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  • Bachelor's in Business Administration
  • AAssociate's in Business Administration
  • Bachelor's in Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice Diploma
  • Bachelor's in Visual Media & Graphic Design
  • Associate's in Medial Assisting
  • Associate's in Dental Assisting
  • Bachelor's in Healthcare Administration
  • Associate's in Medical Billing and Coding
  • Bachelor's in Science in Nursing
  • Associate's in Pharmacy Technician
  • Massage Therapy
  • Associate's in Personal Fitness Training
  • Bachelor's in Paralegal Studies

Eagle Gate College




About EGC
Eagle Gate College is dedicated to not only preparing students for their careers but also keeping them up to date and refreshed in their knowledge and skills for life. The lifelong learning program at EGC is what sets them apart from the pack. The services they offer students are incredible because they help prepare for jobs and send them off with professional resumes and interviewing skills. They also offer past students the opportunity to come back any time to refresh their knowledge and take any of the courses in their program free of charge.


Campus Locations
Eagle Gate College has two convenient locations in Utah along the Wasatch Front. There are also many courses that they offer online which are great for those who do not live nearby or have busy schedules. The college locations are:


Murray Campus
5588 South Green Street
Murray, Utah 84123

Layton Campus
915 North 400 West
Layton, Utah 84041


Customer Service & Career Services
Career Services are also available to students to help with planning and different course and program specific questions and issues. They also help with job hunting, job placement, resume building and career counseling. It is not only available to students throughout their time enrolled in Eagle Gate College, but it is also available to future students and alumni.


Nationally accredited by Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) Programmatically accredited by the commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)


Provo campus only programmatically accredited by Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE)


Bachelor's in Business Administration – If you are interested in becoming anything from an account executive to a small business owner, the Bachelors in business administration will take you where you need to go. The goal of this program is to prepare you to tackle all of the hurdles that come with being a part of the business world. You will learn skills in management, customer service, retail, sales, administration, marketing and much more.


Associate’s in Business Administration

The Associate’s in Business Administration is very similar to the bachelor's program but it does not come with prerequisite courses, and it is only about 18 months long in full.


Bachelor's in Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Science program is perfect for those who have a strong passion for upholding the law and protecting the people. Students will be well prepared for future law enforcement jobs as well as jobs such as corrections officers, private investigation, and evidence tech. Although many programs require extra training once you are accepted, this program will have students prepared with the right skill sets in order to be top of their class in future training.


Criminal Justice Diploma

The Criminal Justice Diploma program is a great way to break into the entry-level sector of the security and criminal justice fields. This course takes less time than the bachelor's, but it is jam-packed with information on everything you will need to know to get into the fields of cyber security, investigations, private security, cybercrime, homeland security and other important fields.


Bachelor's in Visual Media & Graphic Design

The Bachelor’s in Visual Media & Graphic Design is an intense yet rewarding program. Students are given a Canon Digital Camera and Intuos Pro tablet at the beginning of the program. They will get to use these tools throughout their stay in that program and even keep them when they leave. Students will learn all kinds of photography and design skills as well as illustration, Photoshop, branding, painting and much more.


Associate’s in Visual Media & Graphic Design

The Associate’s in Visual Media & Graphic Design is a shorter program – about half the length of the bachelor's program – but very useful in the field of graphic design. Students will not only learn tons of skills related to media and design, but they will also get practical training on different kinds of software and programs that are essential to the graphic design world. They also have the chance to do an externship that will give them practical experience in the real world.


Associate’s in Medical Assisting And Medical Assisting Diploma

These two programs are a perfect step if you are looking into a career as a medical assistant. Students will get the opportunity to gain confidence in all of the skills they need in order to pass the National Certification Exam for Medical Assistance. The difference between the two programs is the course requirements, course load and time needed to complete them.


Associate’s in Dental Assisting and Dental Assisting Diploma

The dental assistant programs at Eagle Gate College are second to none. Students with a passion for healthy chompers will thrive in the learning atmosphere provided and acquire all the knowledge they need to become exceptional dental assistants at top-notch clinics. Both programs have specific prerequisite requirements, but they have different course loads and estimated times of completion.


Bachelor's in Healthcare Administration

A Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration is a great way to get a step ahead of the crowd. Working in a medical office includes a lot of skills that many administrators may not be prepared for. The skilled learned in this program will equip administrators to serve the healthcare system effectively and efficiently. This course is conveniently available online as well as campus based.


Associate’s in Medical Billing & Coding and Medical Billing & Coding - Diploma

These programs are currently in high demand. Medical Billing & Coding is a complex part of the healthcare world that is in constant need of innovation and extra support. Students will learn crucial skills such as claims processing, billing & coding software, delivery systems, office management and much more. These courses are also conveniently available online.


Bachelor's of Science in Nursing And Associate’s in Nursing

The nursing profession is not for the faint of heart but if you are looking into it as a career, there is a great need for great nurses and these programs train and prepare them well. These programs will prepare students for licensing exams and give them all of the prep work and experience they need to succeed in the nursing world.


Associate’s in Pharmacy Technician and Pharmacy Technician - Diploma

If you are interested in pharmacy tech, these are two great programs for you. You will be challenged by the course load and high expectations of the program, but you will not regret the rigorous training that gets your career off to a great start. Students are trained in skills such as ethics, calculation & dispensation of medication, client education and understanding drugs, etc.


Massage Therapy

If massage therapy certification is your dream career then this is the program for you. Making people feel good and helping reduce stress and tension is an incredibly high demand job. Students are well trained and qualified in myofascial release, cranial sacral therapy, sports massage and trigger point release among many others.

Associate’s in Personal Fitness Training and Personal Fitness Training

If you are into bettering people's lives and helping them reach their potential, these programs in personal fitness training are perfect for you. They are NASM Certified programs that will have you prepared to be a personal trainer, gym manager, coach, fitness advisor, dance instructor and much more.


Bachelor's in Paralegal Studies and Associate’s in Paralegal Studies

The paralegal studies programs are a great way to begin a legal career without spending your life in school. These programs equip students with experience in legal research and writing, dispute resolution, tort law, court procedures and much more. These courses are available online and on campus.