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  • Bachelor of Science in Alternative Medicine
  • Bachelor of Science Degree - Alternative and Renewable Energy Management
  • bachelor of Science Degree - Construction Management
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation/Aerospace
  • Bachelor of Science Degree - Crisis and Disaster Management
  • Bachelor of Science Degree - Bsiness Administration
  • Bachelor of Science Degree - Environmental Policy and Management
  • Bachelor of Science Degree - Land and Energy Management
  • Bachelor of Science Degree - International Business
  • Bachelor of Science Degree - Surveying Management
  • Master's Degree in Business Administration
  • Master's Degree in Aviation Science
  • Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship
  • Master's Degree in Public Health Administration

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everglades university


Everglades University is committed to providing educational opportunities to adult students from a variety of backgrounds. The student environment has a high degree of collaboration in which each student will have many opportunities for personal and academic growth. The university’s mission is to combine new and innovative curriculum approaches with small classroom settings; all with the academic integrity that supports future student endeavors in the realm of research, service and scholarship opportunities. Graduates have the ability to earn their degrees both online and on campus or through a mix of both.


Contact Information:
Boca Raton Main Campus
5002 T-REX Avenue, #100
Boca Raton, FL 33431



Programs Offered

All Everglades University degrees are available not only on campus but through the university’s online extension. Top programs include: The Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Alternative Medicine: This degree equips students with the information necessary to go to work in entry-level jobs within the realm of alternative medicine including fields like physical therapy, hospitals, chiropractic, spas, acupuncture, wellness centers and rehabilitation clinics. Students in this program will experience a mix of curriculum ranging from technical (real world) training and classroom learning. Students with existing vocational training such as an associate’s degree may be able to apply credits towards this bachelor’s degree so that they may advance their careers and go to work in the field of alternative medicine in a higher position.


Curriculum is designed to incorporate a range of approaches to alternative medicine careers including holistic and technical medical practices. Such skills will be pivotal for jobs and careers in industries including management, rehabilitation, healthcare, beauty and leisure industries and healthcare practices. The program will not require an externship as a prerequisite for certification and licensing processes. Program completion is reliant on students finishing 123 credits within 41 months. Time may vary depending on transfer credits.


Bachelor of Science Degree-Alternative and Renewable Energy Management: This degree is designed to prepare graduates for entry-level work in Alternative and Renewable Energy Management-related fields. Graduates will be able to have command over information regarding the industries of energy and construction management. Students will be prepared to work in growing and innovative occupations such as Renewable energy management as technical managers or business operations managers. Graduates are equipped with useful and applicable knowledge regarding energy principles. Productive management skills will allow students to move forward to rewarding and successful careers in the renewable energy industry. Graduation is based on receiving approximately 123 credits. This program is 41 months with possibilities for time adjustment based on existing transfer credits.

Bachelor of Science Degree- Construction Management: Curriculum is created so that students will possess the skills necessary to enter the work force in beginner’s position in construction management with a degree that focuses heavily on the management and business skills necessary to keep up with the ever-changing world of construction. This degree track will ready students to pass the LEED Green Associates exam so that they may obtain certification as a LEED Green Associate. Graduates will have the knowledge needed to apply to tasks such as construction estimates, contracts and ethics. Graduation from this program is reliant upon successful completion of 123 over a 41-month period (fluctuating depending on existing transfer credits).


Bachelor of Science Degree- Aviation/Aerospace: This new and innovative degree program prepares students with the information and experience necessary to go to work with qualifications as aviation professionals through extensive backing with technical and academic training. Professional aviation and aerospace roles students may look forward to moving onto careers in include flight operations, air traffic control, dispatch operations, aviation maintenance and military aviation operations (through gaining FAA Certifications). Coursework is delivered to students with great opportunities for flexible learning. A wide range of career-specific aviation curriculum is offered depending on the students’ desired specialties. Curriculum encompasses fields of study such as flight operations, aviation operations management, aviation safety, and security and aviation maintenance management. Students must complete at least 123 credits in the time frame of 41 months (or less depending on transfer credits).


Bachelor of Science Degree: Crisis and Disaster Management: Graduates from this degree program will be ready for entry-level jobs in the field of crisis and disaster management. Students will gain pivotal skills such as decision-making, business insight, critical thinking, management skills, recovery protocol for public disasters and crises, relief efforts and planning. Graduates will know how to respond to a variety of threats and crises on varying levels of severity. Such threats include emergency preparedness plans, terrorism, catastrophes, security threats, natural disasters and other emergency management situations. This program will provide the educational framework needed for application in business roles of crisis management following disaster and crisis related careers. Program completion requires at least 123 credits in a time period of 41 months (less depending on transfer credits).


Bachelor of Science Degree-Business Administration: This degree will provide students with a complete framework for operating within business entitles such as economic, marketing, managerial, administrative or financial roles. Graduates will have the tools necessary to solve problems, have a firm grasp on business ethics, and understand the value of effective communication and business analytics. Graduates will be ready for employment in roles such as supervisors, administrative assistances and managers, assistant managers and more business environment roles. To complete a bachelor’s degree in this field, students must acquire at least 123 within 41 months (transfer credits will affect this time period).


Bachelor of Science Degree-Environmental Policy and Management: Graduates will be ready to apply and receive jobs in environmental policy management roles. Students will learn the skill set necessary to enter government and environmental industries with the professional knowledge under their belt that will allow them to excel in the field. Students will learn management and business principles necessary to fulfill occupational and technical objectives including communication, critical thinking, sustainability, management and business skills, environmental policies and regulations. Emphasis on such subjects will prepare graduates for a broad range of environmental and policy management career opportunities in a fluctuating national and international situation in which environmental policy is an increasing priority. Graduation from this program is reliant upon successful completion of 123 over a 41-month period (fluctuating depending on existing transfer credits).


Bachelor of Science Degree-Land and Energy Management: Curriculum is created to provide the opportunities necessary for students to acquire entry-level work in a variety 0of professional and managerial roles in the field of land and energy management. Graduations will be able to involve themselves in professional capacities with industries like renewable energy resource management and development, fossil fields, mineral rights and acquisitions and land development. Students will gain familiarity with environmental policy, communication skills for management and business roles, problem solving, critical thinking, requirements and regulations. Students will complete 123 to obtain this degree. Degree time frame is 41 months (less depending on existing/prior credits).


Additional programs available through Everglades University include:
-Bachelor of Science Degree-International Business
-Bachelor of Science Degree- Surveying Management
-Bachelor of Science Degree-Hospitality Management


Financial Aid

Everglades University’s department of Financial Services offers assistance to students throughout each phase of the application and tuition funding process. The department was established to carry out procedures that go a long way to ensure financial fairness and consistent assistance and treatment of all applicants. Everglades University understands the difficulty of taking full financial responsibility for cost of education. Though the primary responsibility of educational funding will come from individuals and families of students, circumstances dictating need for further assistance are perusable through Everglades University’s financial aid department. For this reason, financial advisors will work one-on-one with students to help ensure quality education at an affordable price for students in need of additional resources.

List of student expenses taken into account by Everglades University’s department of financial assistance include room and board, tuition and fees, supplies, books, personal and travel expenses and additional funding issues. Students may receive assistance filing for a FAFSA grant through the federal online application portal.

Scholarship opportunities available through Everglades University include:
-Marine Corps Scholarships
-Sallie Mae’s free Scholarship Search
-Discover Card Tribute Award Scholarships
-Coca Cola Scholarships
-International Students Scholarships & Aid Help
-Microsoft Scholarship Program
-American Education Services Mentor Scholarship Search


School Admissions

Admissions regulations through University have been created with a commitment to proper expectations of prospective students. Students will be granted admission based on prior education, aptitude for specific degrees and career fields and demonstration of motivation and capacity to succeed. Prospective students may research course catalog details online or make contact with the Admissions Office through Everglades University’s official website at www.EvergladesUniversity.edu and submit a student application. Everglades University is an equal opportunity university with a promise to ensure career success of students from diverse backgrounds.