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  • Accounting
  • Business Administration - MBA
  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Health Services Administration
  • Information Systems
  • Legal Studies
  • Management
  • Public Administration - MPA
  • Visual Communication
  • Applied Psychology
  • Biomedial Sciences
  • Computer Information Technology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Cybersecurity and Forensics
  • Digital Design and Graphics
  • Finance
  • Health Services Administration
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Marketing and Professional Sales
  • Software Development
  • Paralegal Studies
  • Physical Therapist Assistant - PTA

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hodges university



Hodges University, founded in 1990 in Naples, Florida is a nonprofit private higher education institution. Originally named International College, it was renamed Hodges University in 2007 in memory of Earl and Thelma Hodges, the institution’s main benefactors and long-staying residents and supports of Hodges University. The university has been accredited by the Schools Commission on Colleges to and the Southern Association of Colleges to award degrees in associate, bachelor’s, and master’s programs. Curriculum offers many options for personally flexible day classes, evening, online and weekend classes and other options for varying scheduling.


Hodges University offers further flexibility options in the realm of individually-paced degree programs, career counseling prospects and a support team of helpful and qualified faculty willing to work with students hands-on to design the best structured learning. Each of the customized degree program options come together to produce a truly unique institution committed to providing academic and career assistance both regionally and across the country via Hodges University’s online extension.


Fort Myers Campus
Building H
4501 Colonial Boulevard
Fort Myers, FL 33966

Naples Campus
Gaynor Building
2655 Northbrooke Drive
Naples, FL 34119

Not only does Hodges University offer a wide array of comprehended English and ESL (English as a Second Language) undergraduate and graduate programs, non-native students have the chance to increase their English language comprehension through language immersion studies. Students will have the opportunity to practice their fluency and increase their range of knowledge through their use of the English language. This will grant students the ability to not only be more represented culturally on campus, it will allow them to integrate with greater ease into the on-campus English language culture. Hodges University represents students from over 25 countries and offers ESL programs for all. 70% of the ESL students attending Hodges University on campus or online are from Hispanic backgrounds. Hodges remains committed to providing a diverse and accepting student environment in which ESL students can succeed.


University Admissions

More students have the ability to pursue their academic future through Hodges University and gain the skills and degrees needed to excel. Undergraduate Admissions through Hodges University offers a range of bachelor’s and associate degree programs to choose from including desirable and profitable career niches like healthcare, business and technology. Graduate admissions at Hodges University are committed to helping students further their careers and education by transitioning students into advanced programs seamlessly. For English as Second Language students, admissions are open to and understanding of the needs of non-native speakers. Many on-campus and online programs are offered to assist students learn writing, speaking and reading skills in English. The end goal of Hodges University’s ESL programs is for students to be able to pursue their academic and career goals in a professional capacity upon graduation. ESL graduates will have opportunities for career service assistance as well as all of Hodges University graduates. Programs are comprehensive, flexible and helpful so that students feel comfortable as they gain the academic and language skills needed to succeed.


Online Learning opportunities through Hodges University include a variety of degree and certification prospects. Students will be able to earn their degree on the go, studying at their pace and leisure. An excellent option for individuals with existing job or personal obligations, earning advanced degrees and career skills is made easier through Hodges’ commitment to provide flexible and affordable online curriculum to students. Accreditation through online learning can be tricky sometimes. However, all of Hodges University’s online courses and degree programs provide the same accredited courses and certifications as on-campus learning.


Unlike traditional colleges, students will be able to fraction their credits and curriculum per term through Hodges University’s innovative UPOWER associates, bachelors and master’s degree programs. Students will have more opportunities to learn at their own pace through affordable tuition and course scheduling. Hodges University also offers a variety of Veterans Service programs. For eligible students, Hodges University’s Dr. Peter Thomas Veterans Services Center stands ready to assist veterans in gaining financial and educational opportunities and benefits. More students are choosing Hodges University due to their understanding admissions department and their wide array of possibilities for flexible learning.

Hodges University offers:

-Accelerated 7½-week course terms as well as the standard 15 week-course terms. Students will have the ability to schedule attendance during days, weekends, evenings and potentially online.
-Experienced and caring faculty to meet and exceed the needs of students on their terms. Professors at Hodges University have a wide range of experience to share with students in the classroom and beyond. With real-world insight into the curriculum and industries of study, professors can better guide students in pursuit of their career objectives.
-Smaller class sizing- More students will have personalized learning accessible to them through the greater possibility of one-on-one tutoring and attention.
-Online learning- Students have the ability to pace their degrees according to their lives and schedules. Such curriculum options provide excellent leverage for those with busy schedules and prior obligations.


Hodges University is committed to helping more students get ahead and face the challenging world of employment with the best possible skills. For this reason, Hodges University offers a wide array of possibilities for associates, bachelors and masters degree programs in varying disciplines including healthcare, technology and business. Courses at Hodges University our conducted by professors with an excellent amount of real-world knowledge in the fields to hand so that more students can learn, achieve and explore the possibilities for application of coursework and degree programs. Professors often incorporate hands-on experimental learning styles that provide students with greater context to the curriculum they are receiving. Students will be prepared to venture outside of the classroom and begin hands-on training programs through Hodges University’s internships, real-world training programs and externships. Students are often encouraged to participate in a variety of internship prospects while obtaining their degree.


Academic Programs include:

-Associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in a variety of disciplines
UPOWERTM self-paced programs
-Certificate programs
-English as a Second Language

Schools at Hodges University include:

-Fisher School of Technology
-Johnson School of Business
-Nichols School of Professional Studies
-School of Allied Health
-School of Liberal Studies


Master's Degrees programs available through the University include:

-Accountancy (MAcc):
-Business Administration (MBA):
-Clinical Mental Health Counseling
-Health Services Administration
-Information Systems
-Legal Studies
-Public Administration (MPA)
-Visual Communication


Bachelor's Degrees available to Hodges University include:

-Applied Psychology
-Biomedical Sciences
-Business Administration
-Computer Information Technology
-Criminal Justice
-Cybersecurity and Forensics
-Digital Design and Graphics
-Health Services Administration
-Interdisciplinary Studies
-Legal Studies
-Marketing and Professional Sales
-Software Development


Associate Degrees provided by Hodges University include:

-Biomedical Sciences
-Business Administration
-Computer Information Technology
-Criminal Justice
-Digital Design and Graphics
-Healthcare Office Administration
-Interdisciplinary Studies
-Paralegal Studies
-Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)

Certificate Programs

Hodges University’s offers undergraduate and graduate certificate programs that can provide many students the first step towards career advancement or learning valuable new trades and skills. Certificate programs will allow students to develop expertise and build off existing skills in fields of study and expertise. Obtaining a certificate through Hodges University can be arranged by student availability as far as course load and scheduling just like the university’s flexible degree programs. Similarly, certifications can be completed online or on campus at the discretion of the students participating. More relevant real-world expertise and insights can be gained through Hodge’s professional certification programs. Students will be able to build off their existing professional profile and look towards their career futures.


Graduate Certificate available through Hodges University:
Long Term Care Administration (Nursing Home Administration)

Undergraduate Certificates available through Hodges University:
-Certificate in Biology – Plan 2
-Certificate in Biology – Plan 3
-Certificate in Chemistry – Plan 2
-Certificate in Chemistry – Plan 3
-Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
-eDiscovery/eLitigation Certificate


Financial Aid to Those Who Qualify

Funding a college education can be one of the most difficult investments for a person of any age and background. For this reason, Hodges University helps more students than many competitors by allowing students more options for financial aid services and earning their degrees without specific term-by-term time constraints with per-term credit obligations. Hodges University’s Offices of Student Financial Services can offer assistance to help students and families with inadequate funding sources manage and evaluate educational expenses and look towards academic and federal funding opportunities.


To register for federal aid, students will:
-Complete the FAFSA
-Meet with a Hodges University counselor
-Explore Hodge’s University’s Grants, Loans, Work Study, Assistanceship and Scholarship Opportunities. (Note: Scholarships and grants will be awarded based on merit and eligibility criteria both academic and financial. Word study programs will work like part-time employment throughout enrollment at Hodges University.

Students can look forward to possibilities for state, federal and school funding sources. Additionally, students will receive career services like job search assistance through Hodges University’s Career Services department. Hodges University has a variety of employment partners searching for employees in the industries students will obtain degrees and certificates in. To get started, prospective or current students are encouraged to contact the office of Financial Aid: