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  • Bachelor's Degree Business Administration
  • Business Administration Sustainability
  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Power Utility Technician
  • Renewable Energy Technology
  • Residential Energy Management
  • Solar Energy Technology
  • Wind Energy Technology

Ecotech Institute


Ecotech Institute


Ecotech is the only college that has a complete focus on preparing its students and soon to be graduates in the field and professions of renewable energy and energy efficiency. The school offers eight associate degree programs that have been created by experts in the field.


The school has an accreditation from the Accrediting Council for Independent College and Schools. It offers small classes offered day and night, as well as hand-on and lecture style instruction. Classes are also offered on site, as well as online.


Campus Location

Ecotech Institute
1400 S. Abilene Street
Aurora, Colorado 80012


Career Services

The Ecotech Career Service program works with over 130 companies from all areas in the United States. The process of placement begins immediately after you enroll for your first class, and lasts as long as you need the services. The Ecotech team states that its goals are to:

• Provide career counseling for students
• Provide guidance with resume and cover letter writing for students
• Mock interviews for the students
• Handling job offers the students may receive
• Maintaining a professional social presence tips and lessons
• And writing letters of recommendations advice and instruction


Enrollment Process and Financial Aid

Ecotech works with a simplified admission process that requires no long applications or extensive essays. You simply must contact the school and then enroll. The school welcomes everyone who desires to study there. An enrollment specialist will help you with the enrollment process.

You may use a federal aid option such as FAFSA and employ the Federal Shopping Sheet found at the Funding Estimate page. Once you have begun the aid process, you will be given a password, which will allow you to access the Student Enrollment Portal page.


Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration Program
This program takes two years to complete. In order to enroll, you must have completed an Associate’s Degree in Business Sustainability. He focus of this field is organizational communications, human resource management, quality control, and strategic management. This Bachelor’s of Science program is only offered online.


Business Administration Sustainability Program
The Associate of Applied science degree is available online and at the school. It is developed to provide students with the details and skills needed for employment in many fields. The program is based on an Ecotech philosophy called “People, Planet, and Profits.


The coursework will consist of accounting, financial analysis, human resources, project management, customer service, communications, sustainability, renewable energy, and the ethics of the workplace. Some possible career choices in this field might be an energy auditor, a recycling coordinator, a rate clerk, or an occupational health and safety technician.

Electrical Engineering Technology Program
The first two semesters of this program are available online. Graduates can work in the biomedical field, the avionics field, and the data communications sector. Some of the courses taken will be AC Circuitry, Industrial Wiring, Digital Electronics, and Fluid Power and Control.


The staff will use high-tech, industry standard laboratories to help train the students to design, test, develop, and manufacture electrical and electronic equipment. Hands-on instruction is highly emphasized.


Power Utility Technician Program
You can take the first two semesters of this program online. Experts in the industry will instruct students about the basics of electricity and methods of clean energy. Graduates will be familiar with high voltage systems and grid infrastructures. They could be employed as a Power Plant Operator, a Lineman, A systems Operator, a Hydroelectric Station Operator, or a Turbine Operator.


Renewable Energy Technology Program
The first two semesters of this program may be studied online or on site. With this Associate of Applied Science Degree you will study energy, energy management, sustainability, energy technology and practices, industrial wiring, and power generation and transmission. Job opportunities include environmental sectors such as Environmental Technicians, Environmental Specialists, and Laboratory Technicians among other jobs.


This field is rapidly growing, as industry experts predict that renewable energy could eventually supply the United States with 70% of its energy by the year 2030. The employment opportunism are numerous.


Residential Energy Management Program
The programs’ first two semesters can be taken online. The classes will ready the graduates in order to analyze energy use to make recommendations concerning sustainable energy solutions. Much of the coursework is completed in the campus on-site energy efficiency lab. Upon completion of this program some possible job titles might be:

• Building performance Consultant
• Energy Consultant
• Environmental; Specialist
• Energy Rater
• Energy Auditor


Solar Energy Technology Program
This popular field is increasing daily. The first two semesters can be taken online if the student chooses to do so. Students who receive this degree will be able to repair or replace solar panels, troubleshoot, repair photovoltaic equipment, and show a complete understanding of solar energy.


The job options are numerous and include such fields as Electrical Technician, Environmental Solutions Service Technician, Field Service Technician, Maintenance Technician, Manufacturing Technician, Service Technican, Solar Installer, Solar Field Technician, Solar Power Engineer Solar product Developers, Solar System Designer, and Solar Technician.


With the large and fast dropping of photovoltaic prices, there is a great demand and increase for solar energy. Even the government is offering incentives for solar use. This field has much employment potential.


Wind Energy Technology Program

In 2016, Wind Energy made up almost half of the US energy generation added. This increase means an increase in the job market. In this program, the first two semesters are offered on site and online.


The program uses specialized equipment, such as a 20-ton Eichoff gearbox in order to introduce the students to wind energy. The emphasis is on lab work in this program. The students will master such coursework as Health and Safety in the Field, AC Circuitry, Renewable Energy Fundamentals, Wiring, Schematics, and Blueprints, Programmable Logic Controls, Business Concepts for Renewable Energy, Wind Energy introduction, Turbine Fundamentals, and many others.

There are many job opportunities once this degree is obtained. Just a few are:


• Assistant Wind Engineer
• Facility Technician
• Energy Efficiency Technician
• Energy Resource Manager
• Environmental Solutions Service Technician
• Field Service Technician
• Manufacturing Technician
• Wind Energy Analyst
• Wind Turbine Service Technician
• Wind Technician