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It seems like a day can’t go by without hearing about some kind of Security issue facing our country. Online cyber-attacks, homegrown domestic terrorist attacking our country and way of life or people rioting in our streets. We have never in our history faced the multitude and sophistication of threats to our America’s peace and prosperity.


This uptick in security issues has increased the need for Security Professionals across all security disciplines. This is why starting your career by learning the tradecraft needed by a security professional at Henley-Putnam University will give you a step up on the competition when searching for your first security position.

Being the only accredited online university offering Strategic Security degrees has allowed Henley-Putnam University to become the distance learning leader in the following fields:

• Intelligence Management
• Counter-Terrorism Training and Studies
• Strategic Security
• Personal Protection Management

One of the unique teaching concepts practiced is “proactive” versus “reactive” training methods. This differs from traditional schools by focusing on prevention and deterrence over the usual teachings of reaction and response. This vital difference could be the defining issue when being considered for a career position.
Many graduates move on to excellent careers in:

• Law Enforcement
• Military Intelligence Service
• Corporate Security
• Government Intelligence Communities
• International Studies

Before we discuss the challenges and opportunities that are unique to each Intelligence field. It is important to look at the things that cross all fields, and most of you will find exciting.

Let’s start with Adventure
While there are obviously many mundane tasks associated with every career choice the allure of working in the Intelligence field cannot be denied. We have all grown up watching the movies and television shows with undercover operatives, clandestine meetings, exciting travel to exotic places, thwarting world-threatening plots and taking down the evil doers. I think there is a subliminal desire built into our DNA that inspires us to be adventurous.

This all sounds great, but to be honest, there are many hours of background work that goes into a successful case. For every Intelligence Agent in the field, there are hundreds of agents backing them up with all sorts of logistical and informational support. You may well find your area of expertise is in one of the supporting positions. Counter-intelligence involves an intense gathering of information on and offline. If you like puzzles you will do quite well in this area as often you will need to take a look at the larger picture and pull all the little pieces together formulating a decision to be able to pass the much-needed information (sometimes lifesaving) to the Field Agent.

Your reward may not be as adventurous, but it will be equally satisfying to be part of a successful team.

Is it exciting or dangerous?
Of course in some areas, there may be an element of danger. That is why getting the best training in courses that deal with real life is again paramount to your safety and success. Henley-Putnam University courses are taught by over 80 instructors with an average of 17 years in the field. These seasoned professionals will prepare you for any contingency. There is no replacing experience, and the staff is uniquely qualified to prepare you for earning your degree and starting your career.

Law Enforcement
Your curriculum has been designed and will be delivered to you by instructors with real life experience in all levels of law enforcement. Experienced in the Secret Service, FBI, DEA and other agencies ensure you receive a wide selection of courses and subjects to choose from. A diverse offering from Hostage Negotiation, Bomb Squad Techniques, and Evasive Driving Security will keep you interested and excited about your training. There is nothing about these courses to bore you.

If computers and the internet are your main interest, classes in Cybercrime, Cyber Fraud, Hacking, Cyberterrorism, and Cyberwarfare are offered. There is something very rewarding about protecting life and liberty.

Military Security
Whether you are currently wearing the uniform of our Armed Services or plan on signing up. We have a career path that is right for you. Our staff includes ex-military personnel so they understand the challenges your schedule may present as you are faced with long deployments or TDYs. All of our courses are online running ten weeks with a two week break each quarter. A degree from Henley-Putnam aligns with other training and degrees you may receive while in the military and can make a significant difference in your career advancement.

Experienced Advisors on our staff will help you take advantage of any military benefits available. Our hands-on approach by our staff allow a personalized approach from admissions to graduation.

Corporate Security
Corporate Security has reached an all-time level of importance as technology has increased avenues of vulnerability. Cyber theft of proprietary information, the theft of intellectual property and the possibility of the corruption of human assets has never been higher or more critical to protect. This is a global issue for both large and small companies, and they are actively seeking trained professionals to fill the positions.

Making a transition from the field to the boardroom is difficult unless you receive the required tools that differentiate between the two. The courses offered at Henley-Putnam were developed by professional with vast experience in the field of Corporate Security in partnership with companies and their executive officers.

Government Intelligence Communities
Henley-Putnam courses in strategic security are vital in preparing your career path and securing a position in the Intelligence Community. There are many levels of involvement with supporting contractors or directly with the many government agencies. We are all familiar with:
• Department of Homeland Security

Each of these agencies offers its own unique set of challenges in the IC field and require different skill sets for its agents. In today’s time of a heightened threat environment and the possibility of the expanding threat of homegrown terrorist, there is a consistent need for trained Intelligence agents. Stopping the spread of domestic terrorism and the possibility of them acquiring a WMD is critical to the safety of America and the stability of the world. You will work with our staff to determine the best-designed course for reaching your goal and attaining this valuable degree.

International Studies
As Henley-Putnam courses are offered online, you can enroll and attend courses from anywhere in the world. All courses and degrees are available. We will discuss the few special requirements needed for international students: Any degree or credential attained outside the US in post-secondary education must meet US equivalent standards. All courses are in English, so a proficiency in the English language is required. International students will have complete access to our full range of excellent support services wherever you may reside.

Henley-Putnam wants you to be a successful student and to set you off in the right direction; our staff will review your educational needs and goals, discuss your career path and review prior work experience and studies.

Once determining your desire to attain one of the following:
• Bachelor’s Degree
• Master’s Degree
• Doctoral Studies
• Certificate Programs

They will discuss what is needed for you to be successful and once prepared to enroll, refer you to one of our tuition specialists to help you determine what tuition help is available to you. Military students will have their experience, educational and any military units obtained evaluated to structure your course.

We desire that you receive the maximum benefit from your experience at Henley-Putnam University so our staff will complete a comprehensive review of your history and present it to you and your counselors so there is a level of comfort that you feel when you review our recommendation for the studies and career path we think you should know you take.

Student Resources
Many services are offered to our students as they move towards completion of their studies.

Often a student will have many questions about not only the course content but also about a career path. Mentoring services help our students as we attempt to provide a mentor that matches the student's desired career path. Many time they can direct the student to additional studies that will benefit them. Obtaining a mentor is optional but easily acquired if you want. A simple questionnaire available in the Student Library online and downloaded is submitted to your counselor for review.


Job Resources
Our assistance to the successful graduating student does not stop at issuing a degree. As you move through the course, you will be meeting professionals from many different intelligence fields. This networking will be invaluable to you when you begin your career search. We have a Program Advisory Board that is dedicated to your success and will assist in supplying you the leads to the best organizations or companies that suit your training and experience.


In 2009 Henley-Putnam launched a webinar series designed to bring the student into direct contact with seasoned professionals in the Intelligence community for those desiring a career in Strategic Security. A Question and Answer period at the end of each webinar provides you the opportunity to ask probing questions.