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  • Childcare and Transportation
  • Accounting Associate Program
  • Financial Services Degree
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  • Medical Assisting Degree
  • Medical Coding and Reimbursement Program
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Elmira Business Institute is the best college to assist you in reaching your education and business knowledge goals. The campus locations are convenient and graduating from EBI will be a gleaming advantage in the world of business, making it much easier to reach your career goals – what’s not to love?


Career Placement
Elmira Business Institute has one of the best Career Placement systems around. The Career Placement assistance is available to all EBI graduates, completely free of charge. Nearing the end of your program, the Career Placement team will assist you in writing your resume, preparing for any interviews and making contact with suitable, relevant employers. With the Career Placement scheme, you are guaranteed a kick-start to your career.


After your first job, Career Placement assistance won’t necessarily stop for you. Once you’ve finished your program and you’ve moved on, you’re still part of EBI history and you’re still welcome to access the Career Services. Changing your job and even the focus of your career can be made so much easier by contacting the team at EBI and they will be happy to guide you however they can. Employers are always happy to hire people who have graduated from EBI, as their training and schools have an excellent reputation.



Academic Support
At EBI, everyone is eager to get you where you need to be. This means that there is a brilliant Student-Faculty Advisement Program, which gives each and every student an advisor who is a mentoring faculty member. This advisor is completely dedicated to helping you succeed and is assigned by your chosen program.


The meetings that are scheduled are all documented, and the program is there to advise students when they need help with their education goals, finances, attendance, life skill development, personal problems, and career goals. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal to help you feel really comfortable. Faculty members may also schedule these meetings to give guidance to students who feel they are falling off track and are not achieving the grades they need.


If you feel you need it, you can go to your instructors to get help in any of your courses. They are available for you to use and are always willing to help. There are faculty members who are available whenever you need them as a part of a free tutoring service that is offered by EBI. Again, a record of the sessions is recorded.

Childcare and Transportation

At EBI, it is understood that you may have trouble with your childcare; this is why they meet with local childcare providers on a regular basis to refer EBI students as their clients. You can be referred to nurseries, pre-kindergarten, daycare centers, even Head Start programs and organizations set up by the local community! Regardless of your situation, you are urged to meet with someone in the Admissions team to get you started up.


Transport can also be a problem for many people, which is why up-to-date information on the Southern Tier Transit Authority Systems and encourages all students to carpool if they can. If you have problems with your transport, you are strongly encouraged to have a chat with an Admissions Representative or a faculty member.


Accounting Associate Program
In today’s society, accounting services are crucial to the operation of a successful business, which means by taking this course you will be very valuable to any business you become a part of. Accounts take care of the financial records in a business, ensuring that the records are accurate and the taxes are paid on time and properly. In the accounting curriculum, you will be expected to study Principles of Accounting, Computerized Accounting Systems, Business Organization/Management, Income Tax, Communications, Economics and finally College Writing.


These are to make you completely aware of the course and add depth to the student’s background knowledge of the profession and will also round out your educational experience. So, you can say you’ve really been a part of something big. At EBI, you will develop a range of skills and will graduate with a great feeling of achievement. You can complete your accounting program at EBI in only 16 months, where you may be successful and be awarded an Associate in Occupation Studies Account degree.


Business Administration – Financial Services Degree Program
With the skills you can develop in this program, you will be sought after by many businesses and organizations to give you that true push in the world of business. Once you’ve graduated, you can go for an entry-level position where you have the opportunity to grow and develop your profession or professional goals.


The basic courses will give you assistance in developing many skills, such as understanding of business law, ethics, and economy theory. There are other courses too, which you will take and are specific to the financial services world of work. You will be able to earn your associates degree in no more than 16 months, providing you with a solid foundation to be employed in the business industry. Once you’ve completed the program successfully, you will be awarded a degree in Business Administration with a focus on financial services.


Business Administration Human Resources Degree Program
Human Resources are a very important part of all large businesses. You may deal with employees, customers or potential employers. The Human Resources team is designed to provide a healthy and a positive working environment, whilst helping the success of the company. At EBI, the curriculum for the program is designed especially to provide you with the best opportunities out there.


You will have a strong foundation for employment in the business sector, and you will be studying things such as Employment Law and People Skills in the Workplace. Alongside that, you will develop skills that businesses seriously sought after, such as organization, problem-solving, people skills, and multi-tasking. Like many other programs at EBI, you will be able to earn your degree in just 16 months. It has a 63-credit hour and offers you training in essential skills you need to work in human resources. It is a brilliant way to set up for entry-level human resource management positions.


Medical Assisting Degree Program
At EBI, the training program is designed specifically to prepare you to work with doctors and patients, while being able to maintain an efficient and organized medical office.


As a medical assistant, you will handle administrative tasks and may have to do some clinical duties such as recording patients’ vital signs and prepping them for any exams. At EBI, you will develop the skills you’ll need, such as dedication, organization, and adaptability. This course will last 16 months, and once you successfully complete it, you will be awarded an Associate in Occupation Studies degree and will qualify to become eligible for a medical assisting certificate exam.


Medical Coding and Reimbursement Program
Medical coding will help you find a career in which you can use your technology and analytical skills. The program run by EBI is hands-on and includes an externship which will give you real life experience and will help you make important decisions about your career.


During the 16 month program, you will study English, math, economics, communications, Medical Terminology, Anatomy & Physiology along with other medical related classes. The classes are designed to help you develop your expertise using either ICD-10-CM or HCPCS codes. Once you’ve successfully completed the program, you will be eligible for a National Coding Exam alongside an Associates Studies degree.


Office Technologies Degree
The courses in this program are carefully chosen to help you develop crucial skills that employers seek. The program is specifically designed for medical industries as healthcare is rapidly expanding and gives you a lot of opportunities.


During this course, you will develop a variety of skills, including technical skills, organization, decision-making, and written and oral communication skills. You will learn about the healthcare industry, studying courses such as Medical Terminology and Medical Billing. Once you’ve finished the 16-month program, you will receive an Associates of Occupational Studies degree in Office Technologies.


Business Administration Small Business Management Degree Program
EBI has sculptured their small business management program to help you manage or even own a small business. With the knowledge you’re given, you’ll have a solid foundation to be successful in the world of business.


The program helps you write a business plan and understand the basic principles of managing a small business. Some classes in the program include Business Mathematics and Small Business Management. You will also gain skills such as organization, strategic thinking, and goal orientation. Once you have successfully completed the 16-month course, you will receive an Associate in Occupational Studies in Business Administration – Small Business Management and you will be prepared to take your first leap into the world of business.


EBI College Campus Locations:
Vestal Executive Park
4100 Vestal Rd
Vestal, NY 13850


Langdon Plaza
303 N. Main St.
Elmira, NY 14901


EBI holds Accreditation through the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) and the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP).


For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at, http://www.ebi-college.com/disclosures.php