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  • Clerical Accounting
  • Office Administration
  • Dental Assistant
  • Medical Sonography
  • Health Information Technology
  • Massage Therapy
  • Practical Nursing

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Mission and Vision
The Great Lakes Institute of Technology is one of the best career training establishments that one can have instead of community college. With this particular vision, you will be able to get a wide variety of courses that will give any student the opportunity to have the career of their dreams sooner rather than later.

One of the great advantages of studying in this institution is that you as a parent can be assured of board-certified an accredited business and medical courses that regular students can even adults can take. This means that anyone who enrolls in this particular training facility can be assured of career stability in the near future.

Student Focused
Aside from this, the Great Lakes Institute of Technology prides itself on having the student-centered environment. This means that everything from the curriculum to the activities revolves around the students and their needs. The school aims to develop its students not only in terms of physical capabilities but also their mental capacities and talents as well. This establishment also will provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills to help them achieve their goals both in their careers and personal lives.




Campus Location:

5100 Peach Street
Eirie, PA 16509

Programs and Courses Offered

Clerical Accounting
This particular course program aims to provide the students with the necessary skills and knowledge he or she needs to be successful in bookkeeping and accounting. The advantage of this course is that you will be able to apply it in any particular field that you choose.

Whether it be in business are medical fields, you will surely be able to use all the knowledge that you will learn from this particular course the further yourself in your chosen field. Here, students will learn how to create financial statements. They will also learn more about have to make accounting transactions in the technology-based industry.

Office Administration
This particular program will give the students but necessary skills to succeed in becoming a professional administrative assistant. Aside from this, the student will also learn more about how to provide technical and clerical support as needed. With this entry-level course, you will be able to apply for a job as a receptionist or office clerk without difficulty.

Dental Assistant
As the course name entails, the student will be given the opportunity to work alongside an event a professional as his or her assistant. The student will be helping the medical professional in providing care for all dental patients. Services rendered may include clerical assistance, record keeping, and patient care as well. The student will also learn different techniques in lab care and oral health maintenance as well.

Medical Sonography
This course will prepare students to become X-ray operators and assistants in the future. Students will also learn the different techniques to produce images and photos of various internal and external body parts needed for physical examinations of patients.

Health Information Technology
This program aims to focus on giving the students knowledge about the field of medical information technology as well as billing and coding. With this course, the student will be able to be entry-level positions in various surgical centers and hospitals as medical assistants and accountants as well. Students can also become medical secretaries as well as record clerks with this particular corps under their belt.

Massage Therapy
With this particular program, students will be able to focus on the various functions of the human body in relation to relaxation and anti-stress techniques. As a student, you will learn how to do physical therapy in a fully clinical and highly equipped environment.

Practical Nursing
With this particular course in hand, you will be able to learn how to care for the physically disabled and aging patients under the guidance and supervision of a highly trained Physician. You will also have registered nurses training you to become much more adept at physically handling these specific types of patients. With this course, you will be able to learn medically related terminologies and delve into similar subjects without actually taking on the 10-year course. Here are some related subjects that you will be able to study under this particular course.

• Medical terminology
• Anatomy
• Physiology
• Surgical Nursing Subjects
• Basics of Nursing
• Pharmacology

As a culmination of all the training, you will also be able to apply what you have learned in the clinical setting by working in the hospitals and hospice centers within your own state. This will certainly give you the opportunity to hone your skills even further in the medical field. Other courses that you can take if ever you decide to enroll in the incident would be as follows:
• Surgical Technology
• Cosmetology Teacher and Operator
• Veterinary Assistant

With these courses available, you will certainly be able to get a wide variety of career choices at your disposal. There would be no reason for you not to get a job after graduation for sure.

Financial Aid
This great issue poses an obstacle for many students here the U.S. However, if ever you decide to take a course in Great Lakes Institute of Technology, you can be assured that the school has you covered in terms of various payment plans and schemes available to help you pay for your educational needs even if you don’t have the financial capabilities to do so on your own. The payment plans have tailored the hoarding to the course requirements that each student will have. So you do not have to worry about not being able to afford any of your school equipment for the next few years. For more information regarding this, you can easily contact the Institute.

Student Services
At Great Lakes, the school administration, as well as a teaching staff, will always be available to eight and advises students on any issue that they may have along the way. They have guidance counselors as well as competent tutoring services that can help the students improve their grades even more if necessary. The school also provides a handbook for the rules and regulations to be made clear to each and every individual within the Institute.

Developing Successful Careers
To help pave the way for students to reach their future career goals, students are given examinations to help determine their individual skills and aptitude towards certain fields of study as a freshman. This way, the curriculum could be tailored easily hard each student’s individual needs. Because of this, the probability of having a successful career for the students is certainly increased significantly.

The Library Facilities
The great Lakes Institute Of Technology boasts a state of the art Library or Learning Resource Center as they call it. This particular area contains a wide variety of printed and film resources about a multitude of subjects. Having this particularly vast amount of resource for the students will be greatly beneficial not only give them but also to the people who will visit the Learning Resource Center in the future.

Policies on Discrimination
Great Lakes Institute prides itself in being able to accept all kinds of students and trainees from all lifestyles. This means that the institution will give you a fair chance no matter what your religion, race, gender or political beliefs you may have. Also, this institution will also support parents who would want to continue their education. Even if you have extraordinary circumstances along the way, the school will be able to consider various situations.

To summarize, Great Lakes Institute of Technology will have your back no matter what. What is important to the people in this institution is for you to finish your education. They will surely support your quest to become a more productive and useful member of society in the years to come. Therefore, you no longer have any reason not to continue your education because of schools like these. Great Lakes Institute of Technology believes that everybody deserves a chance to have all the knowledge that they would need to survive and to provide for their own family in the long run.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
If you are disabled, access will be made available to you within the school itself. However, it would also be your responsibility to inform the school about whatever he or she may need before being accepted to the facility. It is also the responsibility of the starting to seek further assistance if and when necessary. Medical and other related documentation regarding the issue should be presented to the school upon request. All information and data presented will be kept confidential by the school administration.

Housing and Other Additional Services
The institution provides free parking for the students as well as the staff. However, student housing and day care are not available on the campus. Accommodations can be made within the vicinity of the school district to compensate. This is why I highly recommend this particular institute. It doesn’t really matter how old you are. What is important is that you would be willing to do everything in your power to achieve your goals of learning sooner rather than later.