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First Institute (curently not accepting inquires off this site for the school)


First Institute


First Institute of Orlando, Florida specializes in educating, graduating, and placing students in the Digital Media Industry. The school is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training and licensed by the Florida Department of Education: Commission for Independent Education. At the state-of-the-art 6,3000 square foot campus, the mission is to prepare their students for successful and rewarding entry-level employment in the popular and growing Digital Media Industry. First Institute strives for the highest education, focuses on innovative hands-on training, and is proud of their continual advancements in technology.


Career Services

First Institute will help their students to make business cards, create resumes, craft cover letters, hold mock interview sessions, and master networking skills in preparation for entry into the work force. First uses connections with alumni in the field of technology in order to help place their students in jobs. The goal for each day, as students move from class to class, is to experience a lesson plan that mirrors the objectives professionals will face every day in the business world. First believes the employment placing process is ongoing and starts on the first day of enrollment.


Enrollment Process and Financial Aid

The application for admission to First Institute can be found online at the school site. There is a non-refundable application fee that costs around $ 35.00, depending on the current school year. The school takes traditional federal education assistance such as FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), and also offers an easy to use monthly payment plan. You must put down at least $1500.00, or the stated down payment, prior to your start date if you use the monthly payment plan. Then the monthly payments are distributed over 60 payments, which are paid by direct debit from the student’s bank account.


There are also two other installment plans available at First Institute. The first consists of three payments, the amount to be determined by the current school charge, which has a 0% interest. The tuition would be split into three equal parts. The second plan includes six installments equally split, and dependent upon the current tuition. There is a processing fee for this particular plan.


The First Institute site states that students may also get funds from the VA (Veteran’s Affairs), vocational rehab, private sources, and private grants. The costs for the different programs vary. The payment plans may be customized or even combined based on the student needs and situations. The school is looking for students who have passion, motivation, and determination for this industry.


First Institute gladly welcomes all students who have served or are serving in some aspect of the military forces. These students could include, but are not limited to, those people in active military duty, members of the National Guard or Reserves branches, Veterans of any age, and all military members’ spouses and dependents.


Those military members eligible for Veteran’s Affair benefits at the school can use and then apply them to their school training at First Institute by supplying a Certificate of Eligibility to the Admissions Intake Officer as soon after they are accepted as possible. The benefits that are taken at First Institute are the Post 9-11 GI Bill and the Montgomery GI Bill.


You can contact your local VA office or contact the First admissions officer to find out more about these military benefits. The school is honored to offer this program, and will help you with the application and payment processes relevant to your benefits, admission, and enrollment at the school.


All students will go through a three-step process in order to apply for admissions to First Institute. Step one will consist of the prospective student contacting the school by phone or online in order to obtain information about the school and admissions. Then the student should contact the Admissions Representative in order to set-up a campus or virtual tour of the school facilities. This tour will give the prospective student a glimpse into the campus, programs, and career center information. Interviews can also be completed via online or at the campus. Lastly, the prospective student will complete and submit the online application for admission. Remember, the fee for submitting the application is non-refundable.


Audio Engineering and Music Production

The Audio Engineering and Music Production program is a twenty-nine week platform with goals to train students in the basic components of recording art. If you love music, this may be the field for you. Students will get personal instruction in the program while using the latest technology that can be found in studios. This innovative and state-of-the-art equipment will be utilized as the graduates work as audio engineers and producer professionally.


The students are assigned specific session times and given projects to complete within these sessions. They are graded for every course and course block they take via drills and quizzes. Jobs available for this program may be found in recording studios, television broadcast, radio broadcast, live sound and show productions, pre production, postproduction, audiovisual jobs, and many others like this.


The class Audio Engineering and Music Production program length is broken down in a determined amount of class, instruction, lab, and internship hours. Those hours will be published when you begin the program.


Film and Video Production Program

The Film and Video Production program is designed to ready students in the basic aspects of high definition film and video development field. The students will use the latest film and video production equipment in the industry. They will complete regular quizzes and skill evaluations to help prepare them for film and video jobs. These jobs could include, but are not limited to, preproduction, postproduction, filming, and editing.


The breakdown of the course hours is split between class, instruction, lab, and internship hours. The amount of hours will be published when you begin the program.