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Are you interested in truck driving? Hamrick School can provide you with the best CDL Training Programs around, and you will be taught by instructors with years of knowledge and experience.


Advanced Truck Driver Training Program
At Hamrick School, which has over 30 years of training experience, you can complete your Training Program in 6.1 weeks (if you are doing full-time days Monday to Friday) and 9 weeks (if you are doing full-time evenings and Saturdays).

The program is designed specifically for those who haven’t had any tractor-trailer driving experience in the past, and prepares you for your CDL Skills Test, CDL Temporary Permit Test and entry-level employment as a truck driver. It will really set you up for what it’s like in the real world to work as a truck driver.


Campus Location
Hamrick School
1156 Medina Rd
Medina, OH 44256


Langdon Plaza
303 N. Main St.
Elmira, NY 14901


The curriculum includes Classroom Instruction, where students are introduced to the trucking industry and everything that comes with it, for example, regulations and laws. It also covers a range of subjects that will help you develop your truck driving techniques and your knowledge of safety awareness, among other things.


The Site Training part of the curriculum teaches you to maintain your equipment and provides you with hands-on driving techniques that you have looked at previously.


The City and Highway Driving part of the curriculum enhances your abilities to operate different types of equipment, and you will receive at least 10 hours of instruction behind the wheel on the road.


CDL Skills Examination Preparation is another part of the curriculum, which consists of Site Training, City and Highway Driving as well as pre-trip inspections made to fit each student’s needs.


600 Master Truck Driver Training Program
This program is designed for students who have no experience in situations like tractor-trailer driving and want to advance to a higher level through additional training. It will prepare you for the CDL Skills Test and entry-level employment as a truck driver. Once you’ve graduated, you will receive a certificate.


There are various parts of the curriculum, first of all including Classroom Instruction. It will introduce you to the trucking industry and everything you need to know about it, such as the regulations and laws. It will help you develop your understanding of techniques you really need to be a truck driver, as well as safety awareness. The content of this part of the curriculum will be presented through video demonstrations, group activities, and discussions.


Site Training is another part of the curriculum, where you will get hands-on training and will learn how to apply the knowledge that you’ve previously learned. You will practice troubleshooting and your problem-solving skills. You can also choose to learn pre and post-trip vehicle inspecting procedures.


City and Highway Driving is an important part of the curriculum that you will enjoy. It enhances your abilities to operate the different types of equipment. You will be given 10 hours of specific instruction behind the wheel, sculptured directly to you, so you get the most out of it.


Another part of the curriculum is Passenger Bus Training – this part is where you learn about passenger safety, maneuvers and offset lane change, amongst other things. You will learn proper procedures for loading and supervise passengers as well as arriving at stops and more.


The most important part of the course is the Externship, which you will enjoy thoroughly. It will help to give you a taste of truck-driving in the real world, and you will be trained by a driver-trainer of an officially qualified trucking company.


Financial Aid
For people who attend Hamrick School, there is financial aid available. You may be eligible to qualify for training grants, which helps individuals who are unemployed or have a low income. Hamrick is approved by the Workforce Investment Act.

Veterans are also able to claim for financial aid; Hamrick’s Advanced Truck Driver Training Program is approved for the training of veterans by the Department of Education State Approving Agency for Veterans Training.


The financial aid programs that are offered include Federal PELL Grant, Federal Direct Loan Program, and Federal PLUS Loan Programs. There are also non-federal loan options available that can be made through banks, but the school cannot guarantee your acceptance.


Student Services
If you need to be advised concerning your academic life or attendance, you can be given that by an instructor. They will work with you to develop a plan to achieve the objectives of the program, to improve your attendance and to improve your academic performance. You can be given these sessions if you want it, if your instructor has requested it, or if the School’s administration has requested it. You can also be given tutoring if you feel you need it.


A good website you can use for reference materials is KnowItNow. It is a live free information service for the citizens of Ohio by the Ohio Public Library and the State Library of Ohio. The professional libraries are there 24/7 to answer any questions you might have and to refer you in the right direction.


Hamrick School does not provide housing for students, but there are reasonably priced motels close by in the Medina, Ohio area that you can stay at. You can receive information about these motels at the admissions office.


Job Placement Assistance
Hamrick School has a very highly rated Career Services department that will help you succeed in your goals to become a truck driver.


The team at Hamrick School will help you no matter what it is you need help on, whether it’s creating your resume, preparing for an interview or applying for a job, Hamrick will be there to support you every step of the way. Their top priority is for you to succeed.


As well as this, Hamrick School schedules presentations on a regular basis from a variety of different trucking companies. Throughout the visits, the companies will take applications and interview students, giving you a kick-start opportunity to your truck driving career.


Every year, Hamrick School holds a Career Fair for Truck Driving, which is extremely successful. The students always have a brilliant opportunity to meet with trucking companies’ representatives, to discuss any questions they may have and to even fill out applications.


Admissions Procedures
To enroll at Hamrick School, the process is convenient and efficient. Every student is given attention in the process. First of all, you will need to request free information, which you can do by going to the right of the Hamrick School web page. Your information will be received, and you will shortly be contacted.


Next, you will need to schedule an interview with a representative and complete an application. Following this, will be a complete personal interview where someone will speak to you about your career goals, the program you have chosen and may also ask other questions about you.


After the personal interview, you will be invited to a tour of the campus, and then you will be expected to complete a financial aid application so we can see if you qualify and we can help you through the whole process.


Finally, once all of your information and qualifications have been received, they will be reviewed by the team at Hamrick School, and you will be informed of your acceptance status.