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Digital Media Arts College Degrees

  • Master's of Fine Arts - Graphics & Web Design
  • Master's of Science - Web Design & Technology Online
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts - Graphic Design/Advertising Design Concenration
  • Associate of Science - Graphic Design
  • Associate of Science - Multimedia Design
  • Professional Certificates

Digital Media Arts Colleges


Digital Media Arts Colleges


Based in South Florida, home to art festivals, galleries, TV and recording studios and a large gaming industry presence, the college is home to a diverse selection of staff and students. It is a state of the art institution providing students with everything students need to succeed in their creative professions. The college is located in a corporate park where students can indulge in the professional art world.


Campus Location

5400 Broken Sound Blvd. NW Suite 100
Boca Raton, FL 33487


Digital Media Arts College is a platform for students to learn the skills they need to know to succeed in the creative sector. The college specializes in a range of degrees and offers state of the art facilities and staff. Not only do students gain skills to proceed into their careers upon graduation but they receive guidance for placements and internships. Founded in 2002, DMAC excellent standards of teaching in an environment that enables students to thrive creatively and think out of the box.

DMAC is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools and licensed by the Commission for Independent Education. In addition to this, it is approved for Veteran's Training by the United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs and by the United States Department of Homeland Security, US Citizenship and Immigration Services as well as being certified to admit non-immigrant students.

Customer Services
The website gives links to all relevant pages and information that may be required for prospective customers. On the site, you will be able to find the social media links, contact information including phone number and address as well live chat help. Not only this, but the website includes information on career, housing and renting, student clubs, voting and transportation services.

Programs Offered
Digital Media Arts College offers a range of residential and online courses for students to choose from. In addition to this, there are a range of levels depending on where you are in your educational career. Digital Media Arts College offers Masters, Bachelors and Associates degrees as well as professional certificates, high school jump start courses and online single courses.

Master’s of Fine Arts - Graphics and Web Design

This course offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of web technology and web design. The course enables students with a bachelor’s degree to pursue their education and sharpen up their skills in order to use a range of tools they will need to start their career and maintain and run their own website. Skills taught include SEO, web marketing, design training, analytical website interface and usability and much more.

Master’s of Science - Web Design and Technology Online

This online program can be done from anywhere by anyone with a bachelor degree wanting to stand out in the competitive world of the web. This course enables students to learn a range of skills including web design techniques, web publishing tools, coding languages and much more. In addition to this, students will be taught how to create and run their own website. Upon completion, students will have a high-quality website portfolio and capstone project.

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Computer Animation

This three-year course is for those wanting to master the fundamentals of visual storytelling, classical art and advanced computer generated techniques. Some skills that students acquire during their time at Digital Media Art College include: 3D modeling, animation, lighting and texturing, technical direction and concept and art design. Students are taken through the stages of how computer animations are created and are immersed in every step to give them a widespread understanding on the subject.


For those with a Concentration in Game Art, game art concepts will be taught such as character modelling, concept art, texturing for games, lighting, strategic planning and of course animation.

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Graphic Design/ Advertising Design Concentration

In the general graphic design course, students are immersed in the world of graphic design and taught every step in professional design development. Not only do students build a professional portfolio but also they are taught how to market themselves and survive in the professional world. Design concept skills that students acquire during the course include: Web, advertising and magazine design, motion graphics, illustration and art direction.


For those with an Advertising Design concentration, you will be able to gather a strong understanding of the advertising world whilst creating your own campaigns and working with mock clients to put you in a real world situation from the get go. Students are taught to think creatively and culturally throughout the course and learn concepts such as copywriting, strategic planning, branding, multimedia marketing and designing ads campaigns interactive media and much more.

Associate of Science - Graphic Design

A combination of both career development practices while allowing students to go wild with their creativity, this course is for anyone with a passion for design. It includes a range of students, from those with experience and employment to those with no background in the field. The AS in Graphic Design enables a student to gain the skills to acquire entry-level jobs upon graduation. You will be taught the principles of web and publication design as well as learn how to create social media campaigns amongst other skills.

Associate of Science - Multimedia Design

The AS in Multimedia Design immerses students into the world of special effects while training them to go into entry-level jobs upon graduation. With a large focus on graphical effects, skills taught include: Motion, website, 3D and interactive interface design as well as vector and raster imaging. This degree enables students to jump start a career in multimedia by helping them create a website portfolio and proceed to further education or employment.

Professional Certificates

Professional certifications are ones that gives you the skills to prove you have the knowledge and experience to perform a specific job or career. At Digital Media Arts College there are six choices of professional certifications to choose from, these include:


- Computer generated Modeling
- Drawing
- Graphic Design
- Motion Graphics
- Web and Graphic Design
- Web Design


All the Professional Certificate Programs are less than 300 credits, short term and do not give credits like other programs that are offered at Digital Media Arts College.
High School Jump Start and Online Single Courses

High School Jump Start Courses allow students who are still in high school to start attending classes to further their education. Not only does this option allow learners to continue doing what they love at a higher academic level but it gets them into the professional world quicker therefore enabling them to start earning money and advancing their careers.


Digital Media Arts College offers a range of online single course for those not wanting to commit to a full degree. These are for those wanting to improve specific skills for their job or just for personal pleasure. Each course takes seven and a half weeks. Courses include:

- Beginner Photoshop
- Advanced Photoshop
- Beginner Adobe Illustrator
- Introduction to Graphic Design
- Beginner Web Design
- Advanced Web Design
- Social Media Marketing Design
- Desktop Publishing