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Eastwick College Certificate & Degree Programs

  • Bilingual Licensed Practical Nursing
  • Business and Hospitality
  • Computer Certification Courses
  • Computer Concepts and Applications
  • Construction Technology
  • Culinary Arts
  • Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography
  • Electrician Apprenticeship
  • Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography-Bachelor
  • Funeral Service
  • Health Information Technology
  • Health Science
  • IT/Network Support
  • Licensed Practical Nursing
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Medical Assisting
  • Medical Billing and Coding
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Office and Accounting Administration
  • Plumber Apprenticeship
  • Structural Plate Welding
  • Surgical Technology



This incredible school has a total of four different campuses, all located at convenient places and beautifully built and cared for. Two of the campuses are considered to be part of the Hohokus Schools, which are mostly technical and trade schools that have been developed to a further extent.


Applying for Admissions and Financial Aid
If you are interested in attending any of the campuses through Eastwick colleges, they make applying a simple process. You can go through their website to apply, print out a paper application, or go into one of the admission offices on each campus location. They offer guidance and assistance to all students who are interested in enrolling in classes there. You will find friendly and helpful tips, suggestions, and step by step instructions on how to apply and get accepted into their programs of study.

Paying for school is never an easy thing, and most students will not have to pay anything out of pocket when they enroll. Many students who attend Eastwick receive financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants, and you will also be able to request a loan if need be. This makes it much easier to pay for the classes you need to graduate so that you can work in the job of your dreams.


Ramsey Campus
10 South Franklin Turnpike
Ramsey NJ 07446


Hackensack Campus
250 Moore Street
Hackensack NJ 07601


Nutley Campus
103 Park Avenue
Nutley NJ 07110


Hohokus School of Trade and Technical Sciences
634 Market Street
Paterson NJ 07110



Background Information on Eastwick College
As you select your school for furthering your education, you want to know that you are making the right decision. Eastwick schools are some of the most well-known and renowned schools specifically designated for specialized trade programs and similar degrees. Choosing this school comes with a lot of different advantages that other schools cannot possibly offer. Regardless of what program of study you choose to pursue, you will receive the hands-on training that you need in order to be successful in your future careers. This gives you the knowledge and experience that you need to get the job that you want and to excel in that field. Not only do they offer exceptional education, but they also offer all of the appropriate career paths to follow for all of the courses and programs that are in the highest demand.


Once you complete one of these courses and earn your certification or degree that you need, Eastwick has strategically planned partners to help place you in the job of your dreams immediately upon graduation. They work with nearby hospitals, organizations, and some of the highest ranking places of employment for the areas they offer certification in. Unlike many students who are graduating soon, you will be able to work with professionals to find a job immediately, rather than struggling for months to find one job that doesn’t even fully meet your needs.


Finally, students from these schools also get the opportunity to work on various charity projects throughout the course of their study. Eastwick has a focus on philanthropy and frequently hosts events and fundraisers to help the community. This allows students to give back, get experience, practice their skills, and move forward in a great way for their future.


Programs Available
The programs available through Eastwick schools can lead to three different results. Some programs will end with your receiving a diploma, a certificate, or an associate degree. Regardless of your area of study, you will find a program that fits what you are looking for. Here are the different groups of programs available through Eastwick.


Diploma Training Programs

- Licensed Practical Nursing (Additional diploma for those who are bilingual)
- Building Maintenance and Construction Superintendent
- Business Administration with Computerized Accounting/Bookkeeping
- General Business Operations
- Electrician Training and Apprenticeship
- Electronics Computerized Technologies
- Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technology
- Licensed Practical Nursing
- Manufacturing Technology
- Medical Assisting
- Medical Billing and Coding
- Plumber Apprenticeship
- Structural Plate Welding

Certificate Training

- Computer Certification Courses
- Computer Concepts and Applications
- Focused Tig Welding
- HS Shared Time - Business Operations
- HS Shared Time - Healthcare Assistant


Associate Degree Programs


- Business and Entrepreneurship
- Culinary Arts

- Electronics and Computer Technology
- Diagnostics Cardiovascular Sonography
- Health Science
- Health Information’s Technologies - Concentration
- Mortuary Sciences
- Occupational Therapy Assistant
- Surgical Technologies



Career Services
Their Career Development department provides a wide array of services geared towards ensuring you achieve your career goals. Career counseling, resume review, and a professional development course.


Upon graduation, the schol will help arrange job interviews to find the job that is right for you by assisting in matching your skills and personality with the current positions available. As an added benefit, many employers list positions with the school first because they do not charge a placement fee to either employer or graduate.


While they can’t guarantee placement, they can boast a very successful job placement for graduates. Hundreds of employers contact the career development office for their needs, a reflection of HoHoKus’ 43 years of experience in providing the community with well-trained employees.


Eastwick College is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools to award certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees 750 First Street, NE, Suite 980, Washington, DC 20002. Phone: 866-510-0746.