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  • Cosmetology
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  • Natural Gas Extraction & Distribution
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Douglas Education Center


Douglas Education Center


Douglas Education Center has a two-part mission. They seek to provide students with a top-rate education and they seek to provide future employers with well-trained people. The school was founded in 1904, and based on a platform of educational experience and knowledge. The various programs wish to develop students in leadership, professionalism, technical, interpersonal, and communication skills.


Campus Locations:

Douglas Education Center
130 Seventh Street
Monessen, PA 15062


Career Services

Douglas Education Center works to help each student get placed in a job where they can have great success and achievement. The DEC College Central Network will help to search the nation’s entry-level employment board and then aid you as you go through the submission steps. The center also recommends that students use Facebook for real-time job placement and opportunities. The Career Center also has an Employer Database, which students can access with their DEC password. Every effort is made to educate the students and then help to place them DEC students in the best possible job.


Douglas Education Center has numerous assistance programs such as the William D. Ford Federal Grant or the Non-Institutional Scholarships. . These programs are coupled with national funding such as FASFA. In order to be awarded aid from the school, the applicant must apply four weeks before the enrollment date.



Programs Offered

All program fall under one of four fields: the Creative Programs, the Cosmetology Programs, the Allied Health Programs, and the Energy Trade Programs.


Tom Savini’s Special Make-Up Effects Program (Creative)
There is no other program like this in the world. Tom Savini is called the Godfather of Gore and has become a legend in the arena of make-up special effects. He has worked on such movies as Friday the 13th, Dawn of the Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre II, Trauma, and many other thrillers. His special program will guide you in sculpting, creature design, budgeting, eyes & teeth, props, and many other platforms in the special effect make-up field.


The Factory Digital Filmmaking Program (Creative)
This program will guide those who wish to work in editing, cinematography, digital storytelling, audio production, directing, screenwriting, postproduction, studio production, communications, and final production. Robert Tinnel, a director, wrier, and producer helps guide the program.


Allan and Wilson’s Digital Illustration Program (Creative)
This particular program will focus on your sketches and illustrations. It seeks to help you to tell a story through your artwork. These images are considered a form of communication no matter whether you use digital media, pencil, pen and ink, or paint.


Dorian’s Fantasy Art Program (Creative)
Dorian Cleavenger, an expert in the digital illustration field, orchestrates this program. Cleavenger has worked for US Steel, Disney, Carnegie Science Center, and other prestigious companies. This rigorous program will cover concept art, fantasy art, industry, acrylic illustration, airbrush illustration, mixed-media illustration, and figure drawing.


Cosmetology Program (Cosmetology)
This diploma program will cover the basics of cosmetology, the chemistry of hair, and practical and useful applications. This will prepare you as a licensed Cosmetologist.

Cosmetology teacher/Salon Management (Cosmetology)
This diploma program will help you to understand how to teach in the field, and how to own/ or operate your own salon. The back of the house and front of the house duties will be covered.


Esthetics Program (Cosmetology)
In this diploma field, students at DEC can be eligible to become certified in microdermabrasion, chemical peels, ear candling, spray tanning, Danne’, and waxing. Such certifications can provide opportunities for higher earning potential and possible career advancement. Upon completion of the program, the student will be well versed in:


• Skin Re-Surfacing
• State Board Preparation
• Pre-and Post-Consultations
• Home Skin Care Regime
• Facial Treatments
• Temporary Hair Removal
• Body Treatments
• Make-Up


Esthetician and Nail Technologist Program (Cosmetology)
In this fast growing field, there are many options once one gains a diploma. The goals are for the student to be well trained in:

• Facial Treatments
• Temporary Hair Removal
• Body Treatments
• Make-Up
• Skin Re-Surfacing
• Nail Treatments
• Pedicures


Mastering all of these skills will enable the soon-to-be graduates to pass the state board certification exams in a variety of platforms such as OPI, Tammy Taylor, or Spray Tanning.

Medical Assistant Program (Allied Health)
Health care is one of the top fields in growth of employment opportunities. At DEC this program allows for in the fieldwork as well as classwork. The courses are a part of the Hybrid Learning concept, which means they are partly in the ground and partly online. This program could help you to be come an office or clinical professional for a doctor, at a hospital, or in a laboratory. You could obtain certification in NAHP Medical Assisting, HAAHP Medical Coding, NAHP Phlebotomy, CRP, and First Aid.

Health Information Technology Program (Allied Health)
Health Information Technology is the study of the practices and varied principles involved in getting, analyzing, and protecting hard copy and digital medical information that is most important for successful and safe patient care. Our DEC graduates can take the National Association for Health Professional (NAHP) Coding Specialist Certification.


Medical Billing Clerk Program (Allied Health)
The Medical Billing Clerk Program is a diploma curriculum at DEC. This profession is responsible for gathering and keeping the records of bills for services and items given at a health care facility such as a doctor’s office or a hospital. Some, but not all, of the classes to be studied are Advanced Coding, Computer Skills, Insurance Procedures, and Medical Terminology.


Natural Gas Extraction & Distribution Techniques Program (Energy Trade Program)
The NGE program of study will help students learn about natural gas and the oil industry as they work towards their diploma. This hands-on program will also help students to obtain their Commercial Driver’s License.


Commercial Driver’s License Program (Energy Trade Program)
This plan often goes hand in hand with the NGE program. as those in the Gas Extraction field who have a CDL are considered to be quite desirable for employment. It will consist of:

• High Volume Traffic Training
• Executing Backing Maneuvers
• Daily Log Books for the job
• Drive Planned Routes for efficiency
• Pre-Trip Truck checklists
• Map & Plan Routes for the job
• Perform Highway, Rural & Intercity Driving Techniques