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The Electronic Technology Institute (ETI) was founded in 1961 as a division of the National Radio School, located in Cleveland, Ohio. ETI began by offering the Associate of Applied Science Degree in the area of electronic engineering. The school significantly expanded their program offerings between 1998 and 2016.
While the school initially focused on Associate and Diploma programs, student attending ETI today have the opportunity to earn a Baccalaureate degree in Electronic Engineering Technology through the schools associated with Bryant and Stratton

ETI is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career School and Colleges of Technology, as well as the Department of Education.

Campus Locations
ETI Technical College
2076 Youngstown-Warren Road
Niles, OH 44446

Degree Programs
ETI offers four degree programs at the Associate level, covering different areas of interest to appeal to a wide student base.

Information Management Specialist
Students in the Information Management Specialist program will acquire the knowledge necessary to work in today’s technologically advanced business environments. Courses introduce key areas fundamental to the functions of a business including accounting, business math, and computer operating skills. Core educational requirements prepare students to communicate effectively in the workplace while improving their critical thinking skills. Specialty classwork provides students with an understanding of more advanced software program.

Successful completion of the Associate Degree program will ensure graduates are prepared to function in a variety of office-based positions across multiple industries. Electives allow students to focus in specific areas including accounting and web design technologies, giving the option to specialize in a particular area instead of pursing a more general Information Management Specialist degree plan.
Dedicated students will be able to complete the program in less than two years, and will receive an Associate Degree of Applied Business in Information Management Specialist.

Legal Assistant Program

The Legal Assistant Degree program aims to prepare students for working in entry-level positions in a legal office setting. Information regarding law and legal procedures is provided, as well as core skills that will allow them to perform their duties in a modern office. Hands-on experience is provided in the area of legal document creation, and further instruction is provided in the area of document interpretation. Students will improve their analytical and problem-solving skills in a manner suitable for the career they are pursuing.

Students have the ability to complete the Associate Degree of Applied Business in Legal Assistant in less than two years.

Legal Assistant with a Concentration in Criminal Corrections
The Legal Assistant Degree program with a concentration in criminal corrections allows students to focus on the legal concerns found within the corrections industry. Special attention is paid to various aspects of this specialty field including the history of corrections, juvenile corrections, crime and delinquency, and correctional institutions.

Students working in the program will have the opportunity to visit a local corrections facility as part of their studies. Successful graduates will receive an Associate Degree of Applied Business in Legal Assistant with a Concentration in Criminal Corrections. Dedicated students can complete the program in less than two years.

Medical Assistant Training Program
The Medical Assistant Degree program prepares students to work in the growing medical field. Coursework focuses on the skills required of most medical assistants working in the field today, while also providing opportunities to improve their communication and critical thinking skills. Students can choose to pursue a more functional medical assistant learning plan or focus on medical secretary skills.

Successful graduates will receive an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Medical Assistant. Additionally, they will be prepared to take additional certification exams in areas including phlebotomy, EKGs, and RMA. Additionally, graduates will hold certifications in first aid and CPR.

Diploma Programs
For those looking to begin their new career quickly, ETI offers a variety of diploma programs. These plans provide students with functional skills that they can begin applying immediately upon graduation.

Combination Welding and Fitting
Students interested in working in the welding and fitting field can learn the necessary skills with the Combination Welding and Fitting diploma program from ETI. Students learn the fundamental skills required to find entry-level positions in a variety of industrial professions. Specific attention is paid to the various kinds of welding, including stick, MIG and TIG, while also introducing them to key concepts like blueprint reading and personal safety.

Graduates from the Combined Welding and Fitting program will receive a diploma. Both day and night courses are available, allowing students to work around an existing schedule. Dedicated students can complete the program in as little as 45 weeks, allowing them to begin a new career quickly.

Facilities Maintenance Technician Program
Every building and industrial complex requires regular maintenance to function properly. The Facilities Maintenance Technician program prepares students to enter the field of facilities maintenance by providing a wide array of necessary skills. Coursework includes issues regarding carpentry, plumbing, HVAC, and appliance repair. Special attention is paid to safety issues, as well as EPA and OSHA standards, to ensure that all work is completed in a manner that promotes safety while respecting any required rules and regulations that pertain to the job field.

Students will learn to troubleshoot complex issues, improving their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They will also be given knowledge that will help them make sound decisions in a variety of workplaces and environments. The Facilities Maintenance Technician program is designed to be complete in 45 weeks. Successful graduates may also be eligible for a variety of exams including for the EPA 608 CFC Universal Certification and the R410A Safety Certification.

Information Management Specialist Program
For students interested in pursuing entry-level office positions, the Information Management Specialist program can provide a solid foundation upon which to build a career. Students learn vital office skills and gain experience with a range of software products commonly used in the business environment. This provides them with a foundation upon which they can build their office experience and pursue additional career goals. The program can be completed in as little as 45 weeks, allowing graduates to increase their job search success in positions like data entry, accounts payable/receivable or transcription.

Medical Assistant Certificate Program
The Medical Assistant diploma program helps prepare students for a career in the growing medical field. By combining key clinical and clerical skills, students will be able to find employment in a range of health facilities. Students will become familiar with medical terminology and various forms of medical theory. Special emphasis is placed on lab work, allowing students to develop the practical skills necessary to excel in the field.

Successful graduates from the program will also be eligible to test for certifications in the areas of phlebotomy and EKGs, as well as receive certification in first aid and CPR. The Medical Assistant diploma program can be completed in as few as 45 weeks.

Practical Nursing Program
The Practical Nursing program prepares students to work in the medical field as LPNs. This allows them to perform clinical tasks under the supervision of an RN, physician or other licensed medical professional. Courses are designed to support the next round of classes in a successive manner. Work is divided between traditional classroom sessions and clinical experience labs. This ensures student have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the necessary skills to perform the duties of the job.

The Practical Nursing program is designed to be completed in as few as 48 weeks, though extended 64 and 80 options are available. This gives students a new career option with limited time in school while providing the flexibility needed to manage other obligations. Successful graduates will be prepared to take the National Council Licensure Examination in Practical Nursing (NCLEX-PN), allowing them to pursue a license for working as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

Adult Education
ETI also offers a variety of adult educational courses to support the needs of the community. GED classes are available to help interested adults finish their primary education to pursue additional program offerings. Classes can help students become proficient in areas such as math and English, allowing them to successfully pass the GED exam. This ensures they have a solid foundation upon which they can access new opportunities, including employment and educational offerings.

Real Estate courses provide students with a fundamental understanding of the rules and regulations that govern the sale and purchase of real estate. Special course work is offered in the areas of real estate finance, real estate law, and real estate appraisal. The program is designed to cover all pertinent information for real estate professionals working in the state of Ohio while also providing an understanding of any larger federal laws and regulations that may be involved.

A variety of medical courses are also available to adult learners. The Electronic Health Records course introduces students to the skill necessary to maintain records in a digital form, while the Nurse Aide training provides the knowledge required to pass the Ohio State Test for Nurse Aides. Students can also help LPNs provide Limited IV Therapy, and the Phlebotomy course focuses on the techniques needed to safely collect blood samples and process vital information.