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School Overview

The ex’Treme Institute by Nelly is an extension of Vatterott College located in St. Louis, Missouri. This institute takes after its parent college in regards to high standards and being focused on student development every step of the way.


With ex’Treme’s location being in downtown St. Louis, students are capable of utilizing all of the business and professional resources around the area. They are also close to necessary amenities such as grocery stores, clothing stores, fitness gyms, and more.


Campus Locations

ex’Treme Institute
800 N. 3rd Street
St. Louis, MO 63102


Student Housing

For current and new students who would like to live close to the institution, Vatterott/ex’Treme Institute has a housing option. Partnering with Mansion House and CityView, students have the option to live in St. Louis at discount rates.


Mansion House: This apartment complex offers studio, one, and two bedroom apartments suitable for all students to live in. These apartments are located downtown and have beautiful floor plans available at your discretion. You are sure to find affordable options and great designs that you will love to call your new home.

CityView is a high-rise apartment complex with a wide array of necessities that you will love. New renovations from every facet including kitchens, floors, rooms, and ceilings are stunning to look at. Located downtown not only will you have an amazing view of the cityscape, you are close to the school, entertainment venues, and more.


Local scholarship Options

It is a daunting thought wrapping your mind around the price of college. It is understandable that new students are told (or are aware) of the financial options available to help pay for expenses. High school advisors typically advise students to apply for as many scholarships as possible, and here are a few options you have.

St. Louis High School Presidential Scholarship: The requirements necessary to obtain this scholarship are pretty straightforward. All you have to do (outside of filling out the application) is have graduated from an accredited high school within the past year (12 months). This is a one-time scholarship set at the amount of $1,000 and can only be used towards your tuition.


St. Louis Academic Achievement Scholarship:

Academic Revitalization Scholarship: Unlike other scholarships that are applied to your account during your college career, this one is actually at the end. Last year students who received this scholarship at the end of their graduation received $2,000. The requirements necessary for this scholarship include the following.


• 2.5 GPA (cumulative) within the program that you major in.
• Showcasing an excellent attendance record throughout your entire college career.
• After submitting the application, you will also have to submit two reference forms and a one-page essay.


Programs and Majors

ex’Treme Institute by Nelly focuses on two specific areas that students can learn and fine-tune their industry skills. The diploma programs focus on the basics of Entertainment & Media Business and Recording Engineering & Producing. Once you have completed that level(s), then you will move on to the degree programs, which focuses on the aspects of managements.


Diploma Programs

Entertainment & Media Business

In this program, you will begin to understand the various of positions available in persuasive communication. There are a variety of introduction classes that will help you whether you plan on entering marketing and sales, advertising, public relations, and the entertainment industry overall.


In 40 weeks (or sooner if possible) you will have completed all of these courses, which totals up to 54 quarter hours. At the end, you will have a firm grasp on the foundation skills it takes for you to succeed in your Entertainment & Media


Recording Engineering & Producing

Recording Engineering & Producing is one of the most popular industries that students and young professionals are entering today. Within these classes, you will begin to learn the technical aspects of working with recording equipment and specific details that you need to be aware of.


Entertainment & Media Business w/ Management

Once you complete the diploma courses, you then move onto the more advanced classes. In these courses and electives, there are going to be specific genres/styles of music and communication that you can choose at your discretion.

General Education Electives (you are required to choose 3 options)


Recording Engineering & Producing w/ Management

Professionals in the industry have become successful over the years because of their knowledge and understanding the fine details. In these classes, some of the fine details you will learn first include editing, forms of sound, different standard recording equipment, and more.