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Gallipolis Career College has the distinction of being a private, independently run Career College with many great opportunities for two-year training programs that enable students to locate and successfully secure employment in facets of the work force such as civil service, business and other industries. The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools accredits Gallipolis Career College. Associate degrees and diplomas granted by the college will allow students to further their careers and begin more successful and rewarding work. Students can enjoy a variety of benefits from enrolling in Gallipolis Career College.



Students can expect flexibility when scheduling classes, small classes, authorization by the Ohio Board of Regents, options for 3 nights or days each week of full time coursework, accreditation by the Accredited by the Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, financial assistance opportunities for qualifying students, approval for veteran student training, a family-friendly environment for students from a variety of backgrounds and a locally operated and owned college founded in 1962.


Admissions Requirements

Gallipolis Career College understands the need for individuals to acquire and gain certification in many industry-specific practical and technical skills. The Gallipolis Career College maintains a diverse campus with a variety of opportunities to explore the extensive course catalog, use existing credits towards future academic endeavors and seek financial aid. Gallipolis Career College requires prospective students to possess a high school diploma or GED. Additionally, applicants will be required to take the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Entrance Exam and pass with a score of at least 16 to be considered for enrollment.

Programs Offered at Gallipolis Career College

Gallipolis Career College offers a multitude of excellent associate degree and diploma programs to help students advance their careers and prepare for their futures.


Associate Degree Programs

Accounting: Students will be able to graduate from this associate degree program in between one and two years. After which, graduates will be able to seek and secure employment as junior assistances, accounting clerks, bookkeepers and junior accountant positions. Graduates will be prepared to face workplace challenges and have the potential to obtain promotions or advanced careers in the realms of auditing, financial advisers and officer roles, senior accountants and more. Accounting certification is a pivotal qualification to have to grow in the world of business. Graduates will be granted unique work opportunities and lots of potential for furthering their careers. Accounting will always form an essential backbone of many facets of business. In today’s economic climate, industries need qualified accounting employees now more than ever. With increases in individual and corporate taxes, changes in government regulations and the complexity of today’s economic climate, better opportunities are available for qualified accountants.


Business Administration: This associate degree program will provide students with the knowledge necessary to qualify for and understand the objectives of entry-level work in supervisory and management roles. Curriculum will deliver the generic and basic technical framework for studying today’s opportunities for administrative roles and the skill set necessary to achieve certification and gain competence in the field. Coursework is designed to help students understand levels of administrative duties at varying levels of business. Upon degree completion, graduates will be able to seek employment in corporate administrative roles such as retailing, banking, general office work, human resource management and supervisory administrative roles.


Computer Applications Technology: The general scope of Gallipolis Career College’s Computer Applications Technology training program is to provide students with the work experience and knowledge necessary to keep up with the current demands of hardware and software equipment and applications. Students will be able to gain proficiency in publishing software, spreadsheets, local area network installation and setup, database designs, presentation software and Internet research. Through gaining a variety of tactical skills, students can look forward to excellent opportunities related to computer applications involving communications and basic accounting. Coursework is designed to make graduates efficient in a variety of workplace settings in technical roles for larger or small computer or office departments and settings. Elective requirements for this degree program may be satisfied by completion of technical electives including AC103, CS 260, CS263, or CS264.


Technical Support Specialist: Majoring as a technical support specialist will offer students the skills needed to go to work in home, office and industrial settings. Curriculum includes broad and tailored information regarding pc maintenance and networking, advanced networking, helpdesk operations, troubleshooting operating systems and operating as a member of a technical staff team. Students will be able to fulfill roles as support staff, help desk staff, technicians or technical assistance for a wide range of small or large organizations.


Executive Office Administration: Gallipolis Career College’s Executive Office Administration program provides a diverse range of curriculum to ensure students will be well-rounded in a variety of capacities. Students will gain insight into administrative roles for professional, government and business industries. Students will learn professional word processing and typing skills through a variety of comprehensive curriculum covering popular and leading software applications. The fasting growing profession for women across the nation at the moment is the office administrative field. For this reason, Gallipolis Career College offers a variety of prestigious training skills varying in administrative responsibilities.


Medical Office Administration: Gallipolis Career College’s Medical Office Administration program equips graduates with the skills necessary to go to work in entry-level employment roles in a diverse array of healthcare settings. Graduates will receive general training including office administration as well as specialty academic information including medical transcription, terminology, insurance and coding. Such skills will set job applicants from the competition through a great many desirable and marketable qualifications. Associate-level certification in medical office administration is a quickly growing career as well as one with a multitude of opportunities for rewarding work and career advancement. Educational advancement is also readily available for graduates from medical training programs so that they may further their skills and qualifications in the healthcare professions. Training is hands-on and readies students for employment in small or large medical office settings.


Diploma Programs

Medical Administrative Assistant: The curriculum within this program is created for students to gain employment in beginning level medical administrative assistant jobs. Graduates will have professional knowledge under their belt providing a solid and general platform for medical administrative jobs in a variety of capacities. Curriculum will ready students for employment in a wide range of medical practices ranging from small practices to large hospitals.


Junior Accounting: This program covers specialty information relating to the fields of office administration and accounting. Graduates can seek and secure employment in roles such as bookkeeping, junior accounting or accounting clerks.

Administrative Assistant: This program provides the curriculum necessary to seek successful employment and career opportunities as professional administrative staff or receptionists. Graduates will qualify for jobs including word processors, office clerks and typists.


Software Applications: This program covers a wide array of highly useful an applicable knowledge regarding basic software applications. Students will gain proficiency in spreadsheets, presentation software, word processing, computer literacy, database design and more.


General tuition and program information

Each of Gallipolis Career College’s associate degree and diploma opportunities allow students to invest in their futures. Curriculum is designed to be comprehensive and include specific and all-encompassing information related to the fields in question. Graduates will be provided with the information needed to market their skills and gain employment in their areas of specialty. After students find the right program for the, fees and tuition will vary depending cost estimates for supplies, books, room and board and other accommodations available through Gallipolis Career College. Direct costs may be subject to change depending on individual transfer credits and credentials from prior educational institutions. Ranges of costs are subject to change each academic year. Affiliated departments of Gallipolis Career College stand ready to assist students in the pursuit of local and federal financial aid and grant opportunities. Each affiliated website offers occupational profiles with the potential earnings and annual income students may expect from participation in and graduation from Gallipolis Career College’s career programs. Though Gallipolis Career College cannot guarantee future employment or salary expectations for every student, gainful employment information is available through the college’s website and career services department.


Financial Aid

Gallipolis Career College strives to meet the needs of students in pursuit of affordable education and career certification. To begin the process of seeking financial aid, students are encouraged to make an appointment with the Financial Aid department and go through a personal intereview and overview of financial aid objectives and prospects. Gallipolis Career College ‘s FAFSA application school code is 030079. Grant, scholarship and loan opportunities offered through Gallipolis Career College include:

-The Federal Pell Grant Program
-The Direct Loan Program
-Federal Students loans (through the U.S. Department of Education)
-PLUS Loans
-Veterans Benefits