start your own freelance small business.


Electrician Apprenticeship

The Electrician Apprenticeship Program at HoHoKus is famed for being among the best in the state of New Jersey. The program offers a mix of theoretical study and practical demonstrations and training that focus on installation, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting on electrical wiring systems and infrastructures that work towards supplying electric power to refrigeration units, HVAC units, lighting systems and more.

An Electrician Apprenticeship program from this institute is the perfect way to kick-start your career in the construction and maintenance industry, with the skill-sets you’ll get from HoHoKus boosting your confidence and success in this field. So if you’ve always loved tinkering with systems and doing DIY projects at home, this might be the perfect career fit for you.

Structural Plate Welding

The Structural Plate Welding Program at HoHoKus School of Trade and Technical Sciences takes an in-depth look into the craft of welding. While most people look into welding as just a means of joining two metals together, it’s definitely more than that. Structural Plate Welding is a craft that needs to be perfected for preciseness, structural strength and safety; all of which are factors that can lead to failure of vital metal joints if not achieved.

The program is an amalgamation of the theory of welding principles with hands-on experience in structural plate welding. Students who undertake this program can start off their career in the construction, ship-building, fabrication and manufacturing industries.

Building Maintenance

The Building Maintenance Program at HoHoKus School of Trade and Technical Sciences is a course that focuses on development of property as well as its upkeep. This course is ideal for individuals who wish to learn new skills in maintenance for careers in building supervision. The Building Maintenance Program makes one a jack of all trades with a number of specific skills that can be used for different situations in building maintenance. Some of the skills focused on in the program include electrical repair, wiring, plumbing and carpentry.

When it comes to HoHoKus School of Trade and Technical Science’s Building Maintenance Program, there is a bit of everything involved: which is why many individuals who wish to freelance as handy-men opt for the course.

Manufacturing Technology Program

Manufacturing Technology is an intense program offered at HoHoKus and encompasses the learning of unique skills such as Shield Metal Arc Welding, machine shop technology and sheet metal fabrication, to mention a few. In this course, students will learn both the theories behind the different manufacturing technologies as well as get quite a bit of on-hand experience in the shop. The Manufacturing Technology Program at HoHoKus enables students to get all the training and skills they need for a good career in industries that require welding and fabrication, with jobs such as construction welder, ironworker and sheet metal fabricator.