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If you have a passion for technology, business, health science, criminal justice or culinary and you want to build a successful career, you should definitely continue your higher education at ECPI University. This independent private university can offer you a quality program in Masters, Bachelor of Science, Associate of Applied Science degrees, and many certificate programs and diplomas. The high-quality education that ECPI University provides can have a positive impact on your future career and job application.


ECPI University
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College of Technology
The College of Technology, which is part of ECPI University, can offer you real world technology experience right in the classroom. This program is more focused on practice, and you will learn a lot about technology and software by doing projects. The whole program is based on doing with your hands and thinking with your mind. You can have an opportunity to develop a solution for the certain problem in technology, which is part of the new millennium. Faculty members are those who are leading classes and working close with students. You can always get help when you need it because most of the classes are small, so you will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and work closely on some projects connected with technology and software. Also at ECPI University, you have a year-round schedule so that you may earn your Bachelor’s degree in 2.5 years, and if you are chasing an Associate’s Degree, you can finish in 1.5 years.


College of Health Science
At ECPI University, the College of Health Science is a fully developed quality education program. If you go to this college, you will have an opportunity to work and study with a team of people who are dedicated to teaching you to be the best in health science and put your time and effort toward future medical projects.


This team of experienced people will teach you how to pay attention and learn more about the environment and how to apply that knowledge in real situations. Thanks to the established program of ECPI University, you will be a student with a successful career as soon as you graduate from this college. From the moment you take part in the program, you will fall in love with health science, and you will enjoy every second of practice learning on the campus.


College of Business and Criminal Justice
The College of Business and Criminal Justice is also part of ECPI University. It can offer you a variety of programs where you will have a chance to meet face to face with leadership, economy, management, entrepreneurship and use the tremendous amount of technology support that this school can offer you during your studies.


Moreover, it is not only the business field that is available here. The Criminal Justice program is attractive for students where they can learn basic and advanced law. During your study, you will enjoy the application that this college is offering in their programs. You will deal with investigative procedures, crime scene management, conflict management, computer forensics, community policing and more. You will definitely enjoy your studies, and you will have access to many useful materials and information that will help you to be the best in what you will learn and work on in the future.


Science in Culinary Arts and Applied Nutrition
This is one of the most successful programs that you can find at ECPI University. It is a new program, but each year it is visited by more and more students from all over the world. The program offers the classic culinary techniques where you will also learn more about nutrition science which is starting to be very important in people’s everyday lives.

You will gain knowledge and specialization in nutrition science, Baking and Pastry Arts, Culinary Arts and Food Service Management. The program of culinary arts and applied nutrition offers real world externship which will allow you to apply your study skills in future work experience.

Here, like other programs at this amazing and quality university, you can use the year-round schedule opportunity and finish your Bachelor’s degree in 2.5 years. This fresh new program is a unique opportunity to start a great career and become experienced in the field of culinary arts and nutrition.


Online Degrees
ECPI University offers another unique opportunity to become a graduate and not even go to a classical classroom with other students. You can take an online degree anytime you want. The online campus of ECPI University provides online classes and convenience without compromise. Even if it is an online education, you will receive the same high-quality program with experienced teachers just like in a traditional classroom.


There are a variety of online degree programs that you can choose from such as Database Programming, Electronics Engineering, Master’s of Science in Information Systems, Healthcare Administration, Master of Science in Nursing, Master of Business Administration (MBA), Business Administration, IT Management, etc. These are just a few of the many courses from the technology, health science, business and criminal justice, and nursing departments.


The online degree program can make your study time easy and even more interesting than the traditional one. You can always watch some of the videos with interviews from previous students who enrolled in the online degree program and can advise you if this is the right choice for your education and future career.


General Scholarship Policies
After choosing the right college at ECPI University, you can check the scholarship policies that this education institution offers to their students. Each year, this private university awards around $7 million in scholarships. There are many possibilities and funds that can help you to pay for your education and enjoy the quality programs at this university. Usually, there are several important things that you should follow. For example, you can receive a scholarship only if you have a lower tuition debt. Another way to get in a scholarship program at ECPI University is to be a student with a minimum of 9 credits per semester, and you have a possibility to enter in the program for the partial or full scholarship. Students who maintain continuous enrollment on a semester basis can enroll for a scholarship, and also students can be eligible for several special tuition rates.


Judging by these several ways to get a scholarship from the university, you can see that each program has its own unique qualifying criteria, but each program is flexible and is focused on helping those students who want to have a quality education, but do not have enough income. You can always go to the campus and talk with their financial aid advisors who are there to assist you and point you to the right scholarship program.