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  • Associate of Science in Health Administratino
  • Central Service Instrument Technician
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Insurance biller and Coder
  • Professional Fitness Trainer
  • Vocational Nurse

Glendale Career College


Glendale Career College


Are you looking for an institute which helps in shaping your career? Then the Glendale Career College, located in CA is one of the best colleges to watch out for. With a focus on the future, the Glendale Career College aims to take every one of its students to the level of perfection. The college functions with a powerhouse of talented and trained instructors who are committed to betterment and success of the students.

School Objectives
The Glendale Career College (GCC) was set up with a mission to help the students get employed right after they finish their course. There are a number of short-term programs enlisted with the college which trains the students regarding the job prospects. The faculty of professional teachers and skilled administrators, with the help of adequate support staff, have created the perfect environment in the college. Education is given the highest priority here, and the students are put through rigorous training and assessment to prepare them for their future.


Campus Location:

Glendale Career College
240 N Brand Blvd

Glendale, CA 91203


Programs Offered
The Glendale Career College offers a vast range of programs in the health and fitness field. The programs include:

• Surgical Assistant with knowledge in the latest technology.
• Nursing
• Medical Coder and Biller
• Medical Assistant
• Fitness Training
• Associate of Science in Health Care Administration

Students who are interested in pursuing a bright career in the health and fitness sector are eligible to apply. They are selected only after a rigorous process of assessment to check their eligibility.

Admission Procedure
A candidate must possess a high school diploma certificate or a General Educational Development certificate for applying to the GCC. They must pass the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam and achieve the minimum score for applying to the program of their choice.

A candidate not possessing either of the certificates mentioned above needs to produce the Ability-to-benefit eligibility by providing certificates of a Federal Student Aid Eligible Program. A candidate possessing none of the above mentioned three credentials have to sit for an Ability-to-Benefit test conducted by the US Department of Education and obtain the minimum score for enrollment at the college.

The eligible candidates are then required to go through multiple phases for getting admitted in the college. They are at first required to sit for an admission interview and then taken to a tour of the various departments of the college. They have to provide their high school or other equivalent certificate and pay a registration fee. In the next phase, they have to qualify for a basic skill test which is aimed to measure their knowledge and aptitude in their chosen field of study. After this, they are selected.

Overseas candidates have to take the TOEFL test with a minimum 450 marks for being eligible for admission.

Associate of Science in Health Administration
Students enrolling in this course are introduced to the associate health field and learn the skills required to be an expert in health care administration. It includes courses like patient safety, legal and business issues in health care, leadership, HR management, motivation, and communication, etc. The students are introduced to the global environment of health care. Along with that, each student has to undertake a case study and complete a thesis for completion of their course. Equal emphasis is given to the students to effectively communicate with the patients and motivate them. Along with that, they also learn the basics of Sociology and Health Care, quantitative approaches, advanced computer lessons and medical ethics.


Associate of Science in Health Administration
This course is aimed to place the students in the field of health care administration. Students are made acquainted with the allied health industry. They learn the skills required to be a healthcare administrator in hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities. They are taught how to interact with the managers, employees and the allied in a medical institution. They learn the basics of the office skills and learn to handle new techniques and machines. There is a special paper on the use of Information Technology in this field which deals with keeping electronic health records, keeping records of bills and medicines, patient health record and others. Added to that they also study the legal aspects of health administration like different laws enacted for the well being of the patients’ health. They also learn the basics of the leadership and marketing related to health care.


Central Service Instrument Technician
In this course, the students will learn about the various techniques and procedures used in the central service department of a hospital. Students will learn the basics of sterilization, decontamination, chemical disinfection, etc. Overall they are taught to handle effectively technology related to patients’ care and safety.


Medical Assistant
Upon completion of this program, the students will be placed in various clinics, doctors’ offices and carry out tasks like patient health examinations, handle diagnostic equipment, perform tasks in a laboratory and a general knowledge of data entry in a computer. There is a number of front offices or desk jobs like medical transcription, employing personnel, receptionists, keeping medical records and allied jobs. Back office jobs include conducting diagnostic tests and assisting with the doctors in minor surgeries.


Medical Insurance Biller and Coder
This program focuses on training the students in different hospitals and medical clinics. They are employed as billing clerks, billing secretary, medical record administrator, etc.


Professional Fitness Trainer
Students willing to enter the world of fitness and training can join this course. Along with that, a student also learns the basics of exercising and nutrition.

Upon completion of these courses, students can take the help of the Career Services Department for job opportunities.


Career Services
The GCC is dedicated to assisting and aiding the students in getting employment through an effective career service program. The institute is well tied with a number of reputed organizations, which means the best and the most deserving students can land up with a suitable job as soon as he/she acquires the degree. There is a Career Services Department at the institute which can aid the students in creating a resume, giving a reference for relevant employment, arranging mock interviews and assisting the interviews with employers. There are a number of reputed clinics, pharmacies, medical billing offices, hospitals and surgery cares who have collaborated with this Career Services Department. The students can get hold of numerous internships that are available to the Career Services Department. The Career Services Team helps the students to schedule their internship programs. One thing is to be remembered that the Career Services Team doesn’t guarantee employment but work as a mere assistance in finding the right jobs for the students.

Monetary Aids
The students can get the help of the number of financial and state aid grants enlisted with the college. The interested candidates have to fill up the Free Application for Federal Student Aid in order to be eligible to get the aids. The students then have to contact the Financial Aid Office either on the phone or by a person in order to complete the next step of the financial aid program. A number of financial aid programs available for the students which include the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Federal Work-Study and much more. Details of the aids and grants are available in the institute’s student catalog portal.