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  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography, B.S
  • Dental Hygiene, A.A.A.
  • Nurising, A.A.S
  • Cardiovascular Technology, A.A.S.
  • Medical Assistant, A.A.S.

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More students are turning to eastern International College to enroll in programs that will set them apart from competitors in a highly fluctuating job market. Students will receive the hands-on programs and training needed to apply principles to real work place settings and make connections with potential employers. Eastern International College’s labs and classrooms come fully equipped with new and innovative technology and supplies needed to keep up with the cutting edge trends used in hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics and other healthcare settings across the United States.


Eastern International College firmly believes that there is value in the right kind of teaching and that students will reap long-term rewards through learning from the professors in the college’s training programs. Programs are created to meet the needs of students of diverse backgrounds and all ages. Faculty and staff have a strong commitment to encourage students to think crucially and educate themselves on the communication and interpersonal skills needed to excel in the work force.



There are many possibilities for enrollment in bachelor’s degree programs through Eastern International College including medical assisting, dental hygiene, medical sonography, nursing, cardiovascular technology and more. More students are able to pursue lucrative and rewarding careers following education, certification and licensing offered by Eastern International College.


Current educational programs offered include:
- Diagnostic Medical Sonography, B.S.
- Dental Hygiene, A.A.S.
- Nursing, A.A.S.
- Cardiovascular Technology, A.A.S.
- Medical Assistant, A.A.S.


Eastern International College’s highly qualified admissions team stand ready to answer concerns or questions students may have including queries regarding the application process, curriculum or any other guidelines. The best way for students to reach the admissions department is by contacting the Jersey City campus at 201-216-9901. Alternately, students may contact the Belleville campus at 973-751-9051. Whether students are international, transfer or beginners (freshman), they are welcome to learn more about Eastern International College, schedule a tour, begin the enrollment process or send questions to admissions representatives. Admissions staff will assist students with all stages of registration and enrollment as needed.

Financial Aid

Eastern International College’s Office of Financial Aid Office assists students throughout finding the means necessary to fund their education. Financial aid representatives will begin the process with student consultation throughout the enrollment process. From there, they will provide the guidance needed to apply for the available and appropriate forms of financial aid. Students will need to complete the requirements for entry to appropriate financial aid programs and meet with the financial aid office for one-on-one filing assistance. After initial meetings, the assigned financial aid advisor (FAA) will discuss options with students and throughout the filing process, the financial aid advisor will maintain a policy of being available for the student throughout each phase of the aid process. The open-door policy is reinforced at all times. This is so that financial advisers can best accommodate the ongoing needs of students and discuss personalized financial and academic plans. Eastern International College has an investment in the academic and career success of its students. Thereby, post-graduation career and financial aid services are always offered and encourage.


Programs Offered


Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound) Baccalaureate Degree: this degree will prepare students for competency as professional sonographers working in entry-level positions at medical imaging hospitals, labs, doctors’ offices and other healthcare settings. Upon successful completion of this four year degree, students will possesses the skills needed to conduct diagnostic research, sonography and develop stronger clinical skills. The program will have two primary components: lab component and external clinical component through a sponsored externship. The main portion of the diagnostic medical sonography curriculum will focus on written and oral assignments on topics such as natural and physical sciences, humanities, quantitative principles, communication and social sciences. Students will also develop a framework for the essential skills necessary to enhance their academic qualifications and remain curious as they learn more through real world on-the-job experience.


Dental Hygiene (Offered at the Jersey City Main Campus only): This exclusive academic opportunity provides students with certification as a professional dental hygienist. Graduates will be able to take their place as members of an oral health team and provide patients with the necessary preventative dental treatment as well as assist patients with existing oral health diseases. Eastern International College dental hygiene curriculum will cover topics including head/neck/oral region examination, processing and exposing dental radiographs, general diagnostic assessments, offering nutritional and preventative counselor to dental patients, apply fluorides and sealants to patients as preventative measures against tooth decay, debridement (removing) of deposits from the tooth structures and fabricating athletic mouth guards. Additional duties and responsibilities may be required as allowed by the State Board of Dentistry. Dental hygienists will frequently work with other oral health instructors in communities to prepare and plan informational strategies to provide patients and the general public with the knowledge necessary to better their own health.


Students will receive an Associate Degree level certification in Dental Hygiene from the Jersey City, NJ chapter of Eastern International College. This will act as the initial initial accreditation requirement sponsored by the American Dental Association (ADA) and Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA). From there, dental hygienists in New Jersey will be required to acquire licensing from the NJ State Board of Registration and Examination in Dentistry to be able to begin working in the field.


The program totals 78 semester credits: 30 credits in general education and 48 credits in the program’s major courses. In each semester, students will gain the skills needed to practice the practical and scientific aspects of dental hygiene.


Nursing Associate Degree: this program will guide students in the pursuit of entry-level positions as nurses in medical practices, acute care and rehabilitation settings, ambulatory and community centers and long term care facilities. Curriculum will have two primary components: the lab/theory/didactic portion and a clinical externship portion. The in class portion will cover topics include math, Anatomy and Physiology, developmental psychology, English, microbiology, and nutrition. Students will be able to have a variety of interpersonal and academic skills under their belt upon program completion.


Graduates will possess an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) valid in Belleville, NJ and Jersey City, NJ. The New Jersey Board of Nursing will then approve this degree. The National League does not automatically accredit the program for Nursing Accrediting Commission. As a result, graduates from the New Jersey Board of Nursing will be eligible to subsequently apply for state-level licensure by sitting for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN).


The program contains 78 semester credits: 27 general education credits and 51 vocational/program credits.


Cardiovascular Technology Program (CVT): students will be able to carry out diagnostic exams of blood vessels/hearts and work under the direction or request of any physician in Adult Echocardiography. Eastern International College’s CVT training program will ready students with the essential components for theoretical and real-world skills needed to go to work in entry-level employment roles in the CVT field.


Graduates will possess an Associate Degree in Cardiovascular Technology programs through Eastern International College’s Belleville and Jersey City campuses. These degrees gain programmatic accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). Though this type of accreditation is not always needed for employment, it provides a backing for students to enhance their job prospects by providing evidence that they have met industry standards in an official and documented way.


The program consists of a total of 73 semester credits. 20 credits will be dedicated to general education and 53 credits will go towards major course work.


Medical Assistant Associate Degree Program: this program will provide students will the skills needed to go to work in medical practices including doctors’ offices, hospitals and labs in entry-level positions. General education in this career track will include curriculum in reading, math, writing, basic science, speech and psychology. Emphasis will be placed on the in class portion of the program so that students may better develop their interpersonal communication skills.


Graduates will be granted Medical Assistant Associate and programmed accreditation by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) or the Commission on Accreditation for Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP).

Though Eastern International College is not able to guarantee graduates will be eligible for certification exams, or any other certification exam, program completion will open many doors for graduates regardless of potential statewide bureaucratic limitations.