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Searching for a new profession can be confusing and difficult, especially for a high school student. If you are feeling unsatisfied from going to a university and studying law, science, business and economy, communication and languages, health science, etc., you should try to learn a profession that is highly demanded worldwide. Great Lakes Truck Driving School can definitely offer you that and much more. At this school in Columbia, you will enjoy high-quality practice and classes where you will learn and experience working with high-quality trucks and machines that are used in almost every industry in the world. Because of the quality program, the Great Lakes Truck Driving School will provide you a high-quality education and an opportunity for a job after you graduate.


Mission of Great Lakes Truck Driving School
Every school has a mission which leads the teachers and students. The mission and goal of the Great Lakes Truck Driving School are to provide direct instructional programs to each student and to build a relationship where support, respect, and encouragement are the most wanted values.


Great Lakes Truck Driving School

27740 Royalton Rd.
Columbia Station, Ohio 44028



Each instructor and teacher at this school are fighting for greater success of their students. Great Lakes Truck Driving School through its programs is empowering students each year and offers them a lifetime of success in a career. Each driver that teaches some of the programs available at Great Lakes Truck Driving School is a highly-qualified driver and instructor that has years of experience and knowledge in their industry. This quality and unique school and its staff offer their students heavy equipment programs and intensive driving training programs that will provide a positive experience and attitude for each student. Also, the Great Lakes Truck Driving School has focused on providing theoretical and practical instruction through which students will learn to be safe and well-qualified drivers on trucks and other heavy vehicles.


The location of the school is within 30 minutes of the downtown Cleveland, Elyria, Lorain and Medina. It is an area with a 9,000 square foot building, classrooms for theoretical studies, and offices for each employee in the school, as well as student activity and break areas. The school provides all type of trucks that students can use during their practice time and can gain more experience for when they work in some company or community.


The Great Lakes Truck Driving School has a Heavy Equipment Training Area where students can go and learn job site set-up, safety with heavy vehicles, topography readings, laying pipe, grading techniques, loading dump trucks, trenching, and may more things from the available programs and training that this school offers. Thanks to the license by the Ohio Department of Public Safety this school has a high reputation and students together with their parents trust in the educational system and safety that the Great Lakes Truck Driving School provides.


Available programs at Great Lakes Truck Driving School
The Great Lakes Truck Driving School provides high-quality instructional programs and training that can satisfy every student. As a student, you can choose from a variety of top-notch programs and courses. Some of them include NCCER Certified Heavy Equipment Training, Class A CDL Training, Class B CDL Training, State of the Art Training Facility, Aerial Work Platform & Rough Terrain Forklift Training, Oilfield & Pipeline Safety Training, Industry Experienced Instructors, and many more.


All instructors and teachers who are part of these programs have collective industrial experience for many years, and they also follow the latest technology, so they can give an update to every new generation of students who are coming to study at Great Lakes Truck Driving School.

Some of these programs are only four weeks, but there are several with 15 weeks of theoretical and practical studying. Following and participating in these programs can provide students a culture of respect for the industry, encouragement to be better truck drivers and use of the latest technology, and support in the field for a better future and career in this area.


Financial Aid at Great Lakes Truck Driving School
Like any other school, the Great Lakes Truck Driving School also offers some scholarships for their programs and training. Most of the programs of this school are affordable. But, qualified students can have an opportunity for financial aid, too. For example, the Great Lakes Truck Driving School offers federal training grants, VA educational benefits, vocational rehabilitation grants, and more which can help students with less financial income to study at this school.

The list of different scholarships, grants, and financial help is constantly growing and each year students have more benefits and opportunities to study at this school with financial help. If you have any other questions, you can always visit the school or call the financial aid workers who are here to answer you and help you with whatever you need to connect with this area.


Application for Training
Great Lakes Truck Driving School has a unique form of application for some of the many training and programs that it’s offering to the students from everywhere. The application is online and is two pages long.


In the beginning, you will fill out basic personal information and data. After that, you choose the program that catches your attention the most, and also you have an opportunity to choose some theoretical subjects and instructors who will help you during your study. The application form is not very difficult. You just need to know what exactly you want to study at this school and focus on filling out the application with the correct information about yourself.


Great Lakes Truck Driving School Commitment to Veterans
This school has always been committed to veteran students. With their support and commitment, veteran students can have meaningful and productive careers and futures. The school has training of veterans that is also approved by the state agency of Ohio. This respectful and useful training follows the Principles of Excellence guidelines which are part of educational institution requirements.


According to the data of the Great Lakes Truck Driving School, around half of the staff in the school are military veterans which also are a benefit to the veteran students during their study and training experience throughout the program that they have chosen.


Veteran Career Opportunities
Great Lakes Truck Driving School offers different veteran career opportunities. Each program at this school is designed to prepare every student who will graduate for the real world and to better future career opportunities in truck driving, the oil and gas industry, heavy equipment operation and other developed industries. According to the data of the school, 86 percent of their veteran graduates took a place in some of the above-mentioned industries.


Also, the Great Lakes Truck Driving School collaborates with many companies who are willing to offer an internship or a job for their students. Many of those companies also have a variety of service member programs and military veteran programs. After gaining all of this knowledge and experience through the programs of Great Lakes Truck Driving School, students become excellent and qualified employees for many worldwide industrial companies.